EZ-Access Aluminum Suitcase Single Fold Wheelchair Ramp - 800 lb Capacity


Gain instant access up stairs, in vehicles or on raised landings with the suitcase wheelchair ramp from EZ-Access. Manufactured from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and weighing no more than 30 lbs, carry this wheelchair ramp like a suitcase wherever you go. The self-adjusting transition plate provides solid footing, and the skid-resistant surface grips your wheels for excellent traction. The suitcase wheelchair ramp has an 800 lb weight capacity and is available in lengths up to 6'.

  • Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum
  • Carry ramp like a suitcase with handles
  • 800 lb weight capacity
  • Self-adjusting ramp feet
  • Skid-resistant traction surface
  • Available in 2' to 6' lengths
Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA
Item # Length Width Maximum Rise Folded Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Weight Status Price Quantity
SUITCASE-AS2 2' 30" 4" 24" x 15" x 4-1/2" 12 lbs., 6 lbs. per section
SUITCASE-AS3 3' 30" 6" 36" x 15" x 4-1/2" 16 lbs., 8 lbs. per section
SUITCASE-AS4 4' 30" 8" 48" x 15" x 4-1/2" 20 lbs., 10 lbs. per section
SUITCASE-AS5 5' 30" 10" 60" x 15" x 4-1/2" 26 lbs., 13 lbs. per section
SUITCASE-AS6 6' 30" 12" 72" x 15" x 4-1/2" 30 lbs., 15 lbs. per section


These lightweight suitcase style ramps are convenient and simple to use. The Advantage Series ramps are available in 2-6 foot lengths and feature handles which makes the ramp easy to carry and store. Each ramp also features pivoting lower plates for a smooth transition!


The suitcase wheelchair ramp offers a simple and convenient solution for mobility access up stairs, in vehicles, or on raised landings. The wheelchair ramps are manufactured from a lightweight, durable aircraft-grade aluminum which won't rust! The surface of the ramp features an applied skid-resistant tape, while the foot of the ramp features a self-adjusting transition plate to provide a solid footing. The suitcase ramps separate by removing two hinge pins. Each section features a carrying handle which allows the ramps to be carried like a suitcase. The ramps have a 800 lb weight capacity and weigh no more than 30 lbs Available in 2-6 foot lengths.

800 lbs.

Product Features

  • Lightweight aircraft aluminum construction
  • Skid-resistant traction surface
  • Self-adjusting bottom transition plate
  • Handles on ramp sections allow for carrying like a suitcase
  • 800 lb weight capacity
  • 5 different lengths to choose from
  • SUITCASE-AS2: Curbs, 1 Step
  • SUITCASE-AS3: Curbs, 1 Step
  • SUITCASE-AS: Curbs, 1-2 Steps
  • SUITCASE-AS5: Curbs, 1-2 Steps, Some Minivans
  • SUITCASE-AS6: Curbs, 1-3 Steps, Some Minivans


Instruction Manual


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Review Summary (Based on 8 Reviews)


4 Stars Wheelchair ramps

Karynn from CT wrote (January 27, 2017):

I am pleased with this purchase though care must be made not to scratch surface of ramps.

5 Stars good deal in Scratch and Dent Store

James from OR wrote (November 07, 2016):

I found a good deal on the Suitcase Folding Wheelchair Ramp, 6' X 29.5", 800 lb. weight capacity, in DiscountRamps.com's Scratch and Dent Store. It was delivered in five days and it looks like new to me so I'm very pleased. I'll use this for loading a generator into my pickup, but also for loading our two old yellow labs who can't jump any more and need this long, wide ramp when they join us for road trips. I highly recommend the Sale section of this website.

5 Stars 3' Ramp for back door

Julie from CA wrote (August 30, 2016):

Until we finish the landscape of the back yard and reinstall a new patio, there is a 6" step outside the sliding glass door. For either my wheelchair or power scooter, an impossible impasse. We wanted an easily removable solution and this ramp fit the bill nicely! As the ground outside is not level and we needed to rest on the threshold of the door properly, this ramp with both its long top and bottom transitions, fit the bill. The soft handles and light weight maneuverability help make this a real "standout" of a ramp.

5 Stars Suitcase ramp

Ramona from CO wrote (June 08, 2016):

I purchased a 5' long suitcase ramp in May 2016 to use for my son's transport chair into and out of the entrance of our home.. I could not have been more please with this product. It is exactly what we needed . Easy to set up and take down when needed and easily stored near the door. Thank you for providing this convenient equipment at a very reasonable price.

5 Stars Best ramp to own.

Cheryl from RI wrote (May 12, 2016):

I can't say enough good about this ramp. The moment we opened the box, we knew this was going to be a great asset. Its lightweight enough for anyone to handle. The ease of unfolding it to use is so simple and easy. I highly recommend this ramp.

5 Stars suitcase ramp forefoot

Ron S. from PA wrote (May 07, 2016):

I purchased my suitcase ramp from discount ramps.com back in 2005 it is still going strong today. I actually permanently attached it to a step and it is used every day.

5 Stars 24" Ramp

Robyn from KY wrote (April 28, 2016):

I ordered 3 of these ramps on a Tuesday evening around 7:00 PM. I received them on Thursday afternoon. Shipping was free. The ramps are solid construction and the price was great. I am very pleased with the products and the company.

5 Stars Ramp

Monica from OH wrote (January 14, 2015):

great ramp. My husband has ms and is in a power wheel chair. It works great. Can't wait to use it this summer to see how it works at a lake house. Two steps there. The only thing is it is heavy for me but I do what I have to do for him. I thought I had bought one that folds alittle more ... But oh well. Thanks for the fast service!

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