Silver Spring Deluxe Steel Folding Scooter & Wheelchair Carrier


This deluxe scooter and wheelchair carrier has all the features you need for safe, efficient transportation of your wheelchair or scooter. Made from black powder-coated steel, this carrier holds up to 500 lbs. and is easy to handle. A built-in extra-long 59" three position ramp easily folds into two pieces for easy storage on the carrier, and makes loading and unloading a breeze. The optional swing-away accessory allows for easy access to the rear of your vehicle. This carrier can be used on any vehicle with a class III or IV 2" trailer hitch. With the pull of a hitch pin your carrier can be folded up vertically to the back of your vehicle to save space when parking. The surface of the carrier is a heavy duty steel mesh with 1" square support tubes underneath that won't bend or flex from the weight of your mobility aid. The wheelchair and scooter carrier features an integrated two section ramp which folds up and out into three different positions.

Please Note: Mobility devices are NOT to be occupied when loading, unloading, or on the carrier!


1 Year Warranty

This deluxe scooter and wheelchair carrier has all the features you need for safe, efficient transportation of your wheelchair or scooter. Made from black powder-coated steel, this carrier holds up to 500 lbs. and is easy to handle. A built-in extra-long 59" three position ramp easily folds into two pieces for easy storage on the carrier, and makes loading and unloading a breeze. The optional swing-away accessory allows for easy access to the rear of your vehicle. This carrier can be used on any vehicle with a class III or IV 2" trailer hitch. With the pull of a hitch pin your carrier can be folded up vertically to the back of your vehicle to save space when parking. The surface of the carrier is a heavy duty steel mesh with 1" square support tubes underneath that won't bend or flex from the weight of your mobility aid. The wheelchair and scooter carrier features an integrated two section ramp which folds up and out into three different positions.

Please Note: Mobility devices are NOT to be occupied when loading, unloading, or on the carrier!

  • Manufactured from steel with a black powder-coat finish
  • 500 lb. weight capacity
  • Platform measures 46-1/2" L x 28-5/8" W x 4-1/4" H
  • Compatible with class III and IV trailer hitches
  • 59-1/8" L x 27-1/2" W loading ramp included
  • Includes 5/8" hitch pin, ramp, anti-wobble device
  • 10 tie down points for maximum security
86 lbs.
31 lbs.
Class III or IV (2")
*For 1/2" pinch bolt hole, subtract 1"
(Less than 11" trailer hitches can purchase SC-SWING-AWAY - raises carrier 3" or 7" higher)

Product Features

  • Accommodates most power wheelchairs and scooters
  • Self storing loading ramp saves time when loading and unloading
  • Spring pull pins keep the ramp secure when in the folded and vertical position
  • Carrier folding design saves space
  • Thick black powder coat protects from the elements
  • Heavy duty 500 lb. weight capacity
  • Only weighs 86 lbs.
  • Steel expanded mesh surface with raised 4-1/4" side rails
  • 10 tie down points (tie-down straps not included)
  • 5 carrying handles
  • Includes an anti-tilt locking device to prevent carrier wobble
  • For use with 2" Class III or IV trailer hitches
  • Not for use with 1-1/4" hitches
  • Includes 5/8" hitch pin and 1/2" pinch bolt
  • 1 year warranty
  • Some assembly required

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Carrier Carrying Capacity: The SC500-V3 carrier is designed to safely carry 500 lbs.
  • Hitch Weight Limit: Most Class III hitches are rated for 500 lbs. - Most Class IV hitches are rated for 1,000 lbs.
  • Vehicle Hauling Capacity: Your hauling weight may be limited by your vehicle's capacity to carry a load
  • Will not work with any 1-1/4" Class II or smaller receivers
  • Some vehicles may require air shocks or heavier springs to stiffen up the suspension to prevent sagging
  • Please check with your dealer to find out your vehicle's carrying capacity
  • NOT recommended for tow-behind trailers including 5th wheel trailers and camping trailers
  • NOT recommended for use with hitch adapters / extensions
  • NOT designed to carry scooter or wheelchair while occupied
  • Maximum scooter or wheelchair width is 26-1/2" wide


How Can I Tell Hitch Class?
Folding Clearance Diagram
Instruction Manual


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Review Summary (Based on 36 Reviews)


5 Stars Feat Product

Judy from DE wrote (November 26, 2017):

This is a great product that fit our Need’s. Easy to put together. Works perfectly!

