Silver Spring Aluminum Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp - 600 lb. Capacity


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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 600 lb. weight capacity
  • Available in 9 lengths to accommodate rises up to 24" high
  • High-traction grit surface and 1-3/4" side rails for added safety
  • Includes steel security pins for moutning, velcro closures for transportation, and built-in carrying handles
  • Tapered curbs allow exterior doors to be opened without hitting the ramp
  • Folds to 1/4 of its original size and breaks down into two easy-to-carry pieces
Item # Length Maximum Rise Folded Length Weight Availability Price  
WCMF-4 4' 8" 2' 5-1/4" 24 lbs.
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WCMF-5 5' 10" 2' 11" 32 lbs.
Save $30.00
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WCMF-6 6' 12" 3' 5" 33 lbs.
Save $35.00
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WCMF-7 7' 14" 3' 11" 38 lbs.
Save $45.00
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WCMF-8 8' 16" 4' 5" 44 lbs.
Save $60.00
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WCMF-9 9' 18" 4' 10" 50 lbs.
Save $60.00
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WCMF-10 10' 20" 5' 4-1/2" 63 lbs.
Save $75.00
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WCMF-11 11' 22" 5' 11" 70 lbs.
Save $90.00
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WCMF-12 12' 24" 6' 5" 82 lbs.
Save $120.00
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Durable and lightweight, this exclusive Silver Spring Multi-Fold Wheelchair ramp can accommodate up to 600 lbs. Compatible with all styles of wheelchairs, powerchairs, and scooters currently on the market, this ramp is a safe and efficient way to navigate over daily obstacles, and provides a hassle-free way to enter and exit vehicles. Its unique multi-folding design allows the Silver Spring Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp to fold down to 1/4 of its usable size. Once folded, simply pull the safety release pin– the ramp will split into two feather-light sections, each with its own comfortable carrying handle. Included Velcro latches ensure the wheelchair ramps don't unfold when they're not needed.

600 lbs.

Review Summary (Based on 123 Reviews)


5 Stars Better than expected

Gene from OH wrote (December 28, 2017):

Had the best Xmas because your ramp provided my wheel bound son an opportunity to enjoy Xmas at our house, first time in years.

5 Stars Easy

Neil from AZ wrote (November 09, 2017):

Thought this ramp would be a LOT more work to use. Talk about easy. Opened the box, pulled out the ramp, unfolded it and voila...DONE! The pins to hold the ramp at the top even fit right into the locking holes for the drop locks on our narrow box Ford E350 truck.

5 Stars Perfect fit

Joan from FL wrote (October 12, 2017):

The ramp was ready to set up from the box. We just took it out, placed it and we were ready to go.

5 Stars Aids others in accessing our home

Nancy from KS wrote (October 04, 2017):

We purchased this ramp because some friends and family members have difficulty navigating the two steps into our home. The ramp is easy to set up and take down--not too heavy, but very sturdy--and takes up very little room when stored away in our garage. We are pleased with this product.

5 Stars Wish We Had Found Sooner

Michael from TN wrote (July 26, 2017):

My parents have been in need for ramps like these for years. My brother who takes care of our dad has made due with a set of ramps he made, but really needed something better. He is stubborn when it comes to accepting help, but I decided to buy these ramps for me and offer to loan them to him until I need them in the future. He accepted my offer, and I received the ramps in three days after ordering them. We set them up today, and not only was my dad happy with them, but my brother was also. The ramps definitely makes it easier for him to wheel my dad in and out of the house. Just a note, the ramps do have a little spring to them when walking up or down, but they are rated for 600 lbs. and they are doing what we wanted them for.

5 Stars Great multi-fold

Charles from MA wrote (July 12, 2017):

This multi-fold ramp was top quality. Everything I expected. It folds into four sections and will easily fit in my SUV. Great way to bring your ramp with you.

5 Stars Great Product

Patricia from LA wrote (June 27, 2017):

Very well made and very sturdy

5 Stars great product, great service

Tom from PA wrote (June 12, 2017):

Very solidly built, clever design. Very good web site, very prompt service

5 Stars 6' ramp

Carol from PA wrote (May 03, 2017):

Very quick delivery and great customer service. I got to go out in my yard for the first time since we moved to this house Nov 2016. I love it!

5 Stars Excelent quality and FAST delivery.

Larry L from PA wrote (March 29, 2017):

I ordered the 5' Silver Spring folding ramp on Sunday and received it on Wednesday in PA. The quality is better than I expected for the price.

5 Stars 10' ramp

chas. from CA wrote (March 28, 2017):

This ramp is way better than I thought

5 Stars 7' Ramp

Steve from MN wrote (February 25, 2017):

Very quick delivery. Easy setup and take-down. Just what I was looking for. Like the fact that it folds up as small as it does, fits well in our van. High quality product.

4 Stars good ramp

Robert Weber from NY wrote (February 12, 2017):

the ramp is great the only thing stopping it from getting 5 stars are the 2 velcro straps that hold it in the folded position, they both broke off by the 2nd time I used it.

5 Stars Excellent ramp, speedy delivery

Douglas from CA wrote (December 26, 2016):

We are very satisfied with this ramp. We also were impressed with the speedy delivery and the responsiveness of the staff when we had questions. Excellent product, great service.

5 Stars WCMF-12-Review

Jennifer from IL wrote (December 07, 2016):

The wheelchair ramp is very durable and easy to position and take down. Very beneficial for our office. Thanks!

