Kill Shot 500 lb. Capacity Deluxe Hitch-Mounted Deer Hoist with Swivel & Gambrel

Save $25.00
  • Manufactured from durable, powder-coated steel
  • 360 degree swivel with 4 position locking pin system
  • Includes adjustable foot to support hoist in hitch
  • Heavy duty winch handles up to 500 lbs.
  • 25-1/2" clearance from hitch for easy access to vehicle
  • Includes 24" gambrel
  • Height adjusts from 81" to 95-3/4"

This deluxe deer hoist has features you won’t find elsewhere - a 360-degree swivel, an adjustable support foot, and over 25-1/2" of clearance from your truck for easy vehicle access. With a huge 500 lb. weight capacity, this hoist will be able to handle even your heaviest game. Perfect for effortlessly cleaning, skinning, or loading large game, this hoist is an essential piece of equipment for your hunting arsenal. This hoist simple to assemble and install and easily attaches to a 2" Class III or IV hitch receiver. This hoist also comes with an integrated handle which make it easy to rotate the game hoist or for carrying it. This multi-use lift is not only perfect for cleaning, skinning, and loading large game, but also works great for cavity irrigation and deer aging in temperatures less than 45°F.

43 lbs.
500 lbs.
Overall lifting height varies depending on the vehicle hitch height.

Review Summary (Based on 88 Reviews)


5 Stars Deer and Hog Lift

Van from GA wrote (December 02, 2017):

I normally do not write reviews but this product for the price was exceptional. I am 64 years old and disabled from two strokes about eight years ago. This lift was easy to assemble, shipping time was 2 days. I was impressed with the quality of this lift. Now I will be able to load deer and hogs or anything else by myself.

5 Stars Kill hot Tripod Game Hoist

Kevin from TN wrote (July 27, 2017):

Just received and assembled the hoist. It will be used for dressing deer and hogs. Very impressed with the construction, expect it to work well. Also like the price!

5 Stars Great Lift

Tim from GA wrote (June 20, 2017):

Use it to load onto truck and into boat. Bad back keeps me from lifting. Great product.

5 Stars Glad I bought this

Bob from GA wrote (June 12, 2017):

I bought this because I have a bad back and I didn't need to be lifting my Honda eu3000 generator or my 95qt Pelican cooler into my truck. This hitch hoist was not just easy to assemble or set up but it does the job. I like the welded handle by the winch it makes swinging my load into the truck easy not to leave out the nice bearings and races that make it smooth. Shipping weight is 40 lbs but because I can break this down into 2 easily handled sections I don't have a problem carrying it. That handle also makes it nice to carry the upper portion. I have a Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 and I lifted my generator with room to spare. And putting the main part on top of the base isn't too high so assembly is easy. First time using I would say that in about 5 minutes I had my generator in my truck. I highly recommend this hitch hoist. Just keep an eye on the first roller while lifting, if tour not lined up it will roll over the roller. Once I caught it I didn't have a problem. I chalked that up to user error

5 Stars Hitch Lift for deer

Walter from TX wrote (February 14, 2017):

I was blown away at the derail in the design. Adjustable height extensions, swivel bearings.

4 Stars Deer Hoist Swivel

J from KS wrote (February 09, 2017):

Great concept. Assembly is easy. The small pin clip attaching the deer hoist to the hitch tube does not hold adequately.

5 Stars Best hoist I have used

Jeff from IL wrote (February 02, 2017):

Great hoist. Strap started to fray. Called Discount Ramps and without a hitch (no pun intended) the gal said she would send out a new strap. Apparently I had the black strap. They are sending a red strap which the gal said is heavy duty. The swivel feature on this lift is top notch. It actually uses a tapered roller bearing. Swivels effortlessly. I highly recommend this lift.

5 Stars Durability

Bob from NC wrote (January 31, 2017):

Was initially concerned about durability. No concerns, product is well bult and sturdy. Great purchase

5 Stars Great Value, awesome product.

Cody from TX wrote (December 24, 2016):

This rack greatly surpasses the more expensive competition. I will be ordering 2 more for gifts soon! Buy one while they last!!!!

