Silver Spring Aluminum Telescoping Wheelchair Track Ramps

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 600 lb. weight capacity
  • Available in 3 lengths to accommodate a variety of rises
  • 1-7/8" side walls and high traction grit surface to keep wheels on the ramps
  • Dual push buttons lock the telescoping sections in place
  • Attached safety pin for stationary drill holes
  • Available as a kit with a carrying bag or as a pair of track ramps
Item # Description Length Extended Length Weight Availability Price  
TWR-V2-3-5 Ramps Only 3' 5' 13 lbs.
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TWR-V2-3-5-Kit Ramps with Bag 3' 5' 14 lbs.
Save $9.99
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TWR-V2-7 Ramps Only 4' 7' 24 lbs.
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TWR-V2-7-Kit Ramps with Bag 4' 7' 25 lbs.
Save $14.99
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TWR-V2-10 Ramps Only 5' 6" 10' 34 lbs.
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TWR-V2-10-Kit Ramps with Bag 5' 6" 10' 35 lbs.
Save $24.99
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When permanent ramps are not available, the Silver Spring Aluminum Telescoping Wheelchair Track Ramps are an ideal solution. They can be set up to accommodate most four wheel wheelchairs and scooters, regardless of the distance between wheels, and are ideal for short rises such as porches, stairs, and curbs. Able to extend or contract to meet any mobility requirements, these tracks easily deploy and lock with the simple push of a button.

600 lbs.
Not recommended for 6 wheel power chairs or 3 wheel scooters

Review Summary (Based on 80 Reviews)


5 Stars Great buy, great costumer service

Fernando from KS wrote (October 05, 2017):

The item arrived promptly, even earlier than promised and in good condition. It is just as described and fully functional. Great buy, outstanding service.

5 Stars Great- Grandma's freedom

Catherine from IL wrote (April 20, 2017):

I cannot say enough about this product!!! We were looking for a way to get my 93 year old, wheelchair bound mother out for family events. With the cost of renting a handicap accessible car so high ( about $155) a day, we only rented one for very special occasions which meant she did not get out as much as we would have liked. Then one day I found your product on the internet and it seemed too good to be true, that we could wheel her right into our mini van with just taking the seats out. Needless to say, with the purchase of your ramps about the same as a one day handicap car rental, we take her out all the time now. They are so easy to use and easy to lift. She is so happy to be able to go out whenever she wants. I tell everyone who sees us about your great product!! I wish the assisted living place had told us about you years ago---all you need is a minivan. It has really made a difference to our whole family that great-grandma gets to come out all the time.

4 Stars Getting Mom in our house so much easier

Julia from TX wrote (January 02, 2017):

Like: portable and easy to use. Mom had been unable to navigate the steps into our house - but now with the ramps it is so easy for her! Only thing to watch for is the usable width of each ramp. The wheels on our manual wheelchair fit inside the ramp space best if we line up the front wheels before entering the ramp. HINT: We set everything up and tested the placement of the two ramps with our chair in order to locate the correct placement of the ramps to fit our chair. Then we marked the spot on the concrete and also on the door threshold so that we can lay them down in the same spot each time without re-measuring.

5 Stars great quality ramp

SpecialNeedsMom from NC wrote (December 28, 2016):

We bought this ramp for our wheelchair bound young daughter. It is sturdy, well built and reliable. We use it to wheel her chair out of the house into he garage. We bought the 5' that extends to 10'. It is light weight that makes it easy to move a couple times a day. We have a tall garage and just leave it telescoped out, yet it is still light weight enough that it is easy for me as mom to lift. The telescoping feature works wonderfully but is not effortless enough to be done several times a day. It's not a draw back, just notable. We like it too because having it in two pieces rather than one wide ramp, it is more light-weight, and easier to pack into our minivan when needed.

