Aluminum Car Trailer Ramps - 2,500 to 4,000 lb. per axle Capacities


Load cars, trucks, and other vehicles onto low-clearance trailers with our Aluminum Hybrid, Hook and Plate End Car Trailer Ramps! These car trailer ramps come in multiple lengths and are available with hybrid hook-plate combo connecting ends. The ramps are manufactured from lightweight, military-grade aluminum for increased strength and maneuverability. Each comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Made from lightweight, rust-proof, military-grade aluminum
  • Hybrid-end models include two safety straps to prevent kickout
  • Available in multiple lengths
  • 2,500 to 4,000 lb per axle weight capacity
  • Wide serrated rungs for traction in all conditions
  • 2" high profile for easy storage
  • Sold in pairs
1 Year Warranty
Item # Length Width Height Weight Capacity
per Axle
Usable Height
Usable Height
Status Price Quantity
03-12-048-046 48" 12" 2" 17 lbs. 3,000 lbs. Knife 10" 12" Hook/Plate Hybrid
03-12-060-046-S 60" 12" 1-3/4" 18 lbs. 3,000 lbs. Stub 4" 16" Hook/Plate Hybrid
03-12-060-04-S 60" 12" 1-3/4" 18 lbs. 3,000 lbs. Stub 4" 16" Hook
02-12-072-046-S 72" 12" 1-3/4" 19 lbs. 2,500 lbs. Stub 4" 16" Hook/Plate Hybrid
04-15-072-04 72" 15" 1-3/4" 28 lbs. 4,000 lbs. Knife 12" 15" Hook
04-16-120-04-LOW 120" 16" 3" 47 lbs. 4,000 lbs. Knife 12" 18" Hook

These Aluminum Hybrid, Hook and Plate End Car Trailer Ramps are perfect for loading equipment and vehicles onto low-clearance trailers. The ramps are available in multiple lengths up to 6' and weight capacities up to 4,000 lbs per axle, and are manufactured from lightweight, military-grade aluminum which will not rust or corrode. The ramps feature serrated rungs for traction in wet or muddy conditions, and are available with standard hook or unique hook and plate hybrid connecting ends. Hybrid-end models include two safety straps for securing the ramps to the trailer to prevent them from kicking out during loading. All models include a one-year warranty.


Review Summary (Based on 26 Reviews)


5 Stars Impressive product!

Ken from OH wrote (June 23, 2017):

Wow, received in 2 days, Impressed with quality built product works perfect for loading car into my old barn over high concrete embankment, with only 5" ground clearance. Would recommend to anyone loading a standard car.

5 Stars Nice but shocking!

Kurt from IL wrote (June 13, 2017):

Nice ramp and sturdy. Shocking to see a very quick delivery! Standard shipping was received the very next day!!! I am impressed!! Thanks!!

5 Stars Aluminum Ramp 04-15-072-04

Rick from MI wrote (October 01, 2016):

These ramps are great ! No more trying to trick someone else into wrestling the heavy steel ones. Now people say here I'll get those for you . Affordable price and fast shipping . Thanks

5 Stars 3000lb ramps

Eric ashe from OH wrote (August 03, 2016):

These ramps are great. I don't have kill myself to move them. Lightweight from the word go. My in law and out law love them too. We all have trailer. We all said the same thing about are ramps . To heavy. This new ramps at 17lb each make it easy. Thank you

5 Stars Aluminum loading ramps

Doug from CT wrote (December 01, 2015):

I have been looking for a pair of ramps that I could afford for some time but everything I found was garbage. Stumbled across these on line and they are perfect. Super well built, they come with tie down straps and grip tape on the lip so they will not slip. Just perfect.

5 Stars Aluminum Ramp 04-15-072-04

Ralph from TX wrote (August 28, 2015):

I wanted to replace my steel ramps which were too heavy and not long enough. These were a perfect solution for my requirement and fit into the ramp storage area on my trailer. I restore old British cars and these handle the car weight perfectly and my back is happier now. Nice solid construction. These will last me forever. Thanks for a nice set of ramps.

5 Stars 1/4 the weight of old steel ramps!

Gary from MA wrote (July 25, 2015):

I bought the 5 ft ramps with hook ends to replace the 70+ lb steel ramps on my 18 ft LoadTrail trailer. At only 18 lbs each, the new ramps are easy to unload, hook up, and put back. They fit the storage bins in the trailer just right. My back thanks you for sparing it any more pulled muscles!

5 Stars A super set of ramps lite and strong and fast ship!

Cal from CO wrote (July 21, 2015):

better than your add.

5 Stars Outstanding product

Bob from IA wrote (July 07, 2015):

First the shipping was fast. Ramps where better than my steel rams , much easier to move around. .

