Tie-Down Fleece Sleeve Kit

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  • For use on anything of value to protect from vibration marks and scratches, and extend the life of tie-down straps
  • Fits over straps up to 4" wide
  • Soft fleece construction with Velcro
  • 11-1/2" long
  • Includes four sleeves

Protect your motorcycle, ATV, truck, trailer, and other valuables from vibration marks and scratches due to tie-down strap movement with the Tie-Down Fleece Sleeve Kit. The strap sleeves fit over any tie-down straps up to 4" wide to provide a soft cover at contact points. Each kit includes four sleeves.

The Tie-Down Fleece Sleeve Kit includes four 11-1/2" long fleece sleeves designed to protect your valuables from vibration marks and scratches from tie-down straps during transportation. The soft fleece sleeves lock shut with Velcro, and can fit over any tie-down strap up to 4" wide. Place the strap fleece sleeves where tie-down straps would otherwise make contact with your vehicle or cargo, such as corners, to prevent the strap from wearing away paint and to prolong the life of the strap. The tie-down sleeve kit works with ratchet straps, cam-buckle straps, rope ties, seatbelts, and any other type of strap up to 4" wide.

0.5 lbs.
1 or 2 Straps
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