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Paddle Board Carts

Avoid the hassle of carrying your SUP by hand and make long walks with your paddle board comfortable and easy with this reliable SUP carrier. Designed to carry just about any sized stand up paddle board, SUP carts make an otherwise long and tiring haul as easy as pulling a rolling cart behind you. Our inventory is always expanding, so be sure to check back for the latest and most effective products in the industry.

Easily Transport Your Board From Vehicle to Water

Don't tire yourself out before you hit the lake or ocean! Use a wheeled dolly to make an easy transition to and from your car or truck. With securing straps and wide, pneumatic tires, you won't have to support the entire weight of your board, and foam bumpers keeps it protected over bumps and rough terrain. We pride ourselves on offering the best pricing on our SUP personal transport products, so don't delay - pick up a dolly today. You'll be glad you did!