5 Stars Awesome!!!!!!

John from ID wrote (December 03, 2016):

I love this I have been looking at these for a couple years and finally pulled the trigger and purchased one I'm 52 and I have a tall truck and its hard for me to load my deer by myself also I have a gas pump and a gas generator and they are heavy and combersom and I will use this to help load them. This is vary well built and great quality I love that it uses real bearings for the turret. Thanks for your quality of product ease of ordering and good pricing.

5 Stars Mounted Deer Hoist

Michael from CO wrote (November 08, 2016):

The hoist works perfect for deer hunting. Love the ease of it mounting in the hitch work great on the truck.

5 Stars Deer hoist

Gail from LA wrote (November 03, 2016):

Ordered this deer hoist for my husband to use lifting & cleaning his deer when he goes to Kansas every year to hunt those big bucks. He is 60 & has a bad back & really struggled getting his deer loaded. This will pay for itself in skipping the Chiropractor bills!

5 Stars Awesome Product

Joe from GA wrote (October 29, 2016):

I just bought my 500lbs lift off of Amazon it's the best lift for deer prossessing that I have used I love it. It's got a bearing on the swivel makes it very smooth to swing around and also it's got 4 locking positions that are really nice, and I like how high it can go very adjustable and awesome..

5 Stars very good tool

Bill from AL wrote (October 08, 2016):

I bought the 500# game hoist to lift my riding mower.The black strap is rated at 250#.The lifts now include a red strap rated at 500#.I called customer service-they were very customer oriented-I requested that they send me the red strap-they said OK.I noticed most of the reviews were concerned with strap issues,so I recommend you call the toll free # and ask for customer service.

5 Stars Just what I needed

Morris from IN wrote (October 05, 2016):

Strong, sturdy, well built and best of all, IT WORKS! Makes gutting and loading a 200 lb deer a simple one man job. Money well spent.

4 Stars gem state hunter

Jerry from ID wrote (September 27, 2016):

I just received the swivel base hitch game hoist last week and have used it twice. I would have gave it a five star rating but the webbing has started to part where it is sewed at the safety hook (a replacement is on the way and was a very pleasant "no hassle" conversation on the replacement)! I used it to hoist my generator into the back of my pickup it really saved on my back. I also purchased a 1 1/4 to 2 inch hitch adaptor for my 4 wheeler and it works very well. I would recommend drilling a couple of extra hole in the foot extender because it will not extend far enough to reach the ground when wanting to use the first holes when the hoist is used with a 4 wheeler. I believe that it is the best on the market and would recommend it to anyone who is a hunter or recreationalist

5 Stars What a Fantastic Hoist!

Al from MN wrote (August 23, 2016):

At a 'senior' age I'm finding it harder to load large game into the back of my pick up. The hoist does the job with ease. The ball bearing swivel rotates very easily. It's well made and it is just as easy to assemble.

5 Stars big time

W C from FL wrote (August 19, 2016):

this is a big time unit.....just what i needed for my 4000 watt gen. to get in and out of my truck.... it will also be used to clean deer since i hunt in "far back" places....great product...

4 Stars Pretty close

John from AL wrote (July 06, 2016):

Have not used during deer season as of yet but has been a back saver with hogs up to 350lbs. Gambrel to wide for the hogs the hip structure is just to narrow but I tie a loop over the hocks and slip rope over the clip, works ok. Winch able to take the job but the strap does seem to have quite a bit of give with the heavier pigs, I do have some concern with a few large boars I'm trying to nail. Box arrived with slight damage which allowed moisture to enter, small area of light surface rust, easily cleaned with 00 steel wool and a shot of krylon. Put up and take down as I move from site to site a bit of a pain but just means it's sturdy. I have recommended to friends and 2 have purchased after seeing mine in use.