5 Stars Good product. Good customer service.

Jane from IL wrote (August 29, 2016):

When our ramps arrived the rather flimsy box was damaged and taped together. Upon unpacking we found that one ramp was gouged and that the upper end was bent straight so that it did not fit flat on the top step. However, we were still able to use it successfully to get my husband to his doctor's appointment. We sent photos to the customer service rep who very promptly replaced the damaged ramp with a perfect one. These ramps work great. Were light enough for my daughter to place and quite secure even without drilling a hole and using the pin. They are now propped along the baseboard of the garage ready for the next time we need them.

5 Stars Very Impressed

Eric from WV wrote (August 23, 2016):

Ordering was easy, shipping was fast, packaging was more than adequate, no shipping damage. Well designed, works well, easy set up, well constructed. Overall, very impressed.

5 Stars Good Portable Ramps

Carol from PA wrote (August 17, 2016):

Lightweight but sturdy ramps. Good quality for the price. Telescope to 3 feet so they fit nicely in our van. Ordered on Thursday and received on Tuesday. Great customer service!

5 Stars Awesome Ramps!

Carol from NH wrote (August 04, 2016):

Bought these because I needed flexibility in length and portability. Got them 2 days ago and they work great to get my Mom and her wheelchair safely from point A to point B and not injure me in the process. Very please with the construction of and a great price point for them. So glad I took the gamble to order sight unseen.

4 Stars 10' Aluminum Telescope Channel Ramps

Mike from NC wrote (May 24, 2016):

I bought these for their portability. They are a bit cumbersome to extend and adjust, but overall I'm pleased with the product.

1 Star Doesn't work for Permobile front drive (C300, C500) chairs.

Robert from CA wrote (May 14, 2016):

Ramp is great, well built and functions well. HOWEVER, be carful to measure your chair's wheel foot print. The ramps are narrow between the rails. The Permobil C500 and C300 chairs have off-sett rear swivel tires. What happens is you can't get the front wheels into the track at the same time as the rear wheels. If the ramps were 5" wider, they would be perfect.

5 Stars Unsafe feeling (for me)

Lafayette (Doc) from NM wrote (April 26, 2016):

I have a small trailer to carry my Power chair and Scooter. The existing ramp gate on the trailer is too short and causes my chair/scooter to tilt back further than I like when I'm loading, making me feel unsafe. The added extension I get with these ramps are perfect and I no longer feel unsafe. Loving them.

5 Stars Ramps worked great!

Scott from WI wrote (April 25, 2016):

I bought these ramps a few months ago to eventually help get my disabled wife into my parents house because I haven't been able to get her into their home in a year. When I finally got to use them, they worked great! I'm very happy with this purchase so far!

5 Stars Best idea ever!

Nancy from FL wrote (April 09, 2016):

We bought this for my husband's wheel chair to get it in and out of our van. It is light weight fits easily into the van and slides out for used. I love it. I can't lift anything heavy and this was perfect. When I called to inquire about what I needed the people there were as friendly and helpful as anywhere I have ever been. This is the second item we have bought from them, we recommend them to everyone.

5 Stars Silver Spring Aluminum Telescoping Wheelchair Track Ramps

Toni N. Francis from CO wrote (March 16, 2016):

I love these ramps! We needed a ramp for our Kettle Corn equipment and could not find one wide enough for the wheel tracks. These are perfect! Lightweight, adjustable for our needs. They are sturdy, in which our equipment tracks well.

5 Stars awesome ramp

jerry from NC wrote (February 25, 2016):

this product is everything I've been looking for. I built one out of wood too use in my van. it was a little heavy, and wife was the one that had to put the ramp in, and out of the van. this one will make her so happy. I was afraid she was gonna get hurt. I didn't want that on my account. thank you for making such a product. these will also be so much easier to store.

5 Stars More uses than for Wheel Chairs

Debbie-in-the-woods from CA wrote (February 21, 2016):

Filling the front porch firewood rack is a regular winter chore here in the woods. Our "all-terrain" hand truck has large tires that can roll over the graveled walkways, but is very difficult to pull up the several steps onto the porch. You can't load it very heavily at all and you still risk hurting your lower back pulling it up the stairs. A heavy wooden ramp worked but needed two people to put it in place and remove it when done (it can't be left in place). As an average height, 125lb gal, I can easily put these light ramps in place, LOAD UP the hand truck, and get the job done in fewer trips, much faster, and with no risk of pulling back muscles! They seem very well constructed, and the non-slip surface does its job well. I actually enjoy the outdoor chores on our place in the forest, but this one was an exercise in frustration...but not any more! I wish I got these ramps years ago!

