Steel Portable Yard Ramp - 25,000 lb. Capacity

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  • Manufactured from durable steel
  • Measures 44' L x 102" W and includes a 17' 9" level-off
  • 25,000 lb. weight capacity
  • Includes 8" guard rails, integrated safety chains, and two sets of dual wheels on a heavy-duty jack to make moving the ramp easy and safe
  • Serrated steel mesh surface allows moisture and debris to fall through and provides additional traction
  • Includes two flip plates at top and two approach plates at the bottom to provide a smooth transition
  • Manual gear system on front jack adjusts ramp height from 42" to 62"

When you need to unload a truck, trailer or railcar and dock space isn't available, our heavy duty 25,000 lb capacity steel yard ramp is the solution to your problem. Easily movable on dual wheels, each yard ramp includes a manual gear system to raise or lower the ramp to the proper loading height. The loading ramp is 44' long and 102" wide. Two steel approach ramps ensure a smooth transition from the ground to the ramp. You won't find a higher capacity yard ramp engineered as well as ours at a lower cost!

Steel yard ramps are perfect for loading and unloading cargo off of trucks, trailers, railcars, or docks! The steel construction has a weight capacity of 25,000 lbs! Our yard ramp measures 102 inches in width and 44 feet in length! The front jack supports the weight of the ramp while it’s positioned at the appropriate height, offering stability while in use. This also protects the wheel jacks from bearing most of the weight. The second jack, located by the wheels, makes your yard ramp easily portable around the job site.

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5' 2"
8' 6"
6,000 lbs.
25,000 lbs.
8' 3"
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