Motorcycle Loading Ramp Calculator

A motorcycle is an investment that needs to be treated carefully—especially when it comes to transporting that investment via a truck or trailer. To help make sure your motorcycle is loaded without incident, Discount Ramps is pleased to offer a motorcycle loading ramp calculator that will take the guesswork out of picking the right ramp.

How to Use Motorcycle Loading Ramp Calculator

To get started using Discount Ramps' motorcycle loading ramp calculator, you’ll need three key measurements: the wheelbase of your bike, its ground clearance and the overall height of your loading surface.

You can determine these in seconds:

  • For the wheelbase of the bike, measure axle to axle (in inches)
  • For ground clearance, measure the lowest point of the bike to the ground (in inches)
  • For the height of the loading surface, measure from the top edge to the ground (in inches)

Once you’ve made these measurements, finding the appropriate loading ramp length is as easy as plugging them into’s motorcycle loading ramp calculator. Our calculator will generate the minimum ramp length required to make sure you don’t run into any problems loading your bike, so you can load with confidence.

Now that you know what length of loading ramp you need, find your Motorcycle Ramp!

 Motorcycle Ramp Calculator

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