5 Stars Great thus far

Joe Clark from OH wrote (April 03, 2016):

My wife recently purchase this for me and installation was a breeze. 7 easy steps with pictures, which I always appreciate. The steel seems to be durable and that is should last several deer over the years to come. I will plan to review again once I have actually put it into place and seen what it can do, but thus far, I am pleased with the product. Only negative I think will be the strap and how long it will last, but other than that I cannot complain.

5 Stars Kill Shot 500 lb hoist...a versatile tool

Larry from CO wrote (March 22, 2016):

I ordered this hoist as a means of lifting heavy objects into and out of a pickup truck. The hoist is well-built, swivels easily, and allows one person to load heavy tools and equipment into and out of a work truck. I'm very pleased with the hoist as well as the quick shipping. I'm sure some of my friends and acquaintances will order one of the hoists, maybe even for hunting!

4 Stars Kill Shot game hoist

Keith from TX wrote (March 16, 2016):

I ordered this and it came in a few short days later. Having a new toy in the garage made me want to go to the woods to try it out. The first time out in the field with the hoist, and a 208 lb Boar walks out. The hoist worked just liked I hoped, the bearings rotated like they were supposed to. The only thing bad I can say is that the strap is not quality. After getting the beast into the cooler and cleaning up all the tools. I noticed where the strap had stretched so much that it is starting to fray. So now I am looking for a new winch strap before I get a real big animal and it breaks the strap. The hoist claims to be able to handle 500 Lbs and I believe that the hoist could do it but not with the cheap winch strap that comes in the box.

5 Stars Banquet Purchase

Deanna PIttman from OR wrote (March 12, 2016):

Bought as a prize at the annual Oregon Hunter's Association fundraising banquet. Winner was thrilled and eager to utilize. Everyone was pleasantly surprised where I had purchased it and many want to get one themselves.Can't thank you enough for delivering on time!

5 Stars Deer hoist

Steve from OK wrote (February 22, 2016):

Works great to lift deer and hogs into truck bed or my side by side utv

5 Stars Swivel hitch mount deer hoist

Wayne from FL wrote (February 10, 2016):

I recently purchased this deer hoist and I haven't used it for a deer yet but I did hoist myself (195 lbs.). It works very well and assembles in 15 minutes. No more looking for a tree to hoist and skin my deer and with the tailgate open I have a place to lay my knives and saw without losing them in the leaves and dirt. It is a bit heavy and it will break down to two major pieces that will store in the bed of my truck.

5 Stars nice

Rebecca Morris from NC wrote (January 30, 2016):

It is a very nice lift. Have not used it on a deer yet, but very pleased with what I have used it for.

5 Stars Works Great!

Mark from VA wrote (January 25, 2016):

My girlfriend bought me this for Christmas and I was lucky enough to get a late season doe, a big one. And I didn't have to haul it in my truck all by myself this time. This hoist made it so simple. I love it!

5 Stars Sturdy Deer Hoist

Gregg from IN wrote (January 19, 2016):

I have a permanent hoist at my "home" hunting property, but I needed something to field dress and skin my deer when I hunt new areas. I was pleasantly surprised how sturdy and well-built this hoist was - superior quality. The bearing makes swiveling the deer to and from the truck bed very easy. Assembly was simple - directions and hardware were perfect. If you're in the market for this type of product, I would highly recommend it. AWESOME PRODUCT.

5 Stars Looks Good

Merle from AZ wrote (January 13, 2016):

Just unpacked and assembled the unit - it looks very good. Have not used it - hope it works as good as it looks. Will use it for removing and reinstalling the sliding 5th Wheel hitch in my truck and for hog hunting.

5 Stars Problem solved!

Steve from MO wrote (January 10, 2016):

I do a lot of deer hunting in Northern Missouri. A new law coming out next year will require hunters to bone out your deer in the county where it was killed at to potentially help reduce the spread of CWD. I hunt 200 miles from where I live. We always put our deer in the truck and brought them home. There is no where to hang them unless you put a rope in a tree. With this product, I can now hoist my deer and bone it out with no problem. Great time and back saver.