5 Stars Works As Advertised

Diane from OR wrote (February 13, 2016):

We have an intermittent need for a wheelchair and needed a product that is easy to handle and store. The 7' ramp worlds well for us. It sets up quickly and the separated tracks make it much easier for the person assisting with the wheelchair.

5 Stars Ramps look great!

Dennis from PA wrote (February 13, 2016):

Just got my pair of 4-7ft ramps yesterday, haven't had a chance to actually try them out yet to get my EZlite Cruiser power wheelchair into the back of our Hyundai Sante Fe yet, but it looks like they are very sturdy ramps, great quality for the price, and I'm sure they'll work well...the folding Cruiser power chair only weighs 58lbs and folds down like a baby carriage so it's very handy and fits into most any vehicle, but I can't load it myself and my wife has quite a bit of trouble trying to get it into the car herself, I didn't want to see her hurting herself so we leave the chair at home a lot of the time when it would be advantageous to have it with us...then I started looking for portable fold up ramps on the web and found your telescopic ones, we opted for the 4-7ft ones because we thought the 3-5ft set might be too steep of an angle for pushing the chair up into the car...we both think the 7ft length of the set we got will be just right and now we'll be able to take the chair every time we go somewhere, it will make it a lot easier to visit stores, restaurants, even my kids' houses, which all have a couple of steps up into the house...and the ramps collapse into handy 4' sizes that will make them easy to put in the car and transport too....really glad I came across these and happy we bought them, can't wait to try them out soon!

5 Stars A Great, Easy to Use Solution

Aaron from IL wrote (February 04, 2016):

My mom primarily gets around by wheelchair. She can walk a little bit but getting into the house was a struggle and I was worried she might fall and I or her caregiver might miss catching her. I ordered the ramps on Wednesday and they arrived today on Thursday. They were waiting when we came back from having a procedure done at the hospital. I had them unpacked and ready to go in a few minutes. Pushing her up the two tracks was easy and when the weather gets better her caregiver can use them to take her out through the front door. My only regret is that I didn't buy them sooner.

5 Stars Portable Ramp

Charles from CA wrote (February 03, 2016):

I bought this ramp for my wife so we can go visit family and friends any time she wants to now with no worries about how are we going to get her in the house with her wheel chair.

5 Stars Perfect for us

Robert from OR wrote (February 03, 2016):

These ramps are perfect of us and better than expected. When they arrived we put them into use immediately and wow! Thanks for building quality into these ramps.

5 Stars Channel ramps

Richard from IL wrote (February 02, 2016):

these ramps work great. We have a couple stairs in the house to get up and down. These are light and easy to use.

5 Stars Great for granny!

MJ from NJ wrote (January 24, 2016):

Compact. A great ramp to get granny out of house and no need to build an expensive, permanent ramp. Lightweight and I can easily store in closet to keep out of sight and the way.

5 Stars Perfect set of ramps

David from IN wrote (January 10, 2016):

I bought these ramps for my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis and is starting to need a wheelchair. They are perfect, I'm using them for front & back entrance, so it makes going in and out so much easier for her.

5 Stars LOVE the Ramp

Veniamin Muzychenko from CA wrote (December 29, 2015):

This ramp is amazing!! I use it to get my recumbent trike that a purchased from Laid Back Cycles in Fair Oaks CA ( Great Guys). It makes lifting a lot easier on my back and knees, I like that the ramp telescopes and can conveniently fit in my SUV. I like good things especially at my age don't know how much time I got left, so the easier my life can be the better and the ramp makes it easier the Trike makes it Better. WIN WIN

5 Stars Telescoping Aluminum Ramps

Bob from MN wrote (December 22, 2015):

I just received my telescoping aluminum ramps and they are going to fit my application perfectly. I am using them to load and unload a mobility scooter into my van. The 5' length works perfectly and the ramps are easy to extend and collapse. I would also like to mention that I received the ramps within 3 days of ordering them! I think that is outstanding service considering this is the holiday shipping season. I highly recommend this product for durability and quality.

