56" Octagon Mesh Screen Portable Pet Dog Pen

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  • Mesh screened outdoor or indoor pet pen with tent peg style anchors
  • Ideal for small to medium sized pets
  • Velcro attached bottom panel can be removed for lawn/ground access
  • 56" L x 56" W x 39" H
  • Lightweight, only 12-lbs

Quickly set up a pet pen anywhere, inside or outside, with this portable dog pen. The octagonal pen keeps your small animal out of trouble when you're not around or not looking. The mesh top is removable, so you can quickly scoop up your pet if you're in a hurry or unzip one of the two mesh doors to let them out.

56" Octagon mesh screened portable pet pen is easy to setup, use, and transport. Folds compact into a carrying case with shoulder strap for convenient portability. The bottom circular panel is attached by Velcro and is removable to allow pets access to the ground area. Includes tent pet style anchors to secure the pet pen, which work best when driven into the ground at an angle. Great to give smaller pets the opportunity to be outside yet protected at the same time. Made with water resistant material, cleaned with soap and warm water.

12 lbs.
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