5 Stars General

Jim from IN wrote (January 02, 2016):

To try out the deer hoist I lifted a 400 lb wood burning stove with no problem. My only problem was how to let it down without breaking a hand. If anyone has an idea how to let a heavy object down without the handle spinning wildly let me know!!

5 Stars Father in law loved it??

Gary from NV wrote (December 30, 2015):

He is one hard man to shop for, has everything and is super picky. After carefully examining it, and I mean checking it over, he smiled. What can I say it was a great Christmas!!

5 Stars Awesome! Far surpassed expectations!

Callie from FL wrote (December 26, 2015):

Bought for my boyfriend to clean in the field. Annual hunting trip to Alabama proved its worth. Def. would recommend this to anyone. Well worth the value strong sturdy and dependable for cleaning the heaviest deer!

5 Stars Hoist

Dana from IA wrote (December 25, 2015):

I'm 55 yrs old and have had hernia surgery, rotator cuff repair and back surgery in the past 5 yrs. Not able to load a deer on my own into my Ranger or pickup. Received this week and assembled it and set it up to check performance. Should work great on deer and looking forward to trying it during late muzzleloader season or next year. Impressed with the high quality.

5 Stars Great design/great price

William from TN wrote (December 12, 2015):

I have been looking for one of these for some time. The product has been designed well and works very efficiently. The bearing in midsection makes spinning 360 degrees a breeze. I have used the system at all heights and found it to work well. My only "thing" is this: The receiver arm is not as tight as it should be; i don't won't it to "wobble" around. Also, larger, longer bucks cause a small amount of bowing when the unit is fully extended-so just don't extend it all the way out. The winch is very solid and the nylon webbing rope is only slightly annoying when it gets twisted. Bottom line: I would buy again-and again-and recommend to anyone looking to get one. No other product is this light, yet this strong. Ease of assembly/disassembly is AMAZING. Thanks for a great product!

5 Stars wish I had one of these years ago

steven house from MN wrote (December 10, 2015):

This lift is very practical, it was easy to assemble easy to use and very practical it saves the back!!!

5 Stars Hitch Hoist

Robert from TX wrote (November 24, 2015):

I've been looking at this for a couple of years and finally bought it. It worked great, especially with my uncle having a hurt back! Loading the deer into the truck was no problem. When cleaning the deer, the height was just right to reach everything without having to stoop too much. I can also see many future uses for this hoist other than hunting. My only issue was a slight one with my hitch receiver being a little "wollered out," and I can see the possibility of some future issues with the bearings coming apart during assembly/disassembly, but I can deal with that if needed. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

5 Stars Great Quality

Rodney from MS wrote (November 24, 2015):

Excellent quality product, the swivel system is the best I've seen. Very smooth and well built. A must have for any hunter.

5 Stars Awsome helper

Mervyn from MN wrote (November 24, 2015):

This hoist is an awsome helper. I was in a bad auto accident in the spring of 2014 and I am no longer able to lift and pull on any amount of weight like I used to and this hoist makes things a lot easier for me to load things in my pickup or utv. I loaded three deer by my self in the last deer season and I can see how this would work great for any other lifting needs that might come is a great product and I would recomend it to anyone.

5 Stars Worked good out of the box

Matt from AR wrote (November 13, 2015):

I just got my hoist. I was able to put it together in about 15 min (I took my time actually). The directions were really easy and well illustrated on the sheet that comes with it. Box that it came in was well packaged. I am a brand new hunter and I was very pleased at what seems to be the perfect product to help me get a big buck up in my truck when I'm hunting alone. It is very sturdy and heavy duty which I like and the swivel function will be a life saver if I ever need to just get it up in the truck and go.

5 Stars Quality Product

Jon from TX wrote (November 11, 2015):

You can't go wrong with purchasing this product! It is quality made, easy to use, & accomplishes the task it is made for!!

