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Product Spotlight

Haul, Hunt, Aim and Shoot with the Kill Shot Throne Hunting Chair

 Posted on: August 19th, 2020

A hunt based only on trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be.
Fred Bear

The cold snap of early morning air, the crunch of fallen leaves and underbrush and the metallic taste of late autumn and early winter are all synonymous with the hunting experience. As is, perhaps, the huff and puff of lugging equipment to your hunting spot, then hauling it all back, hopefully with your game.

Throne Hunting Chair

This year, spend more time savoring the more sensory aspects of the hunt and conserve your energy by using the Kill Shot Throne Hunting Chair and Cart. This transforming, multi-functional cart was designed to enhance your hunting experience without weighing you down. The Throne re-configures in minutes with no tools into any of three positions – equipment and game cart, hunting chair, and gun rest – and it folds completely flat for storage.

Haul your hunting gear in and field-dressed deer out with the cart configuration

It goes without saying that no hunter should be without a game cart, unless dragging a deer carcass out of the woods by hand is your idea of a good time (and maybe it is, we’re not judging). This cart was designed with terrain, weight, and movement in mind. The two 25” diameter rubber tires are large enough to roll over pocked, strewn wooded areas, and won’t get bogged down by a mud, dirt or leaves. The cart weighs 51 pounds and is easy to pull using the full-width handle. It can hold up to 500 pounds of your hunting equipment, creature comforts, and, once your hunt is over, a couple of good-sized field-dressed carcasses. Two tie-down straps come with it to keep all your load securely in place during transport.

Throne Hunting Chair
Hunter sitting on Throne Hunting Chair

Set up the hunting chair for 360 degrees of sight

Instead of carrying in a separate chair, or getting still and sore on the hard ground while you observe the landscape, the Throne quickly transforms from gear cart into a swiveling hunting chair. The rubber tires sit perpendicular to each other to create a simple turning mechanism that allows you to soundlessly rotate around your hunting area when you’re seated neutrally – even while in a hunting blind. When you’ve got game in your sights, leaning forward slightly rests the frame on the horizontal tire, keeping your position completely stationary so you can take the shot.

Steady your aim with the built-in gun rest

To avoid shoulder and arm fatigue, a built-in gun rest allows you to keep your gun aimed and ready at all times while giving your body a reprieve. The rubber-padded “v” shape won’t scratch your stock, and makes it easy to make slight adjustments on the fly. If bow hunting is more your speed, don’t worry – the gun rest can be retracted to free up space for your bow.

Gun rest built in for aim
Throne loaded up

After the hunt, when all of your equipment is loaded back up into your truck, the Throne cart flat packs conveniently so that you can fit it in your vehicle and hit the road.

Available at Discount Ramps, the Kill Shot Throne Hunting Chair will make a big difference in your hunt – order one today and be ready this hunting season!