Heavy Duty Aluminum Pin-On End Truck Trailer Ramps - 8,000, 10,000 & 12,000 lb per axle Capacities

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  • Strongest, yet lightest ramps on the market
  • Pin-on ends prevent kickout for maximum safety
  • Wide plate-style serrated cross bars provide maximum traction in the rain, mud or snow
  • Super lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • Easily loads cars, trucks, skid loaders, tractors and other heavy machinery
Item # Length Width Height Weight Maximum Capacity Minimum
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10-14-090-02-S 7' 6" 14" 4-1/4" 47 lbs. 10,000 lbs. per axle 24" 36"
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08-16-168-02 14' 16" 4-1/4" 96 lbs. 8,000 lbs. per axle 36" 42"
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12-16-168-02 14' 16" 6-1/4" 115 lbs. 12,000 lbs. per axle 36" 42"
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Load almost any wheeled vehicle onto a trailer safely with these heavy duty trailer loading ramps. The ramps feature a pin-on connecting system, with 20,000 lb rated tubes that get pinned to a skid seat attaching bracket, creating a secure hold. Manufactured from lightweight aircraft aluminum and able to support 8,000 to 12,000 lbs per axle, these ramps are the strongest, lightest ramps on the market. Great on any kind of trailer, these ramps work in almost any loading or unloading situation.

These heavy duty trailer loading ramps are engineered to eliminate the risk of ramp kickout, making them the safest ramps for loading cars, trucks, and wheeled equipment into almost any trailer. The trailer loading ramp attaching ends are pin on style, which allows for a skid seat pin to be placed through the attaching end for a solid and secure hold to the trailer. This eliminates the danger of ramp kick out. Skid seat attaching brackets, required for use, are available in aluminum and steel models which can be bolted or welded to your trailer. Available in 7 1/2,' 8,' and 14' lengths, these heavy duty loading ramps have capacities ranging from 8,000 lbs all the way up to 12,000 lbs. Large serrated cross bars provide maximum traction for vehicles and equipment, even when tires are wet or muddy. Tapered, " knife foot" ends create a solid base for the ramps as well as a smooth transition from ground to trailer ramp. Manufactured from lightweight aircraft aluminum, these super lightweight trailer loading ramps are easy to setup and won't rust. Storage is easy too, as the loading ramps have a low profile design, allowing them to be slid into storage brackets under the truck or trailer. These ramps are also available with hook ends

Never exceed the maximum axle capacity of this ramp system. The best way to determine your vehicles axle weight is to drive the heaviest axle of the vehicle on a scale. Normally the front end of the vehicle has the heaviest axle weight because of the engine.
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