Black Widow Aluminum Extra-Wide Punch Plate Tri-Fold ATV Ramps

Whether you're loading your pickup or trailer with a lawn tractor for a landscape project across town or headed up north with the ATV to hit your favorite trail, this trifold loading ramp makes it safe and easy to do. This extra wide ramp fits a variety of equipment but folds down to 5-5/8" high, small enough to slide under the ATV while in transit. The solid surface also provides sure footing when you load manually, such as loading a roto tiller or snow blower. Two lengths are available with a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs.

  • Manufactured from lightweight, durable aluminum
  • 54" W loading surface
  • 1,500 lb. weight capacity
  • Rubber coated ramp fingers rest on trailer or tailgate and prevent scratches
  • Punch plate surface for excellent traction in all weather conditions
  • Folds down to just 18" wide x 5-5/8" high
  • Includes two safety tie down straps
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Weight Status Price Quantity
TFS-7754 77" 60 lbs.
TFS-9454 94" 70 lbs.

Load ATV vehicles, motorized lawn equipment, and accessories for transport with Tri-Fold Pickup Truck Ramps! Each ramp features a 54" wide solid surface with a punched hole design for maximum traction.

Pickup Truck Ramps secure to a pickup truck or trailer with (6) rubber coated ramp fingers and include (2) safety tie-down straps. An integrated strap attachment bar found on the underside of each ATV ramp provides an excellent way to attach safety straps for preventing ramp kick-outs during loading.

Tri-Folding ATV loading ramps fold to 1/3rd the width and a 5-5/8" height for convenient storage under or beside an ATV. Available in (2) lengths for specific application: The TFS-9454 loading ramp measures 94" long and is recommended for use with pickup trucks, while the TFS-7754 is recommended for use with utility and flat bed trailers.

Pickup truck ramps help to store equipment in a truck or trailer bed for transport. Made with heavy duty aluminum construction, includes a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

1,500 lbs.

Product Features

  • Available in 77" and 94" long sizes
  • 54" Wide loading surface
  • Solid surface ATV loading ramps
  • Integrated tie-down strap attachment bar
  • Includes (2) safety straps with rubber coated hook ends
  • (6) Rubber coated ramp fingers for tailgate and trailer attachment
  • Punched hole design for added traction
  • Folds compact to 5-5/8" high for storage under or beside an ATV
  • Heavy duty 1,500 lb distributed weight capacity
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Instruction Manual


No Tractor Needed: How to Plant a Food Plot with an ATV
How to Choose the Correct ATV Ramp

Review Summary (Based on 45 Reviews)


4 Stars excellent ramps BUT watch the straps that secure your load

Anthony from PA wrote (January 30, 2018):

had the straps that run from the ramps to the trailer hitch break off while loading after only two weeks old. it was a cheap pop metal that almost caused my 8,000 atv to come crashing down. replaced those with real ratchet straps and all is well. ramps are nice and sturdy and wide enough

5 Stars Very Satisfied

Joe from MO wrote (October 19, 2017):

Got the ramps for the second time for a second project we are putting together. Speedy Shipping and a great product and a great price. Highly Recommended to anyone!

5 Stars great quality, great price

Mike from CA wrote (October 06, 2017):

Received the ramp as expected and looks like it is great quality

5 Stars Black widow ramps tri fold

Michael from NY wrote (September 12, 2017):

Bought these ramps for my lawn service. Did not want to spend $1600.00 on a trailer so on my time looking on the web saw discount ramps so I checked it out. I'm glad I checked them out the ramps I got work so good, I drive my zero turn up on the truck no problem lawn mower has a 54"deck and the ramps work great. They save me time and money great product. We use them for four wheeler golf cart and more. My friend saw them and he order them the next day. Thanks discount ramps.

5 Stars Ramps of my dreams

Michael from ID wrote (July 10, 2017):

I was going from store to store looking for ramps for my pickup truck on all of the normal stops. You know the ones, Harbor Freight, Tractor Supply, NAPA, and Costco to name just a few. I finally come across Discount Ramps and I found the perfect set and they already been used for two different projects since I've received them three days ago. I love them and they're Perfect for all of my future needs for my business and personal uses.