5 Stars Mobility chair carrier

Michael from MI wrote (October 17, 2017):

First of all we were amazed at how quickly it arrived (overnight). Arrived in great condition, wonderful packaging. Easily assembled and attached to vehicle. Very sturdy. We are well pleased.

5 Stars Made my life so much easier!

Peggie from MO wrote (January 23, 2017):

The shipping and the care taken with shipping was excellent from Discount Ramps. I ordered late one afternoon and two days later I had the carrier in my possession. It works very nicely on the back of my pick up. My daughter and grandson installed it and it took them about an hour. The only glitch in installation was a 10MM allen wrench which I had to locate one to get it on tightly. Other than that it was perfect. I have a mobility pride scooter and it goes right up the ramp with ease and to strap it down takes seconds. If you need a way to carry your scooter do not be afraid to purchase from this company or this carrier.

5 Stars Silver Spring Ramp/Carrier #SC500-V3

Katherine Araldi from OR wrote (December 09, 2016):

This is the second carrier that I purchased from Discount Ramps. I really believe that without this ramp/carrier my husband ( military disabled veteran ), would be literally housebound. I use it to transport his mobility chair everywhere. Because the first ramp we purchased was hit by a pick-up truck and bent completely useless, we have again come to the place that meets our needs. The price was right and the shipment was quick. Thank you for letting me get exactly what I needed. Easy to put together also understandable directions.

5 Stars Excxellent Carrier

Albert from MO wrote (November 15, 2016):

Very fast service. Easy Assembly and very easy to use. Totally satisfied.

5 Stars Love this ramp

Laurie Sanders from WA wrote (September 18, 2016):

Thank you so much for sending me my order. I ordered one about 4 yrs ago for my father and it has lasted me up to August 7, 2016 when a gal on her cell phone wasn't paying attention on the freeway, hit the car behind me and crunched up the ramp pretty bad. thank you again so much! I really Love these ramps!

4 Stars Silver Spring Deluxe steel folding ramp with carrier

Ruth Socash from PA wrote (July 15, 2016):

Your video on Youtube, proved most helpful on assembly work... The detailed step by step guide that came with the product, was not so detailed.. It skipped bolting down the anti- tilt locking device...The holes for folding the carrier upright,, did not line up like the bottom holes for transporting the scooter.. And after the carrier was upright, it does not sit level.. Other than that, it went together fine... I think the product will serve our needs for transporting the scooter well. The carrier when folded up , sits to close the spare tire on Rav 4.. A few more inches would have been better

5 Stars scooter ramp

william from WA wrote (May 13, 2016):

i love this product, its easy to use and is well built. thank you

5 Stars Heavy Product

Alvin from SC wrote (April 30, 2016):

I bought this to be able to travel with an electric cart. The product is well made, a little harder to put together than the video shows but got it together with a little wiggling and pushing. The cart fits perfectly and rides as I would expect. Have ordered a cover and tie down straps. I did receive the carrier sooner than I expect which was a good surprise.

3 Stars Well Works Fine.

Luke from LA wrote (April 21, 2016):

Well this ramp works great none the less. The issue I have is that my ramp arrived half torn open and a little beat up. I wasn't bothered by it being half opened because it had all it's parts, nor did I mind it being a little beat up because its going to get beat up anyway. However, whenever my ramp is in the rest position, the slide pin hole was a little to low for it to slide over the ramp to hold it folded down. So I CAN NOT ride with the ramp folded up on my car. I have to ride with the ramp snapped with the other two slide pins as if something is on it. None the less. It does the function it was designed for. I just can't leave it on my car because of the space it takes up.