5 Stars Love them!

Marilyn from NE wrote (December 06, 2015):

I bought the 7' ramps and love them. My husband can not lift my chair since it is has power assist wheels. He uses the ramps to get the chair in the back of the suburban. Also, we use them when I visit family and friends at their homes. Easy to use and very sturdy.

5 Stars Exceeded my expectations

Satsuki White from CA wrote (December 04, 2015):

I needed not so heavy ramps because I am a small person. This ramp met my criteria. I can pic this up easily. Also, The quality of the product is excellent. Highly recommended.

5 Stars Best Portable Ramp

Joe Oliver from NY wrote (November 22, 2015):

Best portable ramp by far. I have used the roll a ramp and a tri-fold portable ramp and this is the most portable, most easily moved, and lightest ramp you can find at 10 feet. It has served well for my handicap daughter. The width of each of them can be positioned to even accommodate offset size wheels on certain wheelchairs. The only improvement that I would like to see is more adjustability in length. These can lock at 5 ft and 10 ft which is fine in most cases, but would be nice if they could lock in maybe 7, 8, and 9 ft, as well. Overall, great ramp.

5 Stars 5' Aluminum Telescope Channel Ramps

Mary from CO wrote (October 07, 2015):

These ramps are perfect for me. I use the ramps to load my trike in the back of my SUV. Then I slide the two 5' ramps into the vehicle next to the trike, they fit perfectly. Being a senior citizen, they are light enough for me to manage. The free shipping was an added plus.

5 Stars Ramps are PERFECT

Joe from DE wrote (September 28, 2015):

The 5' ramps are exactly what I needed to load my Segway X2 in the rear of my Ford CMax Energi. The larger tires of the X2 fit perfectly inside the runways of these ramps and the telescopic feature of the ramps works perfectly in a compact vehicle such as my Ford.

5 Stars 7' track ramps

Pam from OH wrote (September 17, 2015):

I just received my track ramps and they are great! I needed them for my mother who is in a wheelchair after a stroke. I wanted to safely transport her into my house and her house without building a ramp up to the porches. i am a small person and required ramps that would not be cumbersome or heavy to navigate. These are the real deal! They are lightweight and very easy to extend by pushing only one button Ione to extend and the other one to collapse). You don't have to push both buttons at the same time which someone mentioned in another review. i would suggest spraying a little WD40 on the moving parts when you first use loosens up the rail and they work like a charm. I am very happy with these ramps. They have made my life much easier and i will get my moneys worth in very little time. EXCELLENT PRODUCT!

4 Stars wheel chair ramp, portable

Richard from NJ wrote (August 28, 2015):

I bought this ramp and used it immediately. I have a bad back and this ramp was no problem lifting it into the suv. it was also the right height. thank you discount ramps.

5 Stars 5 foot ramps

Roger Powell from TN wrote (August 24, 2015):

We bought it for being able to put my Go Go scooter in our Tahoe without having to take it apart.

4 Stars TWR-V2-7

Carrolann from MI wrote (August 16, 2015):

Looks great, little hard to open. Maybe if your young, but I am 72 years old women and it's very hard for me. Once open, they work ok.


Veni from CA wrote (August 06, 2015):

The ramps are amazing we use them on a daily basis to help us to roll the trikes into the vehicle instead of lifting. Amazing Product!!!!!!!

4 Stars Set of 7ft slide out ramps

Marty from TX wrote (August 05, 2015):

My ramps came today and they are real good quality with the exception of the push button mechanism, if they worked easer I would have give 5 stars but the buttons are poor quality for an otherwise real good ramp. I have seen others say the same thing. on the plus side they are really well built and portable enough that I will be able to get lots of use out of them. My main use is for loading my 4 wheel scooter in my suv and they work great for that. Discount Ramps offer a lot useful mobility products at an really good price.

