Harmar Spreader Bar Docking Device with bridle

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  • Designed for use with Harmar AL lif systems
  • Easily attach your scooter or power chair to the lift for easy loading or unloading
  • Includes a spreader bar docking device with power chair bridles

This device is used for lifting many different types of power wheelchairs. This unit allows the chair to be lifted by hooking to the frame of the chair. It has adjustable straps on each side which allows the spreader bar to attach to be used with different styles of docking devices such as the twin docking device or the power chair bridles that are shown below. This device spans the seat of the chair and picks it up from the sides. This also includes the bridles, which attch to the frame of your power chair and are used with the spreader bar.

Spreader bar docking device with power chair bridles
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