5 Stars 7 Foot Ramp

Jack from TN wrote (November 30, 2016):

Ramp is light for its size and easy to handle, set up, and use. Great product. Just what we needed.

5 Stars Easy and sturdy

Sandy from MA wrote (November 18, 2016):

This ramp is easy and sturdy to use. If a 55 year old gal can handle it for her Mom, anyone can. The best part about it is that it comes apart making it easy to transport and take with us to get into other places. Will especially come in handy getting in and out of family houses for the holidays.

4 Stars Excellent product, great price.

JD McWherter from TN wrote (November 15, 2016):

The ramps are made of high construction quality and exactly what we were expecting. Lightweight, durable and safe.

4 Stars 12 foot ramp

Art from RI wrote (November 10, 2016):

Shopped around for a wheelchair ramp for my mother. Found DiscountRamps price to be fair. Product came within 4 days. Easy to set up. One of the side came in bent. Didn't have any effect. Needs to be braced . Very happy I bought this ramp.

5 Stars Arrived Today

Dan from IN wrote (October 11, 2016):

We had two particular clients in mind when we shopped for and purchased this ramp. The ramp arrived today and one of those clients came to the office today. She was so happy that we did something to help her and the ramp was easy to set up and worked as we hoped!

5 Stars Folding Wheelchair and Scooter Ramp - 6'

Susie from TX wrote (October 08, 2016):

These ramps are very light weight and small. That makes them easy to handle and work well on the RV trailer.

5 Stars Improved quality of life for a disabled patient

Melissa RN, Care Coordinator from OH wrote (September 14, 2016):

I have been working with a disabled patient (bilateral amputee) that has a motorized wheelchair but could not use it at his home for several months. In order to improve his quality of life, I took it upon myself to research for funds to supply a ramp for his porch and threshold so he could come and go as he pleases without relying on another individual. I have researched numerous resources for ramps and found discount ramps to be the best value. This was perfect for him and he is so pleased. Likes: easy set up and secure, durable, anti-skid material Dislikes: small defect in anti-skid material on lower right side. I hope this doesnt create peeling of the material where it would be a safety concern for the patient

4 Stars folding wheelchair and scooter ramp

Gerald from NY wrote (August 29, 2016):

good product and works well but too heavy for my wife to handle alone so we need help at point of use.

5 Stars Excellent customer service.

KEVIN B BROWN from IN wrote (August 12, 2016):

This ramp has definitely aided me in accessing places I would not have been able to get in. It is light weight, easy to carry, easy to store and a good price. I am so glad I bought it. I had to return the shorter one for this one. Customer service was excellent and my order was shipped that same day. Thank you.

5 Stars ramp review

annette blair from MI wrote (August 04, 2016):

definitely light weight and easy to transport.folds up nice and compact,does not take up much space at all.bought it so my husband could be able to go along with me and not have to wait in we can load his scooter in our van easily,and he too can now go shopping and out and about again

5 Stars Excellent Ramp

Polly from MN wrote (July 12, 2016):

This ramp works perfectly for our needs - wheelchair access for my father-in-law. Highly recommended!!! We love that it is light-weight and portable. This was the best price - much less than what we could find locally - and delivery was fast.

5 Stars 5' ramp

Rick from CA wrote (June 10, 2016):

Just received the 5' ramp today...just as advertised, easy to use and works! No longer have to struggle to bring wheelchair up 3 stairs. Very happy with purchase.

5 Stars Replacement for a homemade ramp, I made approximately 10 years ago.

Ronald from NM wrote (May 16, 2016):

My new ramp is the item # WCMF-6 Silver, that I wish I'd have gotten a long time ago. It's much more pleasant looking than my old one, it's lighter than the ramp it's replacing by probably 35 pounds. The new ramp is much easier to handle because it folds and has handles. My old ramp was a 5' one piece metal bottom that had 1"X6" wood on the sides to keep my 300 pound electric wheelchair from falling off the ramp. My new one is a 6' long, folding, easy to handle, and easy to store away, silver traction ramp. I'm 63 years old, I broke my lower back in 5 places 35 years ago in a mining accident, I've been very lucky because with 4 spinal fusions and 2 of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world, I've been able to walk and work most of that time. This new much lighter ramp is just what I needed.

5 Stars Purchase of Seven Foot Wheelchair Ramp

Mike from NH wrote (May 13, 2016):

Our son suffers from M.S. and I needed a ramp to assist with navigating his transport chair over two steps. In looking at the website I "thought" a three or four ramp would suffice. However, wisdom entered into the equation and I called the 800 number to discuss the length with an expert. Upon reaching Kirk, he quickly explained the "physics" of ramp length and I learned I would need a 7 foot ramp. The order process was simple and easy and Kirk assisted with everything. The order arrived on the dat6e expected and the ramp was nicely packaged and easy to unwrap. The instructions were easy to follow. We have used the ramp on several occasions with our son and the ramp worked perfectly. I also used the ramp to move some furniture down the ramp with a dolly. At the time, there was some mist in the air and the ramp had plenty of grip. This is an outstanding product and I would highly recommend the product and the discount ramp team to everyone. Thank you Kirk!