5 Stars Love this carrier!

Jon from ID wrote (April 20, 2016):

Having recently been diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease that's weakened me rapidly and pretty much completely, I was very pleased that the assembly and installation of this carrier was easy and enough for my wife to do with my direction and minimal assistance. The step-by-step instructions were well written (I'm a technical writer) and took us from unpackaging right through the folding and unfolding process when complete. The options offered for the hitch attachment were clear and obvious. The only problem we had was locating a 10 mm hex (Allen) wrench, as both sets that I had topped out at 8 mm. A call to a friend settled that, but we were going to ask his help to lift the unit up into the hitch receiver anyway. I'm quite pleased with this product, the quick shipping, and above all, the excellent price! We''ll use it to carry a 4-wheel scooter with us on our travels and the easy fold down operation will let my wife use it with little effort. Thank you, Discount Ramps!!!

5 Stars Mobility Scooter Hitch-mount Carrier

Kay from TN wrote (April 14, 2016):

My husband had a stroke 2 years ago today and he needs a 4-wheel mobility scooter anytime much walking is warranted. We purchased ramps for my van in 2015 for my van to aid with this and now on his 2 year celebration of life following his stroke we have purchased this item for his pick-up truck to help him be more independent. It weighs 100 pounds and requires a bit of assembly, but nothing that you cannot handle at home. This company is easy to work with and stand behind their products. I look forward to many years of business with them. We have not used this item as of yet, but my husband is thrilled to finally have it so he can begin to go where he wants when he wants with his scooter.

5 Stars love my ramp

thomas from NY wrote (March 12, 2016):

I can't lift my wife's into our vanso I can now drive it onto the ramp so we can now shop together and we can on trips.

5 Stars Motorized wheelchair

Dan from IN wrote (January 24, 2016):

Needed one to move my sons motorized wheelchair mounted easy and easy to use would recommend to others.

5 Stars Mobility Carrier SC-500-V#

Paul from CA wrote (December 29, 2015):

I recieved carrier in good condition except for a few dents and scratches.Carrier was simple and easy to assemble. The carrier seems strong, stable and well made.

5 Stars Great, great, great

Linda from NY wrote (December 28, 2015):

I gave this to my husband for Christmas. He is already checking with family to see what he can move for them. I feel much better that he is not lifting snow blower etc.up into van. Very happy with ease of install. Thank you.

5 Stars Great Carrier!

Phillip[ from CO wrote (December 11, 2015):

We ordered this carrier for the city of Northglenn Co for the Code Enforcement division to use for our Snow Stormers program. We shovel sidewalks for the elderly and drive Jeeps and wanted a way to carry snow blowers without using the pickup trucks. This works great and with the extended metal ramp, putting the snow blower back on is a breeze. This ramp is very well made and worth every dollar. We will be ordering a few more for the other jeeps here soon.

5 Stars SC500-V3 Folding Power Wheel Chair Carrier

chris from OH wrote (September 04, 2015):

Super service. I needed a carrier overnight delivery and had it at 10 am the next morning. I am disabled and had to get my ex-wife to assemble it for me. With the excellent instructions and the state of pre-assembly that it was delivered in, she had no problems and had it mounted on the back of my truck in less than an hour. I purchased a carrier from another source last week and although it had the standard length ramp, I had difficulty loading my power chair. With this longer ramp, i can load in a snap by myself. The carrier is rated t 100# more payload (500#) than the other one i got. The quality is much better. It is also wider and longer. I paid $ 100 less and would have had free shipping had I not needed it so fast. You will not find better service or a better product than what these folks provide. I'm sure that i will do business with them again.


David from DC wrote (July 26, 2015):

I, haven't purchased, one at the present time but rest assured, THIS IS FOR ME! I, have Cerebral, Palsy, from birth. This, Scooter, Carrier, will give me back my mobility. Thank you, so very much. Yours, Sincerely, David. Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia. I, don't live in the U.S.A. but I had to tuis, a State, in order to forward this to you.

