Black Ice Snowmobile Dolly Set

  • Manufactured from durable, powder-coated steel
  • 1,500 lbs. weight capacity per set
  • Three special purpose dollies - 1 for track and 2 for skis
  • Swivel casters for effortless moving
  • Security straps included
  • For use with single and double carbide runner skis

Easily move your snowmobile around your shop or garage with the Black ice snowmobile dolly set. Each set includes 1 track dolly and 2 ski dollies. Each dolly has 4 durable swivel wheel casters. Straps to secure snowmobile to dolly included.

1,500 lbs.
12 lbs.

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5 Stars Snowmobile manufacture uses them why not you??

Randy from MN wrote (April 12, 2016):

These Black Ice snowmobile dollies are a lifesaver. I work for the training department of one of the big four snowmobile manufactures and during a given month we can move 15 snowmobiles or more four times a month in our warehouse getting ready for training courses. In the past we used the old snowmobile shop dolly with the two inflatable tires to move things around, but as snowmobiles designs have changed to more unique body styles the old shop dolly hasn�t changed making it less effective and more of a pain to move machines around. Now with the Black Ice snowmobile dollies we just leave the dolly sets under the snowmobiles and move them around the training lab or back into the warehouse between training classes. These dollies have allow for tighter storage next to other snowmobiles, one man movement of the training fleet if need be and has saved us at minimum 1hr training lab set-up between classes not to mention saving on the old back. At $40 this is a no brainer investment there heavy duty constructed, easy to assemble, super-fast delivery and best of all they fit every snowmobile we offer.


Rich from NY wrote (March 29, 2016):

Dollies are exactly as advertised.. Speedy delivery.

5 Stars Dollies

Kyle from WI wrote (January 20, 2016):

Love it! The wheels roll nice and good quality metal.

5 Stars Black Ice snowmobile dollys

Eric from PA wrote (October 07, 2015):

These ramps are amazing! Exactly as advertised. Makes moving your sled around the garage a breeze!

5 Stars Black Ice Snowmobile Dolly Set !! They are PERFECT

Kyle from CO wrote (May 28, 2015):

So here's the story. My wife has been on my back because my sled is in the garage for the summer and the garbage cans, lawn mower etc are blocked in by it. I kept having to get off the sofa and go out there and move the sled over so she could get the lawn mower out to get the yard done before dinner. I said to myself. Self, if only there was a way she could move it by herself and my buddies and I could continue watching the game it would be amazing ! SO, After a little research, I came across WWW.DISCOUNTRAMPS.COM ! I bought these casters and problem solved ! They are super well made and are super simple to assemble and install. It allows you to move your sled effortlessly. I would totally recommend this product to anyone looking to buy a set of snowmobile dollies!!! ......................... On a serious note................ I'm really joking about making my wife get out there and do the yard while i'm inside with my friends watching the game.

4 Stars Problem Solved

Gregg from WI wrote (April 24, 2015):

I was wondering how I would move my sled around my garage in the off season(studded track). Discount Ramps has an unbelievable inventory and I stumbled across these. They work perfectly with the heavy duty rollers. The front strap system is a little funky but other than that they are perfect.

5 Stars Great price, arrived next day

Scott from MA wrote (April 10, 2015):

Could not believe how fast I received them. Only recommendation would be to offer with stainless hardware

5 Stars Dependable set of dollies

Vic from PA wrote (March 27, 2015):

This is the second set of dollies I purchased for my other snowmobile. It is very easy to move around the garage. Nice price as well.

5 Stars Awesome set of snowmobile dollies

Dave from OH wrote (March 20, 2015):

I purchased these dollies after searching all over the web and they are exactly as described. They are made sturdy and very easy to assemble. Makes moving your sled a breeze especially for one person. I'm very satisfied with my purchase, the shipping was great too, they arrived 2 days after I ordered them. Very happy with discount ramps and their product.

5 Stars Awesome set of snowmobile dollies

Dave from OH wrote (March 19, 2015):

Very pleased with the product. Very sturdy construction and easy to assemble and install. If you have a snowmobile you won't be disappointed with this purchase. Makes moving and storing a snap. A great value for the price and very fast to ship.

5 Stars Dolly

Tim from NY wrote (March 17, 2015):

This three piece set was a great purchase for the money. Great construction. Moves the snowmobile with ease. Fast delivery.

5 Stars snowmobile dollies

john from NJ wrote (March 12, 2015):

checked all around and found your product the best for the money and quality

5 Stars Love the Dolly Set for the snowmobile

Randall from IA wrote (February 28, 2015):

We shopped for a heavy duty dolly for our snowmobile. You delivered! They make moving the snowmobile a breeze!

5 Stars Black Ice Snowmobile Dolly Set

David from MI wrote (February 11, 2015):

Easy to assemble and work great. Was impressed how quick they came.

5 Stars Nice Dollies

Scott from ID wrote (January 09, 2015):

Good pricing

5 Stars Nice set of dollies

Mary from WI wrote (January 01, 2015):

These dollies are much better than ones I have seen locally. The ski dollies have sides so they stay put under the skis and the straps help hold them in place. The wheels swivel making it easy to move the sled around.

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