5 Stars Graduation

Michael W. Bartoni from MO wrote (May 09, 2016):

Customer Service was very helpful. Ray did a great job. Received the ramps 2 days later. They look great and were easy to assemble I am the Facilities Director for a all boys college prep high school in St. Louis. We have a senior that is in a wheelchair and we decided to have 2 ramps so he could enter the stage and exit the other side of the stage like the rest of the students. This will work perfectly. We will need them again next year for another senior. Thank you. I hope we never need them again but if we do we have them. It's so worth it. Thanks again.

5 Stars Perfect for getting into places I couldn't ordinarily go.

Linda from GA wrote (April 07, 2016):

This ramp has definitely aided me in accessing places I would not have been able to get in. It is light weight, easy to carry, easy to store and a good price. I am so glad I bought it.

5 Stars Grateful! Silver Spring 9" ramp

Felicia from NC wrote (April 04, 2016):

My dad has been in a nursing home for almost three years. My family recently ran into problems with transporting him specifically on holidays. I found your website and the salesperson gave me great advice about what size ramp to get according to calculations. The ramp has worked perfectly and has been a true blessing to our family. Your company is REALLY making a difference in our lives because the ramp allows my father to leave the nursing home with ease. It also was helpful in transporting him to his youngest daughter's wedding. Thank you and we are forever GRATEFUL!! :-)

4 Stars Serves the purpose

Linda from MA wrote (March 16, 2016):

The ramp itself comes apart easily and when folded up the middle latches come undone at times. The ramp arrived with bubbles in the ramps surface but needed it right away so didn't bother to send it back or ask for refund. Definitely would recommend using the calculator and sticking to what it recommends. The ramp is a little too pitched for what we want to use it for so a person on the ramp can not easily get up it. Not the ramps fault just didn't get the right size. also bought the extender and that works great. Shipping was much quicker than expected and ramp arrived in good time. Packaging was good. Over all a good purchase and would buy again if needed.

5 Stars multifold aluminum wheelchair ramp.

alfredo from FL wrote (February 27, 2016):

it seems to fit exactly what i need.

4 Stars 8' ramp

Richard from GA wrote (February 26, 2016):

Not as easy as to open and set up as the video showed, but still will do what we need for it to do.

5 Stars Perfection, peace of mind

Sherri from CO wrote (February 24, 2016):

This ramp is just what we needed! Easy for me to set up myself for my mom who is wheelchair bound to the house without it. Excellent customer service, free shipping, sturdy product. Love!

5 Stars Just what we needed

Sherri from CO wrote (February 24, 2016):

We purchased the 5 foot version for my mother who has difficulty walking. When we take her out for doctor appointments, we use a wheelchair to make getting her around easier but found our front steps to be a challenge. My husband always had to be present to help me get her down these steps, which wasn't always convenient. We didn't want the commitment of a permanent ramp, but needed something! This Silver Spring folding ramp is the perfect solution to our problem. It is light enough for me to set up and take down myself. It's sturdy and easy to store when not needed. Now I can get mom in and out of the house by myself with confidence. I wasn't completely sure what length to get for our step, even after studying the chart provided so I called to clarify. I had to leave a message, but they called back within the hour, helped me with my questions, and I placed my order on the phone on the spot. Super helpful, prompt delivery, ramp is just what I needed and expected!

5 Stars very good and easy to setup

nicolette from OH wrote (February 07, 2016):

very easy as a temporary ramp for my mother.

5 Stars wheelchair ramp 6'

A. Perez from FL wrote (January 28, 2016):

We purchased the ramp at a great price and we received even sooner than told. great deal. exactly what we needed and we have been looking for a long time. now i can go up into the shed on my wheelchair or move the generator in with out having to ask neighbors for help every time. thanks

5 Stars ramp

Michael from AL wrote (January 25, 2016):

The product arrived on time and was a perfect fit for our needs.

5 Stars Multi fold lightweight aluminum ramp by Silver Springs.

Betty from SC wrote (January 08, 2016):

Bought it to help me transport my husbands electric chair. I have degenerative arthritis and really needed a lightweight and portable ramp. We use it to load and unload his chair from the back of our van. I love the tread that it has on it as well as the elevated sides to help keep the chair on the ramp.

5 Stars Dental Office in Historic District

Dr Lennon from MA wrote (December 21, 2015):

We have a dental office located in the Historic District of Woburn, MA in a large Victorian Home. The town would not allow a permanent wheelchair ramp so your product allows us to still be wheelchair accessible, and conform to our city's code. Great product. Thanks!

5 Stars "Wonderful Wheelchair Ramp"

Erma from MI wrote (December 17, 2015):

We love this ramp. My 88 year old brother-in-law is permanently in a nursing home and confined to a wheelchair. I am supporting my sister by trying to keep him cheerful. My daughter and son-in-law gave me an early Christmas present and had this ramp sent to me. This has made so many people happy, because we will all be together in my home for Christmas for the first time in 18 months. Our joy will be extended into 2016 because of the of how portable this ramp is. We will be able to take him many places which will enrich his life.

5 Stars WCFM-11 Review

Jane from SC wrote (December 16, 2015):

I purchased the 11 foot ramp for my mother to enter & exit the back door. It is an excellent product. It was easy to install. I am able to get my mother in her wheel chair in and out of the house by myself. It provides me with the ability to take my mother on excursions and appointments easily and more often.

