Wheelchair & Scooter Lift Docking Devices

These wheelchair and scooter docking device allow you to easily attach your chair the the AL series of quality lift systems. There are also several different optional accessories to customize your wheelchair lift to your individual situation.

Item # Description Status Price Quantity
DD14 Power chair bridles
DD17 T-Bar docking device (must remove seat, can't use C-arm)
DD19 Adjustable C-arm (with telescoping docking device)
DD20 Spreader Bar docking device (T-bar style)
DD21 Spreader bar docking device with power chair bridles
DD41 Docking device for Jazzy Select powerchair


Harmar mobility offers a complete line of docking devices and options for use with the AL055, AL065, AL200, and AL400 series of wheelchair and scooter lifts. These devices allow the different styles of scooters and power wheel chairs on the market today to easily attach to the lift end for easy loading and unloading. Because the variety of ways that scooter and power chairs are manufactured, no one docking device will work with every style of scooter or wheelchair. Many of the most popular docking device combinations are conveniently packaged together for your convenience.

T-Bar Docking Device

This docking device is for use with most scooters with a seat post. To use this device, the seat of the scooter must be removed so the hook on the strap can attach unless it is used with a C-Arm which allows the seat to be left (see below). The loop is adjustable to allow the vehicle to be lifted over its center of gravity. The generic docking device is the minimum device required to lift most scooters.


This is a device that is used in many cases with the generic docking device to allow the scooter to be lifted without the removal of the seat. This handy device comes in two different sizes to accommodate the many different types of seats that are on scooters. The C-arm's come in regular size (8-1/2" opening) or in a tall size (10-1/2" opening)

Spreader Bar

This device is used for lifting many different types of power wheelchairs. This unit allows the chair to be lifted by hooking to the frame of the chair. It has adjustable straps on each side which allows the spreader bar to attach to be used with different styles of docking devices such as the twin docking device or the power chair bridles that are shown below. This device spans the seat of the chair and picks it up from the sides. Part# DD20,DD21

Power Chair Bridles

This type of docking device is used when the other types of docking devices are not applicable. The bridles attach to the frame of the power chair and are used in conjunction with the spreader bar. On many chairs the bridles will attach using existing bolt holes in the frame. Although, there are times when holes must be drilled to allow proper attachment of the bridles to the frame of the chair being used. part# DD14

Offset Post Option

For tailgate or curbside applications, the offset post option is the answer. The 10 inch offset and 190 degree rotation provides additional clearance around tailgates on trucks and suburbans or for lifting full assembled scooters or chairs into the back of full size or mini vans and station wagons. This option is available exclusively on the AL200 and AL400 wheelchair and scooter lift models.

Tall Post Option

When additional lifting height is required and the extra headroom is available, the tall post option fits the bill. Minimum clearance of 37" is required when using this option. This option is available exclusively on the AL200 and AL400 wheelchair and scooter lift models.

Please call us toll free at 1-888-651-3431 with your wheelchair or scooter model to find out which docking device you will require.

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