5 Stars A Great Help

Mary Ann from PA wrote (July 31, 2015):

These ramps have been a lifesaver for us! We are in a rental home, so are unable to make any significant changes and the outdoor stairs were a challenge until we got these ramps! I love the ability to take them with us, too, if necessary.

5 Stars Just what I needed.

Hugh from GA wrote (July 28, 2015):

My wife and I have been looking for a house to buy and since I am in a wheelchair I was unable to go in most of the houses we looked at because of steps at the front door. I wanted ramps that my wife could handle, compact and at least 6' long. These aluminum telescoping ramps were just what I needed. I purchased the 7' ramps which are only 4' long before extending. They are strong and very well built. I would recommend these ramps for temporary use.

5 Stars Aluminum Telescoping Track Ramps, 600 Lb Capasity

Jim from CA wrote (July 17, 2015):

These are significantly better than competing ramps of similar specs. I had to return a pair of the competitors ramps because they were dangerous to use fully extended. These are easy to extend without pinched fingers, and are strong enough to feel secure when used, fully extended. I'm very pleased. Thank you


JACK from AZ wrote (July 12, 2015):

Well made, compact, easy to transport. Works well with my wheelchair. Easy to open & close.

5 Stars Double-tire wheelbarrow ramp

George from VA wrote (July 08, 2015):

After exhaustive Internet searching, I bought the 10' ramps for my double-tire wheelbarrow. Most ramps were either too heavy and over-engineered (i.e., designed for motorcycles) for my intended use, or could not be adapted from their designed purpose (i.e., wheelchairs). I am skeptical of the advertised weight limit (600 lbs) for a 10' ramp, but since my wheelbarrow is only rated to 250 lbs this was not an issue. Worked perfectly, but some simple directions would have been welcome. Expanding the ramps is not nearly as intuitive as I had imagined (closing them is relatively easy). They appear genuinely all-weather ramps, but I store them in the garage when not in use. Their collapsing design and aluminum light weight make this straightforward to do. Measure carefully, account for off-set wheels or skids (in the case of my wheelbarrow), and remember that you will have to walk between the ramps going up multiple steps . Previous reviewers had warned of this, so I measured twice and did a test run with a couple of 8' boards that I had handy. If you have to return the ramps because you measured incorrectly, you will have to pay for the initial shipping as well. That's fair, but costly. This was, by far, the best price for a top-quality set of ramps, and their shipping policy keeps them afordable..

4 Stars Great Product

Derek from GA wrote (June 25, 2015):

good ramps. could be more sturdier

4 Stars Very sturdy

Husband has Parkinson's disease and uses a wheelchair. from IL wrote (June 18, 2015):

Haven't had a chance to use them much yet, but pleased so far.

5 Stars Ramps are just perfect for the demands of our situation!!

John from WA wrote (June 18, 2015):

Our ramps arrived today and I just can't believe how absolutely perfect they are for our needs! Due to several recent strokes, my wife now needs to rely on a wheelchair and it's something that we have never had to deal with before. To enter the front of our house, you must go up steps that are about 25 inches high. A ramp for those steps would need to be about 12 feet long and would cost $500.00 or more. In our garage, we have two steps to get into a hallway by our laundry room and two more steps at the end of the short hallway to get into the family room. Both sets of steps are each about 14 inches high. It is quick and easy to set the ramps for the first set, go up the steps, move the lightweight ramps to the next set of steps and go up those and be in the house! The ramps then slide down from 7 feet long to 5 feet long and can be stored almost anywhere, until needed again. For a cost of $149.00 and free shipping, it's one of better purchases I've ever made!

5 Stars Excellent Ramps

Frank from NC wrote (June 13, 2015):

Needed some wheel chair ramps on an occasional basis so decided to purchase the 10' pair. Have not used them yet but I put them on my porch to make sure they fit and they seem to be perfect. Very good construction and easy to handle. Expect to use them in a couple of days when a family member visits that uses a wheel chair. I can foresee using them for a ramp for a moving dolly when I move. Delivered as promised and the price was very reasonable compared to other web sites I visited.

