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Paddle Board Storage Racks

Protect your SUP and keep it out of the way during the off-season with the proper SUP storage solution from With a growing selection of secure paddle board storage options for your home or pontoon boat that are both affordable and reliable, is the place to go for the latest and greatest SUP storage options in the industry.

How to Choose Your SUP Storage Option

With all the excitement of being on the water, storage can sometimes be the last thing on your mind! Don't toss your board in a corner, or lean it up against the wall - invest in a proper storage solution that will allow you to enjoy your board for years to come. Think about how much space you have, and take your region's weather into account. If you experience harsh winters, indoor storage will be best. For milder climates, you can consider indoor or outdoor storage, as you might be using your board year-round. Here are the top storage choices:

  • Wall racks are perfect for the inside or outside of your garage, just be careful not to run into them!
  • Ceiling hoists are also well suited for garage spaces, and have an advantage of keeping your walkways clear. Some strength might be required to lift the board and hoist up to ceiling height.
  • Pontoon boat racks give you added fun without taking up valuable deck space! A great option for a day on the lake or ocean.