5 Stars Atv ramps

Chad from OH wrote (April 30, 2017):

Great product and great price really love the ramps they work great.

5 Stars Does the job

Max from MD wrote (March 02, 2017):

Its a reasonably priced, well constructed, light weight ramp. Full width is crucial for safely loading those cycles.

5 Stars Tri-fold 94" x 54" atv ramp Model#TFS-9454

DavidH. from OH wrote (February 19, 2017):

Bought this to replace a ladder style ramp to use with my utility trailer for loading cruiser motorcycles as well as my portable table and dewalt miter saw cart set-up, which the ladder style would not work with. It looks and feels to be very well made, have not got to use it yet but have purchased enough equipment in my life to know a quality item when I see one. If I should find there to be a flaw I will post a second review to explain the problem. At this point I am more than happy with my purchase and delivery was extremely fast.

5 Stars Unconventional Use

Dennis from FL wrote (January 31, 2017):

I bought this ramp to use on my storage shed, where I keep my golf cart, riding mower,and other tools and storage. I had built one from wood but here in SW Florida, there is the rainy season and too much moisture for the wood to last, hence buying the aluminium ramp. It is installed and works to perfection. My wife is especially fond of the 54" width and now she can remove the golf cart without me.

5 Stars Fastest delivery in history

Jerry from WI wrote (December 17, 2016):

I ordered this at 2 pm on Friday and the UPS truck pulled up to my house at 10 am on Saturday. Unbelievable! The ramp is great. Very well made. It's heavy enough to be quality, but not too heavy to move. I'm 65 and carried it easily by myself. No more borrowing trailers for me. This will allow me to put the mower, snowblower, motorcycles, etc in my pickup single handed. Very pleased!

5 Stars Great Motorcycle Ramp

Elizabeth from AZ wrote (November 14, 2016):

This ramp is easy to use; comes with everything you need; I love the full width design; and it fits in my Nissan Frontier perfectly!

5 Stars Exceptional Approval

Randall from FL wrote (October 04, 2016):

I purchased the TFS-9454 ramp set for loading our golf-cart into the back of my Ford F-250 pick-up truck. I already had a set of single ramps I have had for years( not a discount ramps set of ramps). I loaded the cart One time with them and was very uncomfortable with the outcome. The cart slipped a lot and came very close to sliding off one side which could have resulted in a serious injury. My wife and 92 year old mother convinced me to order the TFS-9454 set of ramps. So I ordered them and they arrived at our home in a very short time frame. I immediately unboxed them, hooked the straps up and loaded/unloaded the golf cart into our pick up. No slippage at all, very easy and safe to load/unload, and even had my 92 year old mothers approval. How can you possibly get a better approval than that?? Thank you Discount Ramps for a very well built and reliable product !!!

5 Stars appreciation

Danette from OR wrote (October 04, 2016):

This was by far better than I expected...the website is easy navigate.. ordering was seamless and the delivery was on time and flawless...Will make Discount Ramps my go to place for online purchases for my Company....Thank You!!!!!!!!

5 Stars Awesome Ramp

Bill from TX wrote (October 03, 2016):

I purchased this ramp to load high school band equipment on a low boy trailer. It's light enough for me to lift it out of the pickup bed with the tailgate up and set it up by myself. It's easily strong enough to hold two people and the equipment. The straps attach it securely to the back of the trailer. It folds up small enough to fit in a 5.5' truck bed with a cap. I love this ramp.

5 Stars Great Ramp, Easy to Use

Steve from NY wrote (September 23, 2016):

I purchased this ramp to use to get heavy motorized garden equipment into a garden shed requiring a ramp for access. I was concerned at first about ordering a factory seconds piece of equipment so I carefully checked it over when it arrived. I was pleasantly surprised to find only two cosmetic dents on the surface which were easily smoothed out and the only significant element was that one of the fold out ramps was hinged off center such that that panel was about 1/2' off from the other two panels at the bottom. This did not impair the operation of the ramp and posed no problem to its use. I immediately tried out the ramp with my heaviest equipment and it performed excellently. The tri-fold width of the ramp is ideal for normal garden/landscape equipment and the solid width is just what is needed for for tryke type equipment with a center third wheel. While the ramp is hefty, it is relatively easy to use and move. The folding component is a real space saver. Looking forward to many years of use with it.