4 Stars Ramps

Mary from ND wrote (June 09, 2015):

Overall, I am pleased especially for the price.

5 Stars Ease of movement. Peace of mind.

becky from PA wrote (June 08, 2015):

My 89 year old father fell and broke an ankle. We made the decision to bring him home to my house during the non weight bearing stage of recovery. In a pinch my boys cobbled together a ramp for the two steps up to the front porch. But that was NOT going to work for the long term. I did some research into renting or buying a ramp that would be more suitable and happily stumbled across discount ramps. Very happy that I did. I now have two portable tracks that will be able to travel with us to the family reunion and will store them easily when they are no longer needed. They also don't take up the whole width of the steps. I spent much less money than even the rental option offered me and I got a much more versatile product. Thank you for making his entry/exit so much easier and safer for all of us.

5 Stars Perfect

Don (Grampa Grumpy) from AZ wrote (June 05, 2015):

Just what I needed. I am over ninety and use a scooter very often and my wife and I would dismantle the scooter to load the van. Today the 7ft ramps arrived and I drove the scooter up and loaded myself!!! Wow! Wife will live much longer now.. Thank you!!!

5 Stars Excellent Ramps

James from MI wrote (June 01, 2015):

The ramps are very easy to use we use them for our mini van to transport my brother in law. The shipping was very fast! Many husband was getting to the point of not being able to lift him anymore this made it possible to get him out of the nursing home.

5 Stars ramps

Paul Y from MI wrote (May 12, 2015):

I am very happy with the ramps. They are exactly as I exspected and work perfectly. I could not beleive the speed of shipping I received them the next day.

4 Stars well made

Debbie from AR wrote (May 01, 2015):

These are made much better than I expected for the price.

4 Stars Portable light weight aluminum extendable Ramp tracks.

David Spangler from WA wrote (April 28, 2015):

I purchased this special lightweight ramp system because it extends to 10 feet and is because of the weight. I use a two-stage ramp system to have access to our 30-foot travel trailer. Safety is the key in setting up a ramp as you do not want it to be too steep. Being the person confined to a wheelchair has made my ability to lift the heavy ramps very difficult so unfortunately this leaves the job to my wife. The old ramps are very heavy and difficult to handle because of the length and the weight. These new lightweight trac ramps are excellent because I am able lift them with ease and place each trac into position on my own. This makes my wife happy and also makes me feel a little more independent. In the past the old ramps were eight feet in length and 30 inches wide and now with the new ramp system I have an extra two feet in length which decreases the grade to a more acceptable slope. We are looking forward to our summer camping and I know my wife is happy, as she will not have to wrestle with the heavy ramps again this year.

4 Stars great set of ramps

Harry from LA wrote (April 23, 2015):

overall I'm very pleased with these for my wife. The only compalint I have is that I wish a bit more overlap when extended. Has a slight bow in it fully extended and nearing the weight limit. Otherwise a very good product below 400 pounds

5 Stars Excellent value

Scott from MA wrote (April 11, 2015):

This ramp worked great for a relative of mine who needed to get up three steps in a manual wheelchair. Being able to change the llength and the width of the tracks makes this ramp very adaptable.

5 Stars Perfect Fit - Perfect Price

Kate from NJ wrote (April 03, 2015):

These ramps were the perfect fit and perfect price because my father broke his hip and transportation up two steps in a narrow hallway in my house was the best options. Having two pieces makes it light weight and easy to remove when not using. Even though a longer ramp is recommended for two steps, the 5ft ramp still works for my 73 year old mother to push my father up the ramps. Also, the price of the ramp is one of the best on the internet. Ramps came quickly and customer service responded that day with a small question I had.

5 Stars TWR-V2-7

Tito from NC wrote (March 31, 2015):

Better than We expected. Expands so easy. Sets up great. The cost is really a steal. I called tech support and they took the time to check out accessibility of my scooter. Thank you all very much

5 Stars Versatile

Valerie from WA wrote (March 29, 2015):

Perfect for wheelchair access, yet ready to take care of many other jobs. We bought these to have on hand for a visiting aunt, but wanted something that would work for other moves too. Because they are separate ramps they can be set up for dolly use as well. We just bought a hobby farm and expect them to get a lot of use around here.

