36" Steel Ramp Attaching Bracket

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  • Includes a steel attaching bracket and pin
  • Measures 36" L x 2" W
  • Safest and most secure method of attaching a trailer to a dock
  • For use with pin-on end ramps only
  • Welds onto a truck, trailer, or dock

These heavy-duty ramp attaching brackets are designed to secure pin-end loading ramps directly to a truck, dock, or trailer deck for optimal safety and security. By pinning loading ramp tubes in the skid seat channel, ramps will stay fixed to a trailer deck or dock and won’t slip off while heavy equipment is being loaded. These brackets allow you to quick set up and take down your ramps, as well as quickly swap between ramp sizes. Consider purchasing brackets wider than your ramps so you can slide the ramps in or out to accommodate different vehicles. Steel brackets must be welded at the top and bottom of brackets.

36" Steel
14 lbs.
It is recommended that you purchase brackets that are wider than your ramps. Steel brackets must be welded at the top and bottom of brackets to trailer / loading dock before ramps are used.
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