5 Stars Great Fun

Lena from WI wrote (July 25, 2015):

We have a three-wheeled mobility scooter which was purchased originally for my husband who cannot walk more than a few feet without canes or a walker. The scooter allows him to accompany me shopping and makes other trips easier for him as well. We had an old mini van with a fixed carrier that was low and drug over bumps and drives with even slight angles. A couple of years ago I replaced the van and finally got around to installing a hitch. I wanted to purchase a new carrier which folds up so that it is out of the way when not in use (without having to disconnect it from the hitch) and was high enough not to drag. I tried the new carrier for the first time this week---what an incredible difference! My only problem is that the angle of the ramp (because of the height with the riser attachment) doesn't allow the scooter to be backed onto the ramp to better balance the weight on the carrier as the rear stability wheels on the scooter can't get over the end of the ramp). A short extension may help (it's a very minor problem). Because of the shape of the minivan (Chrysler T&C), the hitch does not extend far enough from the bumper to allow the installation of the anti-wobble device (this was a disappointment but not the end of the world). With the 500lb capacity, I am not worried should we ever need to replace the scooter with a heavier-duty, heavier model. I expect to get lots of years of use from the carrier. As a bit of advice, one of the first things I did was go out and buy some rolls of reflective tape to place in multiple locations on the carrier (visible while down and in the folded positions) because with our old carrier, I had a lot of people bump into the carrier with their cars in line at drive-through windows, etc. I wanted to make sure that it is very visible and I didn't feel that the two small round reflectors which come with the carrier were sufficient to ensure safety--especially when in the folded position (you would think that a large black steel carrier should be easy to see but some drivers just don't pay attention). I love this carrier and the price was better than the closest competitor I found--by nearly $200--for a carrier with similar dimensions and 100lbs less capacity.

5 Stars Easy!

Patty Pulignano from TN wrote (July 06, 2015):

We got the scooter wrack for my dad. We were so please d at how easy it was to install on his jeep. We found the customer service very helpful before we ordered also. I would recommend this company for anyone looking for this product.

5 Stars outstanding

Ruth from OH wrote (June 24, 2015):

Ramp came the day it was to be here,faster then any Amazon ramp would of,I needed ours by Wednesday the ramp was here on Monday,My husband hooked it up without a problem,we took our daughter to the store in her power chair she was so excited.The ramp had a true test today,I got detoured off the main roads on to back roads there was a lot of bumping around,I was sure the chair was going to move or the ramp would give out neither happen.this ramp can hold 500# my daughters chair weighs 345#.I would recommend this product to everyone.

4 Stars Satisfied So Far

Shirley from OH wrote (June 15, 2015):

We received the ramp faster than we thought, my husband viewed the video several times and it helped him get the ramp assembled and attached to the hitch. It seems to be well made, there were a few small dents in it but that was due to shipping. So fare I am happy with it, we haven't loaded the scooter onto it and transported it yet so if anything occurs will let you know.

5 Stars outstanding carrier

Marcelo from CA wrote (June 06, 2015):

After having to fight with the V.A. and not getting help from them, I searched the internet and found Discount Ramps website I since contacted Shawn, your very helpful sales rep and with her help decided to order the mobility carrier model number SC500-V3. After receiving it and with help from my grandson we assembled it and mounted on my car's hitch. It did not take long to do and it is a blessing. Now I can transport my mobility scooter with no problem. I used to have to completely disassemble my mobility scooter and somehow put every thing into my Vehicle than when I got to wherever I was going I don't have to do it anymore. I have a very hard time walking and fall so I needed my scooter. Thank-you, you are TOPS. I am a retired U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran. This carrier is great, I am so very happy that I ordered it, again Thanks to your sales rep, Shawn M Ribble and to Discount Ramps!!!!

5 Stars Performs better than expectedd

Jim from AZ wrote (May 19, 2015):

I purchased this carrier to replace one that sagged to much and it doesn't sag at all. The customer service at Discount Ramps is the best I've ever encountered!

4 Stars Good Value

Bob Niehaus from OH wrote (May 06, 2015):

My wife has two mobility scooters which in the past I was able to take apart somewhat and place in my SUV. Since that was becoming increasingly hard to do,we decided to look around for an alternative. We found Discount Ramps on line and looked over the variety of options. We settled on the SC500-V3 because it looked like it would fulfill our needs and the price seemed right. We received the product within 72 hours of the order and my son-in-law installed it on our vehicle in less than an hour. The tray itself is a little heavy when adjusting from the upright to the horizontal position so if you are somewhat disabled or can't lift heavy objects you may need a little help. Overall for the price of $299.00 it seems like an excellent value,although I wish I would have waited a week or so because it looks like the price on the site today was decreased by $60.00. I guess timing is everything.

