Masonry Wall Brackets for Pin-On End Loading Ramps

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  • Adjustable width brackets slide over concrete walls without having to drill holes in the concrete
  • Designed for pin-end loading ramps
  • Adjustable width for varying wall thickness (8"-12")
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction
  • Ramps attach via skid seats so you won't have to worry about ramp kick out
  • 1 year warranty
  • Sold in pairs

Perfect for the construction and masonry trades, these loading ramp wall brackets enable Bobcat and Skid Steer ramp access out of a foundation after basement excavation or back in if further digging is required. Durable wall brackets attach a thick pin-on skid seat to a concrete wall block, and are designed for connecting a heavy duty loading ramp from the wall to ground-level, supporting heavy machinery weight as it tracks in and out of the excavation area. Easy to use, these 5/16" thick solid steel brackets have a welded steel skid seat for attaching ramps. The brackets are 22" L x 8" H and can adjust width-wise from 8" up to 12" to accommodate varying wall sizes. Each ramp wall bracket weighs 68-lbs and is painted a dark red color. Sold in pairs.

1' 10"
68 lbs.