5 Stars Safe motorcycle loading into pick-up bed

Mike from MT wrote (September 16, 2016):

I needed a folding ramp to safely load a motorcycle into a pick-up that would allow me to walk up the ramp next to the motorcycle. I have tried various methods with the motorcycle on one ramp with me on another or a step ladder. I ordered the 7'10" ramp on a Sunday and it was attached to my truck Friday. Works great! Great traction and stability. Sturdy hinges. High-quality welds. I expect this ramp to outlast my truck and motorcycle.

5 Stars Great Ramp for My UTV

Andy from ID wrote (September 15, 2016):

I purchased the 94 inch ramp. Looks like a good safe ramp for my 52 inch wide UTV. Appears very sturdy. The web site states that these are factory seconds, the only thing I can see that would make mine a "second" is one of the square long pipes has a dented end where it will be on the ground end. This certainly will not affect the strength or stability. I like the fact that it will fit under my UTV.

5 Stars Quality ramp

Val from SD wrote (June 24, 2016):

I had been looking for a ramp to load/unload a snowblower and lawnmower. This solid floor ramp works well for us. Fast shipping and box and item were intact. I will not hesitate to buy from Discount Ramps again.

5 Stars Excellent Shed Ramp Too!

Lisa from CT wrote (June 24, 2016):

I bought this to replace my rotting, wooden shed ramp which was so narrow that when I drove the lawnmower down it, the wheels were half on and half off. Not only is this ramp wider, but it is light enough so that I can move it myself if it needs adjusting or I just want to clean / weed underneath it. The fact that it folds makes carrying it so easy.

5 Stars Bought for my cargo trailer - great quality

Sam from TX wrote (May 21, 2016):

Bought this ramp to make moving easier. Very much impressed with the quality and price.

4 Stars Can't beat it for the price

Al from KY wrote (April 29, 2016):

I purchased this ramp to use for gaining entrance to a new portable storage building we bought. Shipping and delivery couldn't have been any faster unless I lived close enough to pick it up at Discount Ramps myself. The "seconds" defect is that the plate aluminum is slightly bowed on the right ramp, but it's really no problem at all. What was almost a problem is that the three hinge pins that were supposed to have e-clips on their ends to keep them in place had none, and two of the pins were just floating around loose in the bottom of the carton. Somehow the pins managed to still be in the carton despite there being holes in the carton, one of which had (fortunately) been taped up somewhere in its travels. I was able to quickly replace the missing e-clips with some that I already had on hand. As far as the functionality of the ramp is concerned, there are no issues. It did not flex or sag one bit when I rode the zero turn up it and into the building the weight being a total of about 700+ lbs between the mower and myself, and the traction on the ramp is just fine as long as I don't try to back the mower up the ramp. The turf tires just couldn't gain quite enough traction, despite the traction surface of the ramp and a rather gentile incline. Not a big deal, however, as there's plenty of room to simply pivot the mower inside the building. All in all, this appears to be a well made unit , and I don't anticipate there being any issues with it over time, despite the minor and easily correctable assembly issue.

3 Stars Looks like a decent ramp, although I haven't tried it yet

David from MT wrote (April 11, 2016):

The ramp was at my door two days ago. One of the hinge pins was laying on the concrete, and the shipping box had numerous rips and holes in it. Three of the hinge pins had no clips on them, with one being completely out, one about ready to fall out, and one mostly in place. I found some e-clips and hairpin clips at the hardware store that fit, and purchased some extras, just in case. The ramp was heavier than I anticipated, so I removed one of the three sections, as it will only be used to load and unload motorcycles, and the two sections are wide enough for that function. I hope the punched holes in the ramps provide adequate traction when the ramp is muddy and/or snowy, as they don't feel to have much traction; time will tell. Overall, I wish I had looked longer, as I feel I could have found a ramp that worked as well or better for what it will be used for.

