Raider SP-320 5/8" Snowmobile Trailer Kit

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  • Everything you need to secure the front of your sled
  • Deluxe, heavy duty tie down bar holds the skis tightly
  • Soft, vinyl ski protectors prevent damage
  • Steel crank plate included

Raider introduces a new Snowmobile Trailer Kit. Our top quality snowmobile accessories are now available in full kits.

Why purchase just a tie down bar when you can get everything you need with this snowmobile trailering kit from Raider. A deluxe, heavy duty steel tie down bar holds your sled securely. Damage to the skis is prevented with the included set of soft vinyl ski protectors. Finally, every snowmobile trailering kit comes with 1/2" deluxe tie down bolts, which tighten into the included steel crank plate.

With 5/8" Tie Down Bolt
3' 11"
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