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Product Spotlight

The VersaRamp Threshold Ramp
Stylish At-Home Accessibility with Real Traction

 Posted on: December 1st, 2020

Silver Spring Versa Ramp
Indoor and outdoor accessibility in a one-piece, waterproof ramp with excellent traction

When getting around is hard enough, you need a threshold ramp that solves your problem without creating more of them. Too often, ramp solutions are heavy, industrial-looking, look out of place and are difficult to reposition. Silver Spring took all those concerns and listened.

The result is the VersaRamp Threshold Ramp by Silver Spring, with a one-of-a-kind innovative design based on foam technology that originated with vehicle ramps, it is incredibly lightweight yet can easily hold up under daily use.

What Makes This Ramp Different?

The Construction
The Construction Inset

The Construction

When you hear “foam” you might think about your memory foam mattress, or your morning latte, but in reality this is commercial-grade, structurally sound foam with incredible strength despite its lightness. Externally, it’s thickly coated in a 100% waterproof, high-traction surface that keeps it in place on any surface and provides excellent grip for wheelchairs, scooters, and feet.

Simply spray it off with soap and water
Simply spray it off with soap and water

The Low Maintenance

This threshold ramp will never rust or corrode because it contains no metal pieces, and cleaning the waterproof surface just requires soap and water. In fact, an easy way to remove dirt and grime is to simply use your garden hose to spray it down outside. When you pick the ramp up to clean or to re-position it, you won’t have to remove screws or fumble trying to take it apart because of its light, one-piece design.

Ramp color

The Color

Unlike cold metallic silver, the soft, neutral gray was chosen to match a wide range of interior décor colors, including wood. The gentler color allows it to fade into the background as a natural part of your home and could even be mistaken for a permanent concrete fixture when used in outside settings.

The Versatility

The Versatility

The beauty of this design is how easily it fits in with any area of your home. Use it to enter your home in a wheelchair, enjoy safer shower entry, and overcome that small step down into your living room. Many of our customers purchase multiple sizes so they have a consistent look throughout their indoor and outdoor space and can reposition ramps as needed.

Specifications That Meet Your Needs

The VersaRamp is 36 inches wide so that wheelchairs and scooters (which are roughly 24 inches wide) can ride up and down with no fear of riding off the ramp edge. It’s wide enough that you don’t have to aim particularly well.

It’s available in 7 heights manufactured to compensate for rises, or changes in surface height, from 1 inch to 6 inches.

All sizes support up to 800 pounds. Most unoccupied four-wheel mobility scooters weigh upwards of 400 pounds, so even an occupied scooter can easily ride up or down without worry.

Multiple sizes for any step in your home
Multiple sizes for any step in your home
SKU Rise Length Wt(lbs.)
SKU:THFS-1 Rise:1" Length:5" Wt(lbs.)0.5
SKU:THFS-15 Rise:1.5" Length:8" Wt(lbs.)0.75
SKU:THFS-2 Rise:2" Length:11" Wt(lbs.)1.25
SKU:THFS-3 Rise:3" Length:18" Wt(lbs.)3
SKU:THFS-4 Rise:4" Length:24" Wt(lbs.)5
SKU:THFS-5 Rise:5" Length:30" Wt(lbs.)7
SKU:THFS-6 Rise:6" Length:36" Wt(lbs.)12
It Will Transform Your Home

It Will Transform Your Home

Some applications our customers have found for them include patio doors, decks, inside steps in homes with slight level changes, and other locations in their homes.

If you have a relative with mobility issues who would like to visit your home, this ramp is a wonderful temporary solution to help them feel more at ease, and it stores out of sight once they’ve departed.

Unlike metal ramps and some wood ramps, this ramp won’t scratch or damage interior floor surfaces such as nice wood floors, linoleum, tile, and it won’t catch on carpet.