5 Stars Great Ramp

Luc from CA wrote (March 18, 2016):

Great ramp! Fast shipping, sturdy, lightweight (for the capacity rating), got the 7'10" which fits perfectly in my F150 XL. Don't know what more you can ask for!

5 Stars First ATV ramp

Mike from NE wrote (February 27, 2016):

Was a little apprehensive buying a factory second ramp sight unseen online. Contacted customer service and they answered all my concerns. After ordering the ramp I could not believe how fast it was delivered. Upon inspecting the ramp I was very satisfied with the quality of the ramp for being a factory second and was exactly what I was looking for. I would not hesitate buying another product from Discount Ramps.

5 Stars Tri Fold ATV Ramp

Billy Parker from GA wrote (January 09, 2016):

I purchased this product to use as a ramp for my Hand House Barn type shed. It supports my very Heavy Roll Away and My Harley.

5 Stars Great ramp for the price

Joe from NY wrote (December 07, 2015):

this ramp is super sturdy. It says it is a factory second but it looks like first quality. Very fast shipping. Very much would recommend this ramp.


Mark from TX wrote (November 30, 2015):

I live in Texas where nearly everyone is hauling SOMETHING at one time or another. With my Plate-Style Aluminum Extra-Wide Tri-Fold ATV Ramp - 7'10" Long, I can load everything from ATVs, UTVs to Margarita machines with small caster wheels! The load is super easy to control on this particular ramp. The quality is a paramount factor in my decision to purchase this ramp and I found this to surpass my expectations! Price would be my second purchasing factor and to my surprise, it was very affordable! Thanks Discount Ramps, Mark

3 Stars Plate-Style Aluminum Extra-Wide Tri-Fold ATV Ramp - 7'10" Long

Tom from WA wrote (November 13, 2015):

I like the lenght of the 7'10" Tri-Fold Ramp. It works well for me when moving small wheeled items in and out of my dodge truck. How ever when there is a light mist of rain the ramp becomes very slippery. I did not like the strap that came with the ramp so up graded them to a ratching style strap. Once the straps are in place the ramp does not move.

5 Stars great product

Doug from NY wrote (September 27, 2015):

Everything I need for my landscaping business. Light weight easy to handle very durable. It's working out very well. I like it because it folds up for easy storage. I would recommend it.

5 Stars Win an iPad mini simply for writing a review!

I am a retired teacher and still have farm property and love to from OR wrote (August 13, 2015):

Your ad looked like the ideal ramp for me, so I called and ordered one from Kirk B Dumanch. He was very considerate and led me step by step through the order. The order came on the day it was supposed too and I couldn't be happier with the ramp! It is great for loading my Kawasaki Prairie and smaller wheeled lawn mowers and garden rototillers!

5 Stars Trifold ATV Ramp.

Travis from AZ wrote (August 10, 2015):

This is, by far, the beast ATV ramp that I have ever used. The solid surface is extremely nice for footing and it wide enough to load any of my toys into the bed of the truck. It's super light weight and it even came with tie down straps! I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

5 Stars Awesome and perfect ramp

Angel from FL wrote (August 07, 2015):

It's perfect for my toro zero turn lawnmower, sturdy. No worry's to load and unload the lawnmower. Great product. I like it a lot.

5 Stars Loaded Ramp

Bruce from MT wrote (June 27, 2015):

This ramp is awsome. Cuts down on the steep angle going into my pickup, and now I dont; worry about going off the side as with two separate ramps where if your front tires are turned slightly it can roll off sideways, love the extra width. Material and workmanship is very good, built very solid with reinforced bars every 6". Top quality, highly recommend, this ramp should last a lifetime!

