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Ramp Slope Calculators for Motorcycles, Mobility Scooters, Lawnmowers & More!

 Posted on: Dec 7th, 2020

Understanding the correct ramp length you need before you purchase is crucial to prevent any wheeled vehicle from getting stuck entering or exiting the ramp. Because ramps are what we do at Discount Ramps, we’ve created calculators to assist you with identifying the exact ramp length for your needs.

ramps and vehicles

Mobility Ramp Calculator for Scooter and Wheelchairs

Depending on where you intend to use your mobility ramp, the ramp length you need could differ. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a gentler slope for ramps installed in public areas and commercial spaces versus a ramp used in a private home. Learn more about these guidelines with ADA Specifications for Wheelchair Ramps. Learn more about these guidelines with ADA Specifications for Wheelchair Ramps.

Mobility infographic

Fill in the form below to see the minimum ramp length you need.

Please enter wheel base.
Commercial Access:
Minimum ramp length = ft.
Residential Access(occupied):
Minimum ramp length = ft.
Residential Access(unoccupied):
Minimum ramp length = ft.

After Calculating your minimum ramp length

Now that you’ve found your length, please reference How to Choose a Wheelchair Ramp to help you with your purchasing decisions. Or, if you’re ready to browse, take a look at our wheelchair ramps with lengths up to 12 feet or our threshold ramps designed for short steps up to 10 inches high.

Powersports, Vehicles & Equipment Calculator

In addition to loading height, the relationship between the equipment or vehicle’s ground clearance and wheelbase plays a crucial role in loading it up safely, whether it’s a lawn mower, hobby car, utility ATV or chopper. Because these larger vehicles are often heavy, long, and prone to high-centering, choosing the right ramp for the vehicle and the loading height is an absolute must.

Using a ramp with an appropriate length, compensating with an arched ramp that makes the incline gentler, can mean the difference between a safe load or serious damage and injury.

Powersports Vehicles & Equipment can include:

Motorcycle/Dirt Bike ICON

Motorcycles/Dirt Bikes


ATV/UTV/Golf Cart



Lawn Mower/Tractor ICON

Lawn Mower/Tractor

Powersports infographic
Wheelbase: Distance between the centers of each axle. Ground clearance: Distance between ground and lowest point of underbody.

Fill in the form below to see the minimum ramp length you need.

Please enter wheel base.
Please enter Ground Clearance.
Please enter Loading Height.
Minimum ramp length = ft. (1:12 Slope)

After Calculating your minimum ramp length

Motorcycle/Dirt Bike:

Read How to Choose a Motorcycle Ramp to make an informed decision on the type of motorcycle ramp that’s suitable for your make and model.

ATV/UTV/Golf Cart:

Now that you’ve found your length, How to Choose an ATV Ramp is a great resource that elaborates on the other factors that go into finding your ideal ATV or UTV ramp.


Our resource article How to Choose the Correct Heavy-Duty Loading Ramp can be a useful reference, or simply jump right in and browse our selection of car loading ramps.

Lawn Mower/Tractor:

Browse our selection of lawn mower and tractor rampsto find the best fit for your equipment, or take a look at our shed ramps if you require a shorter length.

If you want to transport a vehicle with very low ground clearance, or are thinking of trailering an expensive sports car or other exotic vehicle, visit to check out their innovative solution to low profile loading.

By taking the time to calculate the right ramp length you need, you reduce the risk of improper loading as well as the risk of injuring yourself and damaging your vehicle. If you still find yourself with questions about your specific ramp needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly, knowledgeable team would be happy to help.