5 Stars Excellent Portability

Edward from DE wrote (October 26, 2015):

My wife was injured in an automobile accident and cannot walk. I needed a ramp to get her, in her wheelchair, to my car for transportation. The 7' 600lb portable ramp was perfect. I used it in my garage from the floor to the first step into the house. It can easily be removed/relocated if necessary, though I choose to leave it in place.

5 Stars Mobility Chair Ramp

Steve Hardesty from NV wrote (October 26, 2015):

Bought this 6 Ft. ramp. Opened when it arrived, I was amazed at the light weight of it. Then tried to load my Mobility chair into my Pickup. It was almost effort less to get it in the Pickup. All together I could not have asked for a more easy way to load my Mobility chairs.

5 Stars Back for another!

David from OR wrote (October 05, 2015):

After lots of research, I purchased a ramp here a few months ago for the front entry. From the initial call - the service and support has been fantastic. The delivery was not only fast, but I got free shipping! (Other companies want a huge additional amount to ship the product.) The ramp is a great deal! It's well built, easy to install and use, and the non-slip surface keeps good traction to the wheels. This is the best buy for the $, and I've been so happy with it that I'm back to order one for the rear entry-way. Thanks Discount Ramps, It's a pleasure doing business with you.

4 Stars Silver Spring Aluminum Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp (7 Feet length)

Rob from CA wrote (October 01, 2015):

I got my order product on a timely manner. It is easy to install and convenient to use. It suits to my needs. The ramp is sturdy and strong, it gives me easier access in and out of my house.

5 Stars Great Product

gary from OH wrote (October 01, 2015):

I was tired of going to stores and finding no scooters available so I bought these ramps to solve my problems. Now I can take my scooter with me.

4 Stars Wheelchair ramp

Daughter from TN wrote (September 25, 2015):

Although it was much heavier than I expected, with assistance from my son, installation was fairly simple. The ramp gives my mother easier access to the rest of the world!

5 Stars Multifold ramp

Karen from MI wrote (September 12, 2015):

Great product easy to install. Meet by needs for my Pride scooter to access my son's house. Very easy to transport light weight. Would highly recommend this ramp. Quick delivery High Quality product

5 Stars Portable Wheel Chair Ramp

Joan from CA wrote (September 05, 2015):

I am thrilled with this ramp. We had a make shift ramp before we purchased this one, and this has made life much easier to get my dad in and out of the house with out leaving a ramp up full time in an area with restrictions in the front yard.

5 Stars Wheelchair ramp

limuel from NC wrote (August 28, 2015):

works great. good traction for pushing a wheel chair without slipping even when wet. folds for easy storage or taking along with you.

4 Stars Six foot ramp for Van loading of Scooter

Roger from WA wrote (August 26, 2015):

Use the calculator and order the size it recommends. Order the six foot, unloading was fine, loading was very difficult, had to push the scooter up to get it on the ramp. Ordered the extension, that solves the problem. Save yourself the extra money for the extension and get the eight footer. It is the cheapest of the ramps, it's heavy, but it works, it looks cheap and the non skid surface comes off really easily, the extension works fine, there are pre-made holes for the extension almost like they know you'll be needing it. Returning it means, paying the shipping from the original order, then paying the shipping back, so returning isn't really an option. Discount ramps shipped my item very quickly and packed them well, I didn't contact customer service because it was my attempt to save money that caused the problem. The extension was a life saver. If I had it to do again I would buy the 8 footer.

5 Stars Great product

Sam from NY wrote (August 25, 2015):

What a wonderful product. Great quality, fast shipping, easy to install and works very well for wheel chair transport.

5 Stars Nice ramp and a great help in mobility

Bill from OH wrote (August 25, 2015):

Bought a 7 foot model and it was delivered fast. Had some trouble first time I tried it as I am handicapped and can't bend over easily but got it unfolded and it worked great. Be careful as the aluminum is soft so you can't beat it around. Only problem I had was the spring lock for folding. It does not extend as far as it should and one of the pins needs extended but still worked fine. A good buy.

5 Stars 12 foot Multifold Wheel Chair Ramp

Nikki from IL wrote (August 15, 2015):

From the sales representative to the delivery of my ramp was five star service! I bought the ramp to get my mom in and out of my home. It works very well for the situation.

5 Stars multi fold wheelchair ramp

Brenda from TN wrote (August 14, 2015):

Purchased for my disabled sister. It has been a life and 'back' saver. Thank you so much.

5 Stars Easy To Set Up & Transport

John from SC wrote (August 13, 2015):

Purchased this to transport a Shoprider scooter and/or a Rascal. This is a heavy-duty ramp that folds up easily, sets up easily, and fits in the vehicle (so long as you can lift the 42 lbs). Found this at a discounted price, and it's well worth it. They're good with shipping information as soon as the order is placed, and this one arrived sooner than expected. Will use them again in the future.

5 Stars 5 foot folding wheelchair and scooter ramp

Jeff from NJ wrote (August 08, 2015):

we have two shorter ramps (for one stair), but needed a second ramp to keep in the car for two step entries into homes we visit. The ramp ordered appears perfect for our needs - strong enough to last and handle my wife's wheelchair, yet compact and portable enough to fit easily in the trunk of our car.

5 Stars 5' folding wheelchair and scooter ramp

Ronna from NY wrote (July 16, 2015):

The video is what sold me on the ramp. It is nice to see how it works rather than a paper to read. Buying was a very easy to do and shipping was very fast, only 2 days !!! Thank you to Discount ramps ! Would recommend these for anyone needing them ! So very glad I found you online and will pass the web site to all that may need them. Thanks again.