5 Stars Product 04-15-072-04

Dave from TN wrote (June 06, 2015):

Great product. Liked the knife edge at the beginning and the hook at the end. Overall an extremely well made product. Quality superb.

5 Stars Awesome product!

Rusty from WA wrote (March 27, 2015):

I purchased these ramps to replace the 50lb. steel ramps that came with my trailer and am so glad I did! I am extremely happy with the weight of these new ramps, as well as the design. They worked perfectly on my trailer and made loading/unloading my '68 Camaro a breeze. I am also impressed with how quickly these ramps were delivered after making my purchase. I would highly recommend these ramps and this company to anyone!

5 Stars Aluminum loading ramps

Roger from OH wrote (March 07, 2015):

I had been looking for lightweight loading ramps that were heavier than the usual 1500lbs limited ones that other companies are selling. I was pleased when I found these HD Ramps for not much more than their lighter counterparts. They are engineered well and fit and finish are great. I was also pleasantly surprised with the quick shipping. I had bookmarked because I will be a repeat customer. Thank you for offering a well made product at a reasonable price.

5 Stars 04-15-072-04 Ramps

Bill from AK wrote (February 14, 2015):

Very good quality and the shipping was very quick.

4 Stars 6 Foot ramps ?

Ken from MS wrote (February 03, 2015):

Great ramps, work great for loading normal cars and trucks. But the ramp overall length is 72 inches, and the useable part of the ramp is only 67 inches. I really need about 77 inches of ramp like the old heavy ones, 72 inches of useable ramp would work.. We have low race cars. If I had known this I would of order different ramps.

5 Stars Satisfied

Dick from CO wrote (January 21, 2015):

Researched on-line and selected your product. Very happy with price, quality, and timely shipping.

5 Stars Trailer ramps

David from TX wrote (January 14, 2015):

The highest quality ramp I've ever bought and for the same price as heavy steel ramps... I would recommend to anyone

5 Stars 5 foot ramps

Ty from FL wrote (December 31, 2014):

the ramps look great!!! I cant wait to put them to use. I have a 4 car hauler that's on the road everyday so we will see how they handle the weight. All the welds look great and the construction is first class.

5 Stars Tight and right!

Mark from CO wrote (December 19, 2014):

My steel ramps were stolen, these light weight ramps are the perfect replacement. Fit the slots on my trailer, with all the strength and HALF the weight.....


Daniel Webster from NC wrote (December 05, 2014):

Amazing built very well and durable love the weight and the pound capacity of the ramps we purchased will surely be doing more business in the future. thanks.

5 Stars Nice ramps, fast shipping, good price

Josh from VA wrote (December 02, 2014):

I picked up a set of the 2500lb 6' aluminum ramps to replace the heavy utility ramps that my trailer came with. Will use these to load our various racecars on and off the trailer. Ramps look well-built and should suit our needs well. Price was excellent and they only took 2 or 3 working days to show up on my porch, which was nice. Looking forward to using them next race season!

5 Stars 02-12-072-046-S 2500 lb. ramps

matthew from CA wrote (November 19, 2014):

Just got my new ramps today. Six days shipping makes it real nice. These will make it real easy to load low cars on my trailer. The price was in my budget and they look great. I hope to get lots of use out of them.

5 Stars 72" 4000 lb Ramps

Bill from FL wrote (September 30, 2014):

Nice product, great price and lightning fast shipping. These ramps are very good quality and should work well with a new single car trailer we are having built.

4 Stars Discountramps

Chuck from TN wrote (September 24, 2014):

My ramps came yesterday, really well made and more than I expected. The only thing that surprised me was on the Plate ends ( the one that measures 3 1/4 long) had not been buffed out very sharp edges with burrs. I'm sure I can file the edges smooth.

5 Stars Aluminum Ramp for car

Gregory and Kathleen Campbell- Marble from VA wrote (September 19, 2014):

These Ramps are built very nice and is perfect for our use with our car and motorcycles for access into our portable garage, I like them especially for their lightness and ease of set-up. Great job to the build of. Thanks

5 Stars aluminum loading ramps

jim from OH wrote (September 19, 2014):

I received the 3000 pound aluminum loading ramps from my son and daughters for my birthday. These came with the safety straps. The ramps were lighter than any of the heavy duty ramps I had been using and were well made. I would recommend these to anyone wanting a pair of light-weight car ramps for their trailer.

5 Stars Awesome ramps

Tab from OH wrote (June 27, 2014):

I have searched all over the internet for a deal like this and a set of ramps that can carry a load, all the others I found were limited to 1500 lns per pair.

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