5 Stars Great product

JZ from MD wrote (March 29, 2015):

It's been difficult to get my 90 year old mother to come and visit due to her confinement to a wheel chair and the pain associated with lifting her over steps leading to my home, but since getting this wonderful product it's been a breeze and now my mother visits a lot more often. This product is easy to use, extend, very sturdy and made a huge difference in transporting my mother. Thank you!!

5 Stars Easy to use and portable

Bill from PA wrote (March 28, 2015):

Liked very much anyone can use them. We have 4 steps and they work great. The nice part when not in use we can move them out of the way and we have a van so we can take them anywhere. The price was also great. I even came back and bought the threshold ramp that was perfect for a strange door way we had. It is much better than wood. I will be getting more in the future as I keep changing the house to make it much easier for my wife to get around. Thanks for the great products, very pleased Bill.

5 Stars Aluminum Telescoping Wheelchair Track Ramps

Deb from MN wrote (March 28, 2015):

We bought these ramps to load my 95 year old father's power scooter in to our mini-van. They were easy to lift and set up. We also will use them for getting him into our house since the ramps are telescoping.

5 Stars Best Bang For the Buck

Riki from PA wrote (March 16, 2015):

I realize that these ramps are intended for, and marketed for use with wheel chairs, however, I was searching for a set of ramps to wheel my electric generator out of storage, when needed, from my patio to a concrete deck under the back porch stairs. The rise was 21" high and the generator weighs 220 lbs. A variety of ramps intended for lawn & garden, ATV loading, etc. were too expensive, too short, too long or had an open-platform design, more so like a ladder. I ordered over the phone. The CSR was very courteous, congenial and helpful. Tried them out today. Worked great. Built well. Liked the grit surface for traction and the side rails for safety. Takes up little room to store, because they collapse. Comfortable knowing that I have these in the event that my wife or I become infirmed, or a relative or friend is in need.

3 Stars Mostly good

Bob from OR wrote (March 13, 2015):

We got the TWR-V2-3-5 two-piece telescoping ramp set, as we transport a small electric scooter in the back of our Outback wagon. We needed the telescoping feature so it would fit in the wagon. The telescoping feature means that the slide channels project above the ramp surface. Works great for our electric wheelchair on the porch stairs, but the small ground clearance of the scooter hangs up on the slide channels. So it does not work for the scooter. Construction is good.

5 Stars 10 ft wheelchair ramps

Edith from FL wrote (March 05, 2015):

I bought this set of ramps to help transition my 16 yr old granddaughter in her wheelchair from ground to my van. Emma is total care and is unable to assist so I needed ramps ;which would be adaptable to different terrains and heights. These are perfect and the weight is not too much for me to handle(I am 75 yrs old. )The only issue I have is that the buttons to telescope the ramps are too far apart for me to do alone. I am going to improvise with some type of shim to keep one pushed in while I push in the other. I showed the ramps to the company who installed the tiedowns and the owners were impressed with the quality, weight and cost. Since the company they used to do business with for their ramps has folded, you just may be hearing from them.

5 Stars Freedom

Geneva Traylor from TN wrote (February 28, 2015):

We bought these ramps for my wheelchair bound husband. Will be so much easier now visiting family and friends. Instead of pulling him up steps we will keep ramps in our car and use them whenever necessary.

4 Stars 2 steps are a huge mountain when one is in a wheel chair

Linda from CA wrote (February 25, 2015):

We need to get my husband up 2 steps into daughter's home. Ramps are a bit hard for one person to expand because 2 buttons need to be depressed at one time, while pulling ramp to expand. Quality and strength of ramps are good.

4 Stars 10' perfect!

JM from NJ wrote (February 22, 2015):

The ramp is excellent, perfect for the five steps I have to go down to get in the car easy to handle and carry

5 Stars Independence

Laurie from WA wrote (January 30, 2015):

Thank you, Discount Ramps you have helped us be more independent. With the help of the telescoping ramp I can now load my husband's wheelchair into the van alone. I bought the longer one because now when we visit friends with steps we will be ready! Your shipping was very fast and your prices great! Thank you again!

