Modular Truck Trailer Ramp System - 10,000-lb per axle Capacity

Lightweight portable aluminum trailer ramp system can be used as 8' long ramps or a 16' long modular ramp system with adjustable support stands for loading vehicles up to 10,000 lbs per axle.

  • Manufactured with lightweight aluminum for durability and strength
  • Extra wide plate style serrated cross bars offer maximum traction in the rain, mud, or snow
  • Load vehicles from the front, back, or top step deck with one ramp system
  • Ramps are rated at 10,000 lbs per axle
  • Strongest, lightest ramps on the market
Made in the USA
5 Year Warranty

10,000 lb Step Deck Trailer Ramp Kit

Item # Description Length Width Height Weight Status Price
10-16-192-02-02M-S (4) 96" x 16" aluminum ramps with pin-on ends
(2) Heavy Duty Adjustable lower ramp support stands (18"-24")

*Ramps must be used with attaching brackets (sold separately)
192" 16" 4-1/4" tall 360 lbs.
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10,000 lb Step Deck Trailer Ramp

Item # Length Width Height Weight Capacity
per Axle
Material Foot
Usable Height
Usable Height
Surface Status Price Quantity
10-16-096-02-02 8' 16" 4-1/4" 59 lbs. 10,000 lbs. Aluminum Pin-On 18" 26" Pin-On Rung

Heavy Duty Ramp Stands

Item # Description Length Width Height Weight Image Status Price Quantity
STAND-10-16-18-24-H (1) Pair Heavy Duty Adjustable Lower Ramp Support Stands (18"-24" - 23,500 lb capacity) 25-1/2" 18" 18" to 24" 42 lbs. View Image

Skid Seat Attaching Bracket for Pin-End Ramp Systems

Item # Description Length Width Image Status Price Quantity
SKID-SEAT-A24 (1) 24" aluminum ramp attaching bracket
(recommend a pair for front of step deck)
24" 4" View Image
SKID-SEAT-S24 (1) 24" steel ramp attaching bracket 24" 2" View Image
SKID-SEAT-A36 (1) 36" aluminum ramp attaching bracket 36" 4" View Image
Originally $84.99
Sale $79.99
Save $5.00
SKID-SEAT-S36 (1) 36" steel ramp attaching bracket 36" 2" View Image
SKID-SEAT-A48 (1) 48" aluminum ramp attaching bracket
(recommend a pair for rear of step deck and upper deck)
48" 4" View Image
Originally $94.99
Sale $89.99
Save $5.00
SKID-SEAT-A97 (1) 97" aluminum ramp attaching bracket
(recommended for rear of step deck and upper deck)
97" 4" View Image
Originally $189.99
Sale $179.99
Save $10.00

These commercial trailer ramps are the lightest aluminum ramps on the market that are rated at the 10,000 lb max axle weight capacity. The 10,000 lbs per axle weight rating means that these ramps can be used to load cars, pick-up trucks, Hummers or commercial trucks up to class 6. They work for most trailers up to 40" high including: step deck trailers, flat bed trailers, loading docks, vans or other trailers that can accommodate a skid seat ramp attaching bracket.

This trailer heavy duty ramp system breaks down into multiple sections each weighing 59 lbs each allowing it to be set up easily in a matter of minutes. Make sure to purchase our optional ramp storage hangers to store the complete system underneath the deck of your trailer. The ramp ends pin to a center support stand that is adjustable to multiple heights and the skid seat ramp bracket on the trailer or loading dock.

Take note that the adjustable support stands used at the center on each side of this ramp kit can change the loading angle onto step deck trailers, loading docks and flat bed trailers by creating an offset angle or an arch. Skid seat brackets are REQUIRED for this system and the brackets are available in steel or aluminum. Each skid seat bracket must be welded or bolted to the trailer or loading dock for safety & versatility. The wider the skid seat bracket that you purchase the more you're able to change the width of the ramps to accommodate different vehicles or equipment.

It is proven that this step deck system will pay for itself by freeing up additional space on your drop deck trailer allowing room to haul an extra vehicle or more freight cargo.

*Notice: Our high quality step deck ramps have been designed by an Engineer with 30 years experience in the loading industry and are the lightest, strongest ramps on the market. Beware of cheap imitation stepdeck trailer ramp systems being sold using a knife cut (smooth taper) at the bottom of the ramp to save manufacturing costs, they are bending the toe at bottom of the ramps causing them to break.

Our well designed heavy duty ramps have a reinforced pinned toe at the bottom of the ramp so they may be used as a 16 foot long modular system with adjustable support stands, upper step deck trailer ramps using the 8 foot ramps by themselves or used as 8 foot ramp on the rear of the trailer without bending the bottom of the ramp.

Lockable Ramp Hangers & Support Stand Hangers allow the entire ramp system to be stored along the frame of the trailer. We offer a single ramp hanger designed for low clearance trailers or a double hanger that will allow you to store 2 ramps in one hanger.

The stand hangers also come in 2 different models. We offer a rear stand hanger for mounting the support stands behind the rear tandem axle (53' trailers). The front stand hanger will mount the stands in front of the rear axle.

Product Features

  • Will never rust like steel ramps
  • Reinforced double pin stubbed toe at bottom of ramp eliminates ramp curling up at different load heights (up to 40" high max)
  • Versatile and fully adjustable ramp system sets up in minutes
  • No component heavier than 59 lbs
  • Ramp hanger storage brackets available
  • Support Stand Brackets available
  • Manufactured by certified AWS welders

Warning and Usage Guidelines

  • Rated at 10,000 lbs per axle
  • Never exceed the maximum axle capacity of this ramp system
  • Not recommended for trucks with mounted cranes, forklifts, steel track vehicles
  • "02" Pin End Ramps must be pinned into skid seat brackets before using ramps

How Do I Determine Axle Capacity?

The best way to determine your vehicles axle weight is to drive the heaviest axle of the vehicle on a scale. Normally the front end of the truck is the heaviest axle weight because of the engine.


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5 Stars very useful product!

andrei from WA wrote (July 16, 2015):

i like it so much, i use them and i'm so happy to have them on my trailer... nice and easy work with them..