6' L x 12" W Guardian Modular Speed Bump

  • Manufactured from durable rubber
  • Measures 6' L x 12" W x 2" H
  • High visibility with eight reflective beads for low light areas
  • Bottom 1-3/8" x 7/8" channels can be used to protect cables
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Mounting holes allow for permanent installation on asphalt or concrete

Maintain a safe pedestrian environment by slowing down vehicle traffic with the Guardian 6' Modular Speed Bump. The simple modular design allows you to connect multiple sections to span the width of roads, parking lots, and more. This speed bump also features two 1 7/8” by 7/8”channels for cable protection or drainage. Four reflective beads embedded on each side of the speed bump along with five yellow EPDM rubber strips ensure visibility at night. Permanently install the 6' long speed bump on asphalt or concrete using its pre-drilled countersink mounting holes (hardware not included). Modular end sections (sold individually) cap off the ends for a complete circular finish to create a smooth transition from the end of the speed bump to the ground. The modular speed bump is manufactured from weather-resistant durable rubber that will not break, chip, or crack. Includes a one year manufacturer's warranty.

55 lbs.

Review Summary (Based on 4 Reviews)


4 Stars 6 Food Speed Bumps

Donna Paulson from SD wrote (July 18, 2016):

We received them and installed them and are very delighted! We placed them along our city park as residents were speeding by our park and we wanted to help keep our children safe. Would highly recommend these to anyone.

5 Stars Great Product !

Shirley from MO wrote (March 17, 2016):

It was exactly what we needed and at a reasonable price !

5 Stars Effective speed bumps for private road

DrivingLikeAGrandma from CA wrote (November 25, 2015):

I bought 2 6 foot speed bumps for our private road, where a lot of people speed. Installation was straightforward; I bought rebar stakes separately and pounding them into the black top with a sledge took about half an hour. The speed bumps are flexible and follow the contour of our road, which has ruts from rain runoff. The effect was immediate, the traffic calming effects were significant. At the height of these bumps, cars can still continue to speed if they hit the bumps at appreciable speed (~20 mph). Most people do slow down, as these are highly visible in the street. These speed bumps have been installed on our road over a year now. They are holding up well. I opted not to buy the end caps due to the extra cost which seemed high. The bumps are mostly OK, but one is slightly crumbling on its corner. I estimate these bumps will last several more years, on our fairly high traffic street. One thing I've noticed, is that the reflectors embedded in the bumps are not very effective in my situation. Our road is on a slight incline with a bend in the road, and because of this cars' headlights do not strike the reflectors. I would guess the road needs to be straight and level for the reflectors to be effective. Overall I'm very satisfied with this product and am ordering more.

1 Star off gas rubber

brian from MD wrote (July 10, 2015):

just bought this for my garage so my wife does not bang the wall. i like the design but it is heavy duty rubber and the off gas (of polyurethane or something) is terrible and literally makes me sick. After one day i had to remove from the garage and put it outside hoping that after a month or two in the sun it will finish off gassing. i will be careful not to buy rubber next time.

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