Steel Sprinter Van Roof Rack

Vantech offers durable steel roof racks for high or low top sprinter vans. The 2 or 3 bar systems fit sprinter vans from 2002-2006 and don't require drilling during installation.

Item # Description Weight
Capacity Per Bar Color Status Price Quantity
H2150 Sprinter Low Top | 2 bar system 500 lbs. 250 lbs
H2154 Sprinter Low Top | 3 bar system 750 lbs. 250 lbs
H2152 Sprinter High Top | 2 bar system 500 lbs. 250 lbs
H2156 Sprinter High Top | 3 bar system 750 lbs. 250 lbs


The H1 steel Sprinter rack from Vantech offers an extra place to store ladders and other lengthy equipment onto the roof of high or low top Sprinter vans. Rectangular 2" x 1" cross bars can carry up to 250 lbs per bar. Plastic guards protect the tops of the 14 gauge bars during loading and unloading. The heavy duty cross bars are supported by welded mounting brackets and upright posts. Mounting uprights are galvanized before a final protective powder coat is applied. The 11 gauge drip rail clamps keep the mounting bases in place, allowing the steel system to be installed without drilling. Once assembled, the low top models are 16-1/2" tall while the high top designs are 22-1/2" tall. A 5" ladder stopper comes with the system to prevent ladders from sliding forward during transport while a 5-1/2" ladder guide is also included as an extra bungee or tie-down point. The ladder guide and stoppers are adjusted by easy turn knobs to quickly adjust or remove from the van roof rack system. Ladder guides, stoppers, and drip rail clamps are all rubber dipped to reduce noise made during transport. Each mounting base has two eyehooks for additional tie down points. A Velcro strap is also included to help keep ladders up to 75 lbs in place.

1" W x 2" H

Product Features

  • Available as 2 or 3 bar systems
  • Models available for high or low top sprinters
  • Heavy duty 2" x 1" rectangular cross bars
  • Galvanized mounting uprights
  • Protective cross bar guards
  • Black and white powder coating to protect against the weather
  • Rubber dipped drip rail clamps to reduce noise
  • Galvanized and rubber dipped ladder guide
  • Galvanized and rubber dipped ladder stopper
  • Protective rubber caps on mounting uprights for wind reduction
  • Easy turn knobs for quick adjustment and removal of ladder guides
  • 4" x 1" eyehook tie-down points per mounting base
  • Velcro strap for securing ladders up to 75 lbs
  • No drilling required


Low Top Instructions
High Top Instructions

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