5 Stars a blessing

Brenda hudspeth from AR wrote (April 28, 2015):

I bought this for my father-n-laws cart , it has been such a blessing to own it.. now my dad can go every where with us and enjoy the time he has left on this earth.. he always had to stay home because we couldn't take his cart with us .. and a lot of places don'nt have carts for him to ride in ... his cart fits perfect on it I never no it's back there its easy to drive his cart up on it it's truly nice .. I say to anyone that has a cart they have to ride all the time this product is the best to have it doesn't get in the way it is easy to operate, easy to manage, easy to lift up on I weigh 108lbs if I can do it anyone can I love it if the time ever comes .. we will purchase another one .. but I don't see that happening it is well put together very strong made for a life time.. thank you very much for this product

4 Stars Great Customer Service

Gonzalo from NV wrote (April 09, 2015):

We ordered for my parents, we kept in the loop of where the carrier was through delivery process. Even though we ended up returning it, we found out the return process was very friendly. GREAT Experience, will order from you guys again.

5 Stars Deluxe Steel Folding Scooter & Wheelchair Carrier - 500 lb Capacity

Terry from LA wrote (April 04, 2015):

excellent construction...excellent service...had a couple small items missing...but items were replaced...rubber in handles come loose easily...don't like the small reflectors...purchased for my wife's small scooter.

5 Stars Easy Assembly

Mark from LA wrote (February 26, 2015):

Looked at a few carriers and settled on this one. Glad I did; was easy to assemble and seems to be a very sturdy product. Priced right; will be looking at other products from Discount Ramps.

5 Stars Great product!

Ryan from WA wrote (January 16, 2015):

This was the first wheel chair/scooter carrier we bought. Couldn't find a carrier in this price range anywhere else. We still have this, it's been around 7 years. Started with a scooter, moved to a Invacare TDX 5, then to a TDX SP. Never an issue. Surprising durability for a carrier at this cost!

5 Stars SC500-V3

Ed from OH wrote (January 11, 2015):

Easy to assemble and use. This is a great value for the price. It was a nice surprise that the unit did not rattle going down the road. The fold up feature is awesome other carriers I have used did not.

5 Stars awesome

Larry from LA wrote (December 09, 2014):

it took about two hours to put together but easy to use. very satisfiedra

4 Stars SC500-V3

ANGELINA PIAZZA from PA wrote (November 09, 2014):

I had previously purchased an aluminum carrier ramp from a competitor. That product was deficient in design (structural elements deformed under load of the wheel chair) and as such, had to be returned. After much searching I found the SC500-V3. This product is solid in design, structurally able to carry the powered wheel chair, ramp length is perfect, product is mostly assembled and is easy to assemble, and reasonably affordable. No issues with the SC500-V3.

4 Stars UCC500 Utility Carrier w/ramp 500lb capacity.

Robert from MI wrote (October 16, 2014):

Nice product. Assembly (Picture only) was limited to why there were extra (9) washers and only tiny little cotter pins to hold ramp in place on frame. Stop plate or piece placed on hitch bar that has two bolts really doesn't do much. No instructions as to what is supposed to be accomplished with this piece except for being a stop so the hitch bar only goes into where the hitch pin holes line-up?? When tightened - its crooked on the hitch bar - not flat against the hitch on the vehicle.

4 Stars Liked this so well I bought 2

Cynthia from IN wrote (September 25, 2014):

We bought one for my mobility scooter. When I bought a new scooter it was bigger and heavier and would only fit on the carrier one way which put the weight of the motor and the weight of the fold down ramp on the same end. This caused the carrier to sit very lopsided. With a slight modification for the latch we were able to load the scooter backing on, which leveled out the carrier. Liked it so well we bought another for our other car so we don't have to move it back and forth. Would recommend oiling the latch pull frequently. Mine rusted up and had to be replaced.

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