Toy Loader Truck Bed Winch Mount


The Toy Loader is a unique Patent Pending product 100% MADE IN THE USA! A compact, unobtrusive design. Universal auto loading system for pickups and utility trailers, load ATV's, motorcycles, (motorcycle loading requires operator assistance in loading, balancing bike and the use of a wireless remote) lawn/garden equipment, golf carts, snow blowers, etc. Great for UTV owners (specifically the ones with pickup type beds), hunters loading Game and for use around farm/ranch. The Toy Loader is also adjustable, width adjustable from 70" to 32" and any increment in between. The Toy Loader also serves as a reinforced anchoring device and/or winch mount. The Full System comes with a WARN 2000DC Winch. The Toy Loader is available with or without WARN Winch. Easily installs/removes in minutes, center winch mount removes in seconds for safe storage. Highest quality construction and components made with light weight 5052 and high tech 6061 T6 aerospace, black powder coated aluminum. Product available with or without WARN Winch.

  • Universal design mounts inside most trucks' bedrail or on top of the bedrail cap
  • Military-grade aluminum construction with black powder-coat finish and stainless steel hardware
  • Serves as anchoring device for heavy items in the truck bed and prevents ATVs from hitting the truck's back window
  • Toyloader-LD accommodates most ATV/compact winches with 2, 3, or 4 bolt mounting base
  • Toyloader-HD includes a Warn 2000 DC utility winch and a hand-held remote
  • Pulling capacity is dependent on ramp angle and manner/integrity of attachment
  • "Multi Mount" attachment allows for easy removal while center bracket stays in place
Item # Description Weight Status Price Quantity
Toyloader-LD Toy Loader Winch Mount WITHOUT winch 12 lbs.
Toyloader-HD Toy Loader Winch Mount WITH Warn 2000 DC utility winch Mount: 12 lbs.
Warn Winch: 18 lbs.

Give yourself a mighty helping hand with the Toy Loader truck bed winch mount system loading heavy 4-wheeled vehicles onto pickups or trailers has never been so easy!

The 600-lb capacity Toy Loader truck bed winch mount is available in two models. The Toyloader-LD does not include a winch, but it is designed to accommodate most ATV winches with a 2-, 3-, or 4-bolt mounting base. The Toyloader-HD includes a Warn 2000 DC utility winch, which runs on 12-volt DC power supplied by wiring the winch directly to the truck's battery or through a jumper box (not included). With its hand-held remote, 35' cable, and 2,000 lbs of pulling power, the Toyloader-HD lets you stand by and watch your heavy 4-wheeled vehicles practically load themselves onto your truck or trailer at the flip of a switch!

The Toy Loader is composed of high-quality lightweight aluminum alloys and can be mounted inside the truck's bedrail or on top of the bedrail cap. Mount the unit using the included stainless steel hardware to prevent rust and corrosion. Once installed the Toy Loader winch mount acts as an anchoring device for heavy items in the truck bed and even prevents ATVs from rolling forward and damaging the truck's rear window.

Ramps are NOT included with either model of the Toy Loader truck bed winch mount. Check out these motorcycle ramps and ATV ramps if you are looking to add a ramp to your purchase.

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Ramps NOT included


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