Motorcycle Tie-Down L-Track & Anchor Kit

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  • Mounts to inside of trailer or truck bed for custom, adjustable tie down points
  • Includes four 3' aluminum tracks and four tie down anchor fittings
  • Spring-loaded anchors easily snap into the track at various positions
  • 2,000 lbs. working load per rail

Create a custom tie down system for your pickup truck bed, van, or trailer with this 8-piece system. Four 3' long aluminum alloy rails mount to a bed rail, wall, or floor, and the four spring-loaded anchors quickly snap in place anywhere along the rail. This tie down system works great when no anchor points are available, they are covered up, or rusted away. It also lets you tie down cargo at a higher level for greater stability.

Our aluminum load track and fitting truck bed package is the ultimate tie down system for your pick up truck bed, van or trailer. These 3 foot long aluminum alloy extrusion rails are designed to mount on the inside of your pick up truck bed rails, trailer walls or floor. The kit includes 4 of the 3 foot long tie down rails to fit in a 6 foot or 8 foot pick up truck bed or on the wall or floor of your trailer. The kit also includes 4 tie down anchors with stud rings that can be mounted anywhere along the 3 foot long rails & a 1 Year Warranty.

The 4 included tie down anchor stud rings are designed for secure attachment of straps, hardware or nets. The anchor stud rings are easily inserted and removed in seconds by lifting the spring loaded retainer on the stud fitting. The stud anchors are made of high alloy forged steel with stainless steel rings. This system offers a major advantage when tying down cargo because the straps are higher than the factory floor mounted anchor points for greater stability of your cargo load and they also allow you to adjust the mounting point to anywhere along the truck or trailer bed. These systems also work great when no floor mounted tuck bed anchor points are available, they are covered up or are rusted away. This kit is the perfect solution for securing just about anything you need to haul. Used in conjunction with floor mount securing points offers the greatest stability available even when hauling off road or in rough conditions.

6,000 lbs.
2,000 lbs.
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