5 Stars Works great

Aaron from MO wrote (June 30, 2015):

We bought this ramp to use when a friend visits. We wanted something we could fold up and store easily when not in use. It is exactly what we expected from the description and reviews. Good quality. Fast shipping. We are very pleased with our purchase.

5 Stars 6" Foldable Ramp WCMF-6

Steve from FL wrote (June 29, 2015):

Arrived a day early!! Fast delivery . I have a mobility scooter that I want to put in the back of my mini-van and this ramp works out great for this. Keep up the good work!!

5 Stars Everything you could want in a ramp.

Jim from WI wrote (June 27, 2015):

I needed a portable ramp to get a wheelchair up and down to the house. A permanent ramp would have been a huge project and very expensive. I received this ramp in two days and with free shipping! It works exactly as described and the no slip surface is great. I highly recommend this ramp and this company.

5 Stars Amazing Product

Mike from TX wrote (June 23, 2015):

This Product Helped Me Help My Dad Who Is In A Wheel Chair. Me And Him Loved Did It Helped Us Transfer The Wheel Chair

5 Stars Ramp Works Well!

Paula Dumont from TN wrote (June 19, 2015):

We bought this so I could enter through the garage entrance, which has three steps, after my hip replacement surgery. The ramp is light, easy to maneuver and was easy to set up. We needed the nine foot length to work with the rise of our steps. The ramp bounced a bit and we were worried it would slide off the steps, so my daughter drilled holes in the steps and installed the included ramp pins. Now the ramp is very stable. I use it now every time I enter and exit the house.


JIM from TN wrote (June 15, 2015):


5 Stars 8' Ramp worked great for me

Gary from TN wrote (June 15, 2015):

I purchased the 8' ramp because I had no room to construct a permanent ramp to my door. The ramp worked great . it is simply the most ramp that could be bought for the money. It is simple and easy to use and can be easily stored when not needed. I had one concern before my purchase and that was that it might be slippery. That is not the case it has a great non-skid surface that is very safe. The ramp is very sturdy and we'll made. I am confident that it will last many years The bottom line is this if you need a ramp this safe, simple to use, durable,inexpensive ramp should be your choice. fast free shipping is a plus

5 Stars it works great and is something that will help the wife.

Jim from CA wrote (June 08, 2015):

like it very much. My wife is not able to walk and tis is a god-send.

5 Stars 12' Multifold Wheel Chair Ramp

Marilyn from IL wrote (June 08, 2015):

Perfect sized ramp for in our garage. Arrived quickly. Was easy to install. Like the fact that it can be removed, if needed. Appears to be very strong and has a non-slip surface. Was exactly what we were looking for.

5 Stars Couldn't Have Been Easier

Nick Pierce from NC wrote (May 04, 2015):

Bringing by wife home from the nursing home was going to be a real problem with 3 steps up to the door. I decided on purchasing a 12 ft ramp which would solve our problem. By purchasing from Discount Ramps I saved over $300.00. Shipping was super fast and free and set up was a breeze. I will certainly sing your praises to all I see who need ramp of any kind.

5 Stars wheel chair ramp

James from MI wrote (May 04, 2015):

I like it. It works well and is nice and easy to set up.

5 Stars perfect!!!

Paula Levy from CO wrote (April 29, 2015):

this ramp was exactly what I was looking for to solve the one step down problem in my almost handicapped accessible adult day program...because I will not always have a wheelchair bound participant, I was looking for something portable that would fill the need when I's absolutely perfect!!!

5 Stars Helpful, easily stored ramp

Carla, retired from WA wrote (April 25, 2015):

I bought this ramp for my husband, who sometimes needs a ramp, but not always. It's easy for me to set up and put away. It DID leave damage on the Trex on our porch in the form of grooves where the top dug in. Need to put some sort of padding under the top lip to avoid this.

5 Stars WCMF-6 Folding Wheelchair and Scooter Ramp - 6 Foot Long (600 lb capacity)

Paul from CO wrote (April 24, 2015):

We need a ramp to help get people in wheelchairs and scooters to be able to come visit us in our house. We live in Boulder, Colorado on the side of a hill with many steps to access the house. My family is getting up in age and we were looking for something to also help us when we get infirmed. This ramp fills the bill by enabling gain access to the house through the garage out onto the back deck and into the back door of the house. Thank you for your nice product.

5 Stars Perfect for on-the-go access!

Maria from WI wrote (April 23, 2015):

We needed something to allow my husband to be able to get into the houses of our kids and even our lawyer. With the 7' portable ramp we purchased, I am able to pop it out of the back of the van and set it up anywhere we go that has steps and previouisly prevented us from visiting. I am 65 and able to tote and set up the ramp myself. Thank you!

4 Stars Just what we needed!

Charles from GA wrote (April 18, 2015):

We ordered this ramp after my mother-in-law had hip replacement surgery and was unable to climb the stairs from the garage to the house. This ramp came in the 9ft length we needed and is not too heavy for my wife and adult daughters to lift. It is very sturdy and will be very useful for many years. Great product!