5 Stars 10 ft. telescoping ramp

Deb from MN wrote (January 29, 2015):

These ramps look like they will be a perfect fit for our family. They provide flexibility to use for house and van. Easy to carry from one location to another.

5 Stars Telescoping Ramps

Jeff from FL wrote (January 20, 2015):

My daughter uses her wheelchair part time. It is too heavy for her to lift it into her van so I bought the ramp for her to roll it into her van. It works as expected.

5 Stars Wonderful

Evelyn from OR wrote (January 16, 2015):

These ramps are wonderful. We have parents who are now using wheelchairs and walkers. These ramps have made it possible for them to enter our house. They are easy to store and easy to use. Thank you.

5 Stars A Ramp that fits your need

Joey Cecilia from PA wrote (January 15, 2015):

The ramp is adjustable according to your length and width requirements making it convenient to use. I bought this for my brother-in-law who is wheeled-bound but I can see it will also be of used to me if I got heavy loads that can be rolled in to the house.

5 Stars Perfect for my use

Joan-n-TN from TN wrote (January 14, 2015):

I bought these in late Fall to enable me to take my HEAVY new charcoal grill down the steps of an enclosed porch. Now I can use my grill anytime I want instead of asking one of my male neighbors to take it outside for me. Rolling the grill up the steps is just as easy as rolling it down and into the yard. I wondered how I would ever be able to use my grill after buying it and toyed with buying lumber and making a makeshift temporary ramp. But where to store those long boards after putting them away?? These telescoping ramps are the perfect answer! Highly recommend them.

5 Stars 10 foot ramps

Gene from WA wrote (January 14, 2015):

I use them to get my wife up 3 steps into the house. The weight of her and the wheelchair is about 200 lbs. They sage quite a bit at this weight but do spring back to level. My wife's condition is temporary, but I will keep the ramps and use them for other jobs. They work great if I use a dolly to put a heavy load into my truck. I am 72 and the fact they only weight 20 lbs each makes them easy to set up.

5 Stars Wheelchair ramps that perform !!

Joe Wright from IN wrote (January 14, 2015):

These ramps exceed anything else on the market for the price ! I now can get into houses I couldn't before and My wife loves their weight !! Buy these you can't go wrong !! Thanks for a great product at a great price !!!

5 Stars Ramping Around

Jackie Meister from IA wrote (December 03, 2014):

We got these ramps for my husband so we could visit his parents, our sons and see our grandchildren. And also our friends, want us to come for a visit. We carry them around in our SUV all the time , so we have them whenever we go.

5 Stars Telescoping Wheelchair Track Ramps

Jake from SC wrote (December 02, 2014):

We were planning our Thanksgiving dinner but my mom is no longer able to climb steps. I was looking for something reasonably priced, convenient to use, adjustable and of good quality. I got of of that and more. These ramps are great, the ordering process was easy and the delivery was very quick. I was so pleased I may also order some ramps for my ATV. great product and company.

5 Stars Worked Like A Charm

M. Fries from VA wrote (December 02, 2014):

I bought the 10' ramp. My sons were able to get my elderly mother up the 18" easily and safely. No problems, no hassles. One word of advice -- check your wheelchair, and ensure that the front and back wheels are on the same line, or within a few inches of the same line. If they are too far off, this type of ramp will not work.

5 Stars Perfect

Mark from OH wrote (November 21, 2014):

The portable ramp arrived and we were very pleased. Light weight. Well designed. Strong and easy to manipulate.

5 Stars Telescoping Alunimun WheelChair Ramps

James from PA wrote (June 27, 2014):

I bought these ramps as I am mostly confined to a wheelchair.So these ramps have sort of given me my life back.Company went way beyond and above to make sure I received a quality product at a very low cost,Also was amazed how quickly they were delivered to my front door.Thumbs up to you Discount Ramps.Will let everyone I know and meet about your company.I am one happy camper. Thank You..James D, allen

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