3 Stars RAMP IT UP

ED from OK wrote (May 22, 2015):


5 Stars Great Ramp

Gary from WI wrote (May 12, 2015):

Purchased to load my trike into a toy hauler. The door on the camper drops down as a ramp but a little steep. I place this ramp on the door to any position to accommodate any loading/unloading situation I run into. This extends the ramp.

5 Stars Perfect for my needs.

Shane Swedeen from MN wrote (May 06, 2015):

I was looking for a platform type ramp that is flexible for pallets jacks, 2 wheel dollies, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers and anything else I need to load. This type of ramp gives me versatility along with the appropriate slip resistance I need for my applications. The only thing I could suggest is to beef up the platform sheet between the rails to minimize the warps. Otherwise very stable and wide enough my needs. I did not know this when I bought it was that at the end of the ground end of the ramp. There is about an 1.5 Inch edge to overcome before starting up the ramp. I only bring it up because when I use a pallet jack I need to get a run at it to get the pallet up that first edge. I will probably put an aluminum angled piece to correct the pallet loading issue. But when using it for any other purpose with larger tires it works great.

5 Stars AWESOME service

Steven B from ME wrote (March 27, 2015):

I needed a sturdy ramp for loading items into my truck bed. This ramp truly fills all my loading needs, from my snowblower to my snowmobile. The tie downs secure the ramp to the tailgate and the rubberised ends leave no scratches or marks. (also, Discount sent me a second set of tie down straps to me the very day I contacted them that my ramps did not have any straps--No Charge) Great customer service!

5 Stars 77" tri fold ramps

Scott W from NY wrote (March 10, 2015):

These ramps are going to make my life so much easier in the winter. Bought them specifically for my snowblower very light weight with a heavy duty rating I wl be using them on my f150. They are a little steeper than I thought, but longer ones would not have fit in the back of the truck

5 Stars Tri-Fold ATV Ramp 94" Long

David from NY wrote (December 27, 2014):

Excellent product. Excellent value. Strong, durable, and safe. Can use for so much more than ATV (wheel barrow, motorcycle, compressor, generator, etc.). A little heavy at first. Removed one panel easily; Now can use single or dual panel format. Excellent price, great service, fast delivery. Called during working hours and talked with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Highlly recommend product and company.

5 Stars Aluminum Tri Fold ATV Ramp

William from VT wrote (December 05, 2014):

As advertised and Great Price. Quick Shipping. Just what I needed. When backing off I do not have to be exact like the single ramps. I can be off center, and still back off safely, and with confidence. I would recommend this to any one who has a problem backing off their trailer.

5 Stars 77" Trifold atv ramp

Peter from MI wrote (November 18, 2014):

Best ramp I have found for the money. It is easier to load the snow blower in the bed of the truck, instead of hauling a trailer around. The ramp is super easy to hook up and load the snow machine . At a lower incline loading the Harley in the truck is a snap, all around great loading ramp for trailers or pickup trucks!

4 Stars Trifold ATV 77"

Tom K from MI wrote (November 03, 2014):

Bought this to load toys on to my trailer. The solid surface works great for the ones with small wheels. Only wished it had a little more grip. When wet you will slip. It pack away nicely and fits well, in the back of my F150. Bought off the Amazon site and it shipped from stock and had it in four days. Money well spent

5 Stars Finally found the best ATV ramp available !!!

Jorge Rodriguez from FL wrote (October 30, 2014):

I had given up on trying to find a heavy duty ramp for my Can-Am ATV and was at a point considering having one manufactured by a local welder which would have been quite expensive. Fortunately I came across DiscountRamps. Thanks again Guys for a great product at a very reasonable price and lighting fast UPS ground service to Florida.

5 Stars 3rd Ramp !

Bill from CO wrote (October 29, 2014):

I have found this ramp to be more forgiving when loading/unloading my ATV. I can afford not to be exactly centered on the bed of the truck. If I'm a couple of inches off, I don't need to worry on one side or the other rolling off. I purchased the larger of the two ramps, which also provides a shallower angle when driving the ATV on or off.

5 Stars Great buy

Sharon from NM wrote (October 15, 2014):

Excellent for the price! Heavy duty. Very happy with my purchase

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