5 Stars Works Like A Dream

tom from CA wrote (April 08, 2015):

I've tried electric lifts, and tilt carriers, and this folding ramp works the easiest and as a bonus it puts the scooter inside the vehicle so you can drive places in the rain. Its a well made ramp, well designed, and effective. The shipping was fast the price was right and it works. What else can I say. I bought a 9 foot long, 4 fold ramp, and use it in a ford flex. Thanks for the great solution to my problem. Even as a 100 % disabled viet nam vet, I can handle this on my own. Thanks

5 Stars WCMF-10

Carol from MD wrote (April 07, 2015):

Was having Achilles tendon repair and was non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. Didn't want to put in a permanent ramp so we ordered this ramp for temporary portable use. Turned out great for its purpose. No problem areas noted. Did the job intended!

5 Stars This ramp was a life saver

Debbie from NC wrote (March 28, 2015):

Our beagle needed ACL surgery and we were told no stairs for 3 months. Well of course, there were stairs entering our home in both the front and back. I purchased the wheel chair ramp 10' in length which covered our stairs and allowed our little girl to comfortably get to the back yard. The ramp folds up and is easy to store. I would recommend this ramp to anyone. A plus is that you can order in a number of lengths to fit your situation.

5 Stars Great Ramp

Kenneth from SC wrote (March 28, 2015):

The ramp folds and comes in half very easily making it lighter to move. The ramp sets up very quickly and is very sturdy.

5 Stars portable ramp

John from WI wrote (March 27, 2015):

I purchased the foot portable ramp. It is light weight nd wery easy top use. I purchased this ramp so that I canget my mobllity scooter into my ford edge. Best purchase I ever made!


Vivian from MT wrote (March 23, 2015):

My husband is an artist. We travel to art shows with a trailer. The backdrops, stands, chairs, carpet, etc needed to set up the display, as well as the art, have to be unloaded and moved into the buildings. We have only used the ramp once, but it made unloading the trailer so much easier on our old backs. Time will tell how well it holds up, but right now we are very happy!

5 Stars Finally an affordable ramp!!!

Rita from VA wrote (March 18, 2015):

So glad we found your website and ordered this ramp! Now Hubby doesn't have to miss a lot of events because he couldn't take his Hoveround with us. We are avid campers, but never had a way to take his chair with us. We can use this (8-foot) ramp to load his chair in the camper door and haul it wherever we go! I ordered the ramp on a Friday and it was delivered early in the morning of the following Wednesday! That's what I call service! I unpacked the ramp, took it apart in two sections and carried them to the camper. I was able to put the sections back together and put the ramp in the doorway of our 5th wheel by myself in just a few minutes, and I'm a 70 year old woman! My husband was so surprised when he got home - he couldn't believe I was able to do this alone. We are very happy with this ramp!

5 Stars Very well made and easy to assemble

Tom from AL wrote (March 12, 2015):

This ramp will work great for my 95 year old mother-in-law who is in a wheelchair. Before this she had to step up 2 steps into our house risking a fall each time. This ramp will solve that problem. So far looks like a very good product

5 Stars Love this ramp

Gail from FL wrote (March 09, 2015):

I purchased one 8 mos ago for my husband so that I could get him in & out of the house for appointments. He is doing better but still in a wheelchair & we have been taking him in the backyard so that he can watch the grandkids play & sit around a fire, instead of taking the ramp back & forth between the front of the house & the back I just purchased a 9' for the backyard & I have the smaller one in the front that I can fold up & take with us in the van in case I need it while we are out & about. I do recommend this ramp to other people that needs a ramp but does not want to build a permanent one.

5 Stars Folding Wheel Chair and Scooter Ramp

JR Reeves from AZ wrote (March 08, 2015):

This ramp is perfect! Lightweight, portable, yet solid. I have it set up at home, but I can easily and quickly fold it up and take it with me in the car. This is a high quality product at an extremely affordable price. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this ramp to anyone.

5 Stars Simply PERFECT!

Laura from IN wrote (March 01, 2015):

Our 9ft ramp is perfect in helping me transport my husband, in his wheelchair, when we need to go out. This portable ramp folds nicely and stores easily. We've had the ramp for 2 months and have to say, it's been the best purchase we've made in a very long time. Discount Ramps also has an awesome Sales/Customer Service team. I had lots of questions before my purchase and found the most helpful and pleasant woman to answer them.

5 Stars Ramp Review

Kaleel Rahaim from MS wrote (February 19, 2015):

My wife has ALS and the new ramp expands her mobility. It was well made, economical and easy to install and take down. If I have future needs, DiscountRamps will be the first web site that I visit.

5 Stars These ramps are great

Candy from IN wrote (February 02, 2015):

I have MS and have trouble getting out of my house. My husband set up this ramp in less than 5 minutes. He was impressed with how light the ramp was. We can now take it to our kids houses so I can go.visit them. Iq would purchase this ramp again.

5 Stars Good quality ramp

Frank from TX wrote (January 28, 2015):

I got the 8 foot ramp for loading my wife's scooter into our truck when we go on outings. This is a quality ramp and is very easy to set up and use.

5 Stars Easy to use and stable

Bob from NC wrote (January 19, 2015):

Bought this for a wheelchair bound family member who is visiting our non-handicap friendly home. It has worked perfectly for us light, yet durable and stable on the steps and easy to set up and take down. Great product for a situation like ours.


