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Protect your vehicles and equipment from inclement weather, UV damage, pollen and tree sap with a carport that’s built to last. These durable steel carports can be installed in days and cost less than a traditional garage, making them an affordable vehicle storage solution for any home or business. We have multiple sizes available; browse our selection below to easily find a carport to suit your needs.

Carport vs Garage?

Both are great protective storage options for your vehicles; however, you might find that a carport is better suited to your needs for several reasons:

  • Affordability. Carports are lower in cost as they don't require as much material or skilled labor.
  • Relocation. If you move or your storage requirements change, you can remove the anchor bolts and transport your carport to a new location.
  • Lower maintenance. The metal construction of most carports means they are resistant to rot, mold and mildew.
  • Easier assembly and installation. Carports are built with only a few components and can be put up in as little as two days with the help of a few friends.
  • Aesthetics. Carports tend to be more streamlined than garages; open side models offer more line-of-sight and won't block as much of the view.
  • Less red tape. Carports are often exempt from the strict codes that garages have to follow. Every situation is unique, so take time to review what codes apply to your space before you invest in a vehicle storage option.

Why Should I Anchor My Carport?

To ensure that you order the correct size ramp, it is important to measure the following:

  • Better stability. The frame will be less likely to shift and move, so its strength remains uncompromised.
  • Less potential damage. In case of high winds, your carport could move and cause damage to you, your property, and nearby vehicles.
  • There is an anchor solution to fit your needs. If you know you'll be moving your carport in the near future, there are several anchor kits solutions on the market designed to be temporary and removable.