PVI Aluminum Solid Threshold Ramp - 800 lb Capacity


When you need a more permanent ramp for wheelchairs and scooters, this one-piece aluminum wheelchair ramp by Prairie View Industries is a great solution that can be used inside or outdoors. The highly stable one-piece mobility ramp comes in many lengths and widths and supports up to 800 lbs.

  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminum
  • 800 lb. weight capacity
  • Multiple sizes and custom widths available
  • 2-3/4" full width attaching lip with 2" stopper plate
  • Anti-slip grip-tape surface for enhanced traction
  • Includes hardware for mounting permanently and a safety DVD
Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA
Item # Length Width Maximum Rise Weight Status Price Quantity
SL330 3' 30" 6" 15 lbs.
SL336 3' 36" 6" 18 lbs.
SL430 4' 30" 8" 20 lbs.
SL436 4' 36" 8" 23 lbs.
SL530 5' 30" 10" 25 lbs.
SL536 5' 36" 10" 30 lbs.

This wheelchair ramp is an excellent choice when a more permanent ramp is desired. Its one-piece design makes it ideal for wheelchairs and scooters with three wheels, and no assembly is required to use it. This ramp is manufactured from aluminum and has a solid slip-resistant surface and a 2-3/4" full width attaching lip with 2" stopper plate. The 800-lb capacity solid ramp is available in three lengths and two widths. Custom widths are also available. Each ramp is covered by a lifetime warranty.

SL330, SL430, SL530: 30" / SL336, SL436, SL536: 36"
800 lbs.

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5 Stars customer service

Ron S. from PA wrote (May 07, 2016):

Shawn, was a delight to work with today and helping me select the SL 430 and to take the order over the phone. I have purchased two other ramps from discount ramps.com one was a 6 foot ramp with railings on both sides aluminum I purchased this approximately 11 years ago it is still holding up great. I also purchased a 4 foot suitcase ramp at the same time it has been great and is still being used. I can't wait to get my new SL 430 as I'm going to use it to adapt my pontoon boat to allow me to get on the boat with my wheelchair. Thank you again Shawn.


MARIA from CT wrote (April 23, 2015):


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