Robert H. Dunn, 111 from VA wrote (January 17, 2015):

My ageing father was some difficult getting down the 6" step with his walker, from his porch to the walk-way and I need to find the right ramp for him. I looked at all those available, this one did the job and then some. It is everything you said it would be. Many of us have parents living in older homes and surfaces change over the years. The walk way is slate, not very flat. Had I bought the ramp that was ridged, which I thought would be the safest, it would not have done the job I needed. It is strong and light wieght easy to carry if needed. Check your surfaces be for you buy. I believe this one will suit any job. As for Discount Ramps service, I ordered the ramp on Saturday 1-10-15 and by Thursday 1-15-15 it was at my house. Now that's service, I should know, I'm a truck driver. By Friday morning dad was walking up and down his ramp having a ball. Thanks Discount Ramps. RD

5 Stars Met expectations

george from FL wrote (January 14, 2015):

Needed a wheel chair ramp for my wife to enter and exit the house, and this really fit the bill, lightweight, strong,easy to get in place, and most of all, very well priced. Thanks to you folks for meeting my expectations

5 Stars Great quality and value

Joel B. from WI wrote (January 14, 2015):

Lightweight, high strength aluminum with anti-slip surface. Couldn't be better. I highly recommend these ramps. I purchased two of them and would do so again in a heartbeat. Buying them cost the same as one months rental from medical supply house.

5 Stars Portable 10

Sheri from CO wrote (January 14, 2015):

We bought this ramp for my boyfriend after an accident that left him in a wheelchair until he recovers from his injuries. It has worked very well for us to get from the house to the garage and vice versa. It is a very durable ramp that serves our needs very well.

5 Stars Great Ramp/ Even better price

Ron from WA wrote (January 08, 2015):

Installed within 5 minutes of opening the box. Works great additionally the best pricing I could find anywhere. Well done.

5 Stars Great product which meet our need perfectly

Michael from NC wrote (December 30, 2014):

Our church group purchased this ramp for one of our youth members recovering from a motorcycle accident. We bought the 8ft ramp to bridge to porch steps and the ground. It was amazingly light enough to carry and easy to install. Plus, we will be able to reuse in ministry to meet another's need once this need is complete. Very durable and solid construction. Price was competitive.

5 Stars great product/great price

Deborah from MI wrote (December 29, 2014):

I ordered on the 9th of December and received it on the 15th. I ordered this because my husband had a stroke and I wanted something that could be put away when we didn't need it. I used it when I took my husband to our nieces for Christmas eve and I had no problems putting it up and taking it down. Very easy and not that heavy. fits perfectly in my car and I can even put in the wheel chair with out taking up all the room in our traverse. I'm glad I decided to get the portable one. I use it in the garage and that way no one knows there is a handicapped person in the home. The way people are today, you have to be very careful. Hopefully my husband won't need this long term and if he doesn't I will loan it out to anyone who may need a portable ramp. Good product, reasonable price and the customer service very helpful and very pleasant to talk to.

5 Stars 10-foot ramps

Chris from CA wrote (December 28, 2014):

It works great for my mother-in-law when she visits us who uses a walker but will eventually be using a wheelchair. On the days she isn't using it, my grandkids use it as a ramp for their scooters.

5 Stars Awesome Ramp

Ray Cash from AR wrote (December 25, 2014):

This 6 foot ramp opens up new possibilities! It stores compactly and is light weight so we can take it with us. I plan to buy another longer one for a different area.

5 Stars Works well for me!

Sandy from CA wrote (December 24, 2014):

This ramp makes it so much easier to use my electric scooter! I bought the ramp when I was planning to visit colleges with my son. All of the college tours are "walking" tours, and the ramp made it possible for me to bring my scooter on the trip and do the tours with my son. It was easy for him to unfold and set up, then refold and load back into the van. Our trip was only 4 days long but the ramp was so easy to use that he got to be very fast and efficient -- the ramp is really easy to set up. Now I can look forward to going to museums again!

5 Stars 8' folding ramp

David Thornton from MI wrote (December 18, 2014):

Brother in wheelchair. Ramp needed for him to access our house. Purchased the 6' ramp, step was too wide to accommodate. Returned and ordered the 8' ramp. Exchanged ramp works well. Discount Ramps was very easy to work with, service after the sale was stellar. Would highly recommend this company for any similar needs and quality of product exceptional.

5 Stars Happy I made the purchases

Maria - from NY wrote (December 13, 2014):

I purchased this product for when my sister (paraplegic ) visits. I always had to be sure there were people at my house to pick up wheelchair to bring her into the house. With the ramp, i just open it up and place it on the top step and push her up. My sister's comments "that's a beautiful ramp". This ramp has given her the freedom to visit whenever she chooses! Highly recommend.

5 Stars Just what I needed

Derek Jarvis from MA wrote (December 07, 2014):

My wife is wheel-chair bound, and I needed an inexpensive and easy way to get her chair over steps leading into the house. This lightweight ramp meets all my expectations. I was also very pleased with the quick service . . . it was delivered within a few days.

5 Stars Great Ramp For My Art Show Business

Drake from MI wrote (December 03, 2014):

This ramp will work great for getting the boxes (on wheels) of my framed photographs, into the back of my 3/4 ton pick up. The tailgate on this truck is very high, and I can now safely roll them into the back of my truck for transport to the shows.

