Armrest Wheelchair Bag - Wheelchair Pocket - 3"L x 11"W x 3"D

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  • Measures 3" L x 11" W x 3" D
  • Perfect for carrying many small items
  • Conveniently located at the front of a wheelchair or scooter armrest
  • Water resistant nylon with a zippered flap protects items from dust, dirt, and rain

This wheelchair pocket fits on powerchairs, wheelchairs, and scooters, allowing you to store your personal items in an easy to use, and conveniently located place. Secure, and weather resistant, this is an excellent bag for users of all ages. It's 11" width allows users to carry plenty of smaller items, but won't get in the way of large wheels. (For manual wheelchairs please be sure that the 3" depth of the Armrest Pocket clears the wheel.)

1 lbs.
This bag is recommended for Powerchairs or Power Scooters only!; May interfere with some powerchair wheels
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