Port-A-Chopper™ Motorcycle Trailer - 1,200 lb. Capacity


Need to transport your motorcycle, but don't have room to store a traditional motorcycle trailer? The Port-A-Chopper motorcycle transporter disassembles in under 15 minutes, making it small enough to fit in a car trunk or closet with room to spare. No tools are required for assembly, and none of the individual components weighs more than 44 lbs. You can replace your jet ski trailer and utility trailer with the Port-A-Chopper too; kits are available to turn it into both.

3 Year Warranty
Item # Fits Frame Finish Status Price
PAC-96-MC-R Motorcycles with a wheelbase up to 96" Black E-Coat
PAC-96-MC-G-R Motorcycles with a wheelbase up to 96" Galvanized
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The Port-A-Chopper motorcycle transporter is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to trailer their motorcycle but don't want the hassle of storing a typical motorcycle trailer. When disassembled, the trailer takes up about the same amount of space as a golf bag, allowing it to be kept in a car trunk, closet, shed, or virtually anywhere else.

Assembly is easy, takes less than 15 minutes, and doesn't require any tools. Instead, easy-to-pull bent hitch pins secure with cotter pins to lock the components together. Because of the Port-A-Chopper motorcycle trailer's lightweight design, no component weighs more than 44 lbs. This makes it easy for one person to assemble the trailer by theirself.

Loading a bike onto the motorcycle transporter can be done by one person as well. The included loading ramp leads onto the 6-1/2" wide aluminum channels. The front tire of the motorcycle rests in the adjustable wheel chock, and a kickstand pad allows the bike to remain upright while motorcycle tie down straps are installed and adjusted.

Out on the road, the Port-A-Chopper motorcycle transporter pulls easily behind cars of all shapes and sizes, as it weighs only 275 lbs. The trailer's high speed rated 6-ply tires are safe for long trips. Unlike other take apart motorcycle trailers, the Port-A-Chopper motorcycle transporter features torsion axle suspension, smoothing out bumps and reducing the stress on the motorcycle's suspension.

1,200 lbs.
275 lbs.

Product Features

  • Disli>Assembles in less than 15 minutes
  • No tools required
  • No single component weighs over 44 lbs
  • Can carry motorcycles weighing as much as 1,200 lbs
  • Loading ramp included
  • Integrated wheel chock can be repositioned to adjust the tongue weight
  • Kickstand pad allows one person to load the bike and adjust straps unassisted
  • Torsion axle suspension eliminates stress on the motorcycle suspension
  • Trailer lights sit at the very back of the trailer for safety
  • Rail Width is 6-1/2"
  • Weighs only 275 lbs assembled, meaning virtually any car can tow it
  • VIN numbers included
  • Steel components are available in a black E-Coat or galvanized finish
  • Available kits to covert the trailer into a utility trailer or PWC trailer


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