5 Stars Better than renting!

Sandy from IL wrote (December 03, 2014):

I've been renting a wheelchair ramp when my Mom comes to visit, but decided it was worth purchasing this one outright when I compared costs. I like the fact that it comes apart for transporting. It seems sturdy and well-made. I thought the assembly instruction sheet was a little confusing, but the on-line video was very helpful. I was amazed that I ordered it on Monday and it arrived the very next day, and shipping was free!

5 Stars Wheel Chair Ramp

Fred from NY wrote (November 30, 2014):

I purchase a 10' wheel chair ramp for access to my house for guests and family. The ramp was well received and functioned as advertised. well worth the investment.

5 Stars Great ramp

Nonie from WY wrote (November 21, 2014):

I am a 67 year old caretaker and I find the ramps very easy to carry and put together. They have made my (our) life a little easier.

5 Stars Good Product

Kelly Reed from NJ wrote (November 19, 2014):

Purchased this ramp for our hearing aid center. Like the fact that it folds up and can stay in a corner until we need it. Not too heavy and goes in to place very well.

5 Stars Wheelchair ramp review WCMF-5

Garland from NC wrote (November 15, 2014):

Liked the video demo. When ramps arrived, there were zero surprises. Very functional and easy to set up.

5 Stars very useful

Damian from KY wrote (November 14, 2014):

Great product! Would recommend highly. Awesome! Stupendous!

5 Stars wheel chair ramp

Carl Johnsson from TX wrote (November 14, 2014):

We like the ramp so far will know more later after using it.

5 Stars Great set of Ramps

Doug from TN wrote (November 06, 2014):

We purchased the ramps for our delivery van and they are working great they are just the right size to store in van and when we need them we have them. Thanks for a great product

5 Stars Wheel Chair ramp suitcase style

Joseph from NJ wrote (October 27, 2014):

First I would like to thank James in your customer service/sales department. He was very helpful in figuring out what size ramp I needed. The ramp arrived 3 days after I ordered as promised. The instructions that came with the ramp were very clear and the ramp performed just as it should.I also purchased a wheel chair cover which I am very happy with.

5 Stars Excellent engineering.

Rik from IN wrote (October 26, 2014):

The description for this ramp on the sales web page appeared to be what I was looking for. After receiving the product, much sooner than promised, I was not disappointed. The quality of the manufacturing and the way in which it is engineered, is perfect for my temporary needs. After our immediate needs, it stores efficiently until needed again. It is something my entire family can utilize at one time or another. It is sometimes worrisome ordering from a company online, but I want to thank you for your honesty, not only in your description, but what is actually delivered.

5 Stars Great product and service

James Crull from TN wrote (October 16, 2014):

Just recieved my ramp, works wonderful, gives much more freedom. What I really love is the fact I ordered on Sunday and recieved it Wednesday and no shipping charge. Great company to deal with kept me informed thru whole process.

5 Stars Lightweight, sturdy and economical

Michael from MI wrote (October 11, 2014):

What a wonderful product. My wife who has MS along with a spinal disease, could no longer handle the couple of steps down into our garage. I was about to build my own ramp, but knew there would be problems with it getting in the way. I wasn't aware there were portable ramps available, until I ran across the Discount Ramps website. The ramp I purchased is very easy to set up and take down. Being so lightweight, it is easy to fold up and store out of the way. I was also happy to see it is made in the U.S. It's getting hard to find economical products that aren't foreign made. I saw several other products on the website that we could use in the future, and will turn to Discount Ramps for them.

5 Stars Portable Ramps WCMF10

Tony from OH wrote (October 09, 2014):

Lightweight and sturdy and easy to transport. This is being used to load equipment into the back of a pick-up. This product will be used extensively and appears it will be able to handle the job nicely for a good price.

4 Stars Multiple Uses and sturdy.

Cindy from CO wrote (September 19, 2014):

Besides wheelchair use, we're using this ramp to move small quantities of items down three stairs. Using this ramp for moving dollies and carts with product boxes. Anything with wheels easily goes down this sturdy ramp.

5 Stars Sturdy, Economical, Easy to Set Up

Pat from NJ wrote (September 14, 2014):

My husband can't get down the steps to our home any more. He is 89, and our house is not accessible. I couldn't get him out of the house. With the new ramp, I can get him in a wheelchair, push him down the ramp, over to the car, and take him wherever we need to go.

5 Stars Great Portable Ramp

Paul from ME wrote (June 13, 2014):

Thanks to James of Discount Ramps for suggesting this ramp. It was easy to use, right out of the box. Take it out, open it up, drill two holes for the securing pins, you're done. It folds up into an easy-to-store unit; the handle makes carrying it a breeze. Nice price, too.

5 Stars Wheelchair ramp for grandma

Thomas Kraus from NC wrote (April 11, 2014):

We needed to get a wheelchair ramp for grandma to allow her to visit her grandchildren. We found and we had a great experience. It was the best price we could find, ordering was easy, it got here quickly, and worked as advertised. Can't tell you about the customer service since everything happened as expected so there was no need to contact them. As grandma gets older and new products may be needed to help with her mobility I'll be heading to first.

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CL-WCMF-7 Silver Spring Portable Multi-Folding Scooter & Wheelchair Ramp - 7'
Save $52.00
CL-WCMF-8 Silver Spring Portable Multi-Folding Scooter & Wheelchair Ramp - 8'
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CL-WCMF-12 Silver Spring Portable Multi-Folding Scooter & Wheelchair Ramp - 12'
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