23,500 lb. Step Deck Trailer Load Levelers and Ramp Kit for 20" H Step Decks

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum - no component weighs more than 94 lbs.
  • 23,500 lb. per axle weight capacity
  • All kits include: ramps, stands, stakes, and clips
  • Master kit also includes: lockable bolt-on ramp hanger brackets, lockable bolt-on stand hanger brackets, ramp attaching brackets, one pair of ramp wedges, and one dolly
  • High-traction ramp surface works in all weather conditions
  • Load levelers fit trailers 97" to 98" W (measured from inside of stake pockets)
  • Specifically manufactured for 20" H step deck trailers
Item # Description Length Width Height Weight Availability Price  
23-20-096-02-02-MLL-2 2 Bunk Load Leveler 8' 20" 5" 242 lbs.
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23-20-192-02-02-MLL-2 2 Bunk Load Leveler 16' 20" 5" 506 lbs.
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23-20-192-02-02-MLL-4 4 Bunk Load Leveler 16' 20" 5" 560 lbs.
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23-20-192-02-02-MLL-4-KIT 4 Bunk Load Leveler Master Kit 16' 20" 5" 759 lbs.
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Affordable, lightweight, and safe, this innovative ramp system converts to load levelers to maximize step deck trailer hauling capabilities. Ramps have a 23,500 lb. per axle weight capacity for handling heavy equipment loading with ease.This convenient system is an essential tool for 102” wide drop deck trailers with an 20” upper step drop. Adjustable stakes ensure the load levelers will fit all 102” wide step deck trailers (97 to 98" W measured from inside of stake pockets) without any modifications.

The safest system on the market, these ramps are easily converted to load levelers by turning them on their side and inserting them into the adjustable stakes which fit into the truck’s stake pockets. To install simply slide the pin end of the ramps into the stake pockets, chain them down with load binders and you’ve created a high-weight capacity loading system for your long loads. For maximum safety, each step deck kit includes three lumber clips and two stake pocket inserts per load leveler. Do not use load levelers without lumber in order to protect the ramps and to ensure a level load.

Choose from our variety of kit options to find the step deck system perfect for your situation. The smallest kit (two 8’ long ramps) offers two ramps, stake pocket supports and lumber securing clips. Our 16’ long system includes four 8’ long ramps, two adjustable support stands, stake pocket supports and lumber clips. The master step deck load leveler ramp kit includes our lightweight ramps which convert to load levelers, skid seats to attach the ramps with a secure grip to the trailer, three lumber clips and two stake pocket inserts per load leveler, and hangers for storing the ramps under the deck of the trailer during transport. The modular design of these step deck systems allows you to add on components when necessary, and gives you the ability to easily replace pieces as needed. Browse our variety of step deck products for step deck add-ons and other accessories.

23,500 lbs. per axle
Rated at 23,500 lbs. per axle; Never exceed the maximum axle capacity of this ramp system; Not recommended for trucks with mounted cranes, forklifts, steel track vehicles.

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