CCR Sport Bed Buddy Motorcycle Tie-Down Rack

The Bed Buddy motorcycle tie down brace allows you to secure up to three motorcycles or dirt bikes in the bed of your pickup. This high grade steel brace mounts directly into the bed, underneath the rear window, providing three tie down points. The wheel slots on the brace are positioned so that the handlebars won't hit each other when loading two or more bikes. Prevent bowing in your truck bed rails and strap down bikes by yourself with the Bed Buddy available for many sized truck beds.

  • Heavy duty steel alloy construction with powder coat finish
  • Secures up to three dirt bikes or motorcycles in truck bed
  • Makes strapping down bikes a one person job
  • Hardware kit included
Item # Vehicle Type Min. Truck Bed Width Manufacturer Part # Status Price Quantity
Bed-Buddy-1LT Full Size 60" CCR001
In Stock
Bed-Buddy-2LT Compact 53-3/4" CCR002
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Bed-Buddy-3LT Mid-Size 57" CCR003
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The dirt bike tie down allows you to secure three motorcycles without bending your pickup truck bed. The Bed Buddy gives you three tie down points, making loading up your dirt bikes a whole lot easier and safer!


Impress your buddies by easily securing your dirt bike without bending your bed rails with the Bed Buddy from CCR Sport. This lightweight, strong dirt bike tie-down is constructed of high grade steel alloy powder coated for a long lasting finish and support.

The Bed Buddy simply holds your bike tires in each wheel slot so you can tie-down your motorcycle or dirt bike. Each wheel slot is positioned correctly to prevent your handlebars from hitting one another when loading two or more bikes. Not only does it hold your bike for securing, it also prevents your truck bed rails from bowing in once you cinch down the tie down straps.

Once installed, the Bed Buddy adds three tie-down loops for securing your dirt bikes or motorcycles. The Bed Buddy Extender offsets one of the bikes to ensure the handle bars will not hit if there was a fitment issue. The Bed Buddy mounts to the front of the truck bed by drilling three 1/2" holes and installing Riv Nuts included (mounting hardware).

Bed Buddy motorcycle tie down system
with stainless steel Riv-Nut mounting kit
11 lbs
Three at 17-1/2" apart

Product Features

  • Black powder coated finish
  • Heavy duty steel alloy construction
  • Secures up to 3 dirt bikes or motorcycles
  • High grade stainless steel mounting hardware kit included
  • Makes securing a motorcycle a quick, one person job
  • Available for many sized truck beds
  • Three tire slots & three tie down loops
  • 1 year warranty

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Requires drilling 1/2" holes to the front of the truck bed for installation
  • High-grade stainless steel mounting hardware kit included


Instruction Manual

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