5 Stars Great hoist!!

Kevin from SC wrote (November 06, 2015):

Yep, simple to put together, quality construction, hoists.....swivels....lifts like a champ. Use your tailgate as a table for your coolers and cutting board. Perfect for when you kill a deer and your all alone needing to lift it into your truck. Don't know how I got along without it. If you are on the fence trying to decide.....JUST BUY THE DANG THING! You won't look back.

5 Stars For use on RZR800.

Kyle from GA wrote (October 27, 2015):

First I want to say I ordered it on a Tuesday and I had it on Friday and ready to use sorry to say i had no luck that weekend. I bought this unit to attach to my RZR800 side by side because I can't load a deer in it by myself and it is hard to load one even if 1 on my buddies helps (the back of RZR800 is a little high and I am a little verticaly challenged) so I have made a few small modifications to the unit and now I can load anything I want into the back of my RZR by my self without bothering my buddies.

5 Stars Great Product

Michael from SC wrote (October 06, 2015):

Awesome! So glad I bought this. Was easy to assemble out of the box and is quick and easy to set up in the field. Love using it and my back appreciates not having to drag the deer into the truck. Love how it Swivels. Having the bushings locked or recessed into either half of the two main parts would be better than the way they are exposed right now when you pull the two pieces apart.

5 Stars Great item

Ruth from OH wrote (September 28, 2015):

Super fast shipment. The deer hoist swivel is just what my husband was looking for. With this no more injuries while skinning a deer (at least less likely). Easy to load and dress.

5 Stars Fast shipping - well designed

Lew from MN wrote (September 16, 2015):

Ordered on Friday - on my truck on Tuesday. This product is sturdy, well designed and easy to assemble. Looking forward to its first trial in the field - should be a back saver.

5 Stars Buy it!

Jim from MN wrote (September 14, 2015):

Ridiculously fast shipping..... Think I had it on my doorstep in two days! Assembly was a breeze, solid piece of equipment. Looking forward to testing it out come deer season


JON from CA wrote (August 12, 2015):

My wife and I have gotten some big deer, and bear, and when alone find it diffacult toload up on truck when alone. we found this product and decided that it was exactly what we needed. but was sceptical about it. as soon as it got here which was in days, I immediately had to try it out. It fit the hitch with no problem all else was the same no problems. lifted my generator into truck with ease.I,m very pleased with the overall preformance, and looks. thx for a great product. i would reccommend this to my freinds.

4 Stars Excellent Service

Venado from TX wrote (July 30, 2015):

Ordered the lifting device on 7/23 and it was delivered today 7/30, hard to beat that for service from When it arrived it had broken through the packing and part was protruding out of the box but I accepted it because this is a durable device and I figured a little UPS Ground abuse was well within its ability and I was right, all parts were there and it went together perfectly. This lift is very well made and I am sure that it is going to do a good job in picking up deer and big stinky hogs..!


MITCH from WI wrote (July 13, 2015):


4 Stars Arrived quickly, Easy to assemble.

David from CA wrote (May 06, 2015):

A friend had one of these hoists on a previous hunt and it worked so well I needed to get one for my solo hunting trips. I ordered it and it arrived in 1 week securely packaged. It took 15 min. to assemble with a socket & box wrench and now takes less then 5 min. to pull out of the truck and install ready to field dress your game. Previous to this lift I had an inexpensive pulley system with gambrel sold at most sporting good stores. I had to rig it to my trucks lumber rack or find a suitable tree to hang it from. It would take one person pulling the rope and one person lifting to get the game up high enough to work on. This hoist makes this part of the hunt so much more easy. No more searching for the right tree. No more field dressing on the ground fighting dirt, leaves and grass. Just hoist up the animal, dress it out and pivot it right into the back of your vehicle.

4 Stars Receiver Hitch Hoist

Ray Benjamin from AR wrote (March 28, 2015):

For the price this is an excellent product. It is a real back saver for a person that works mainly by himself and needs a bit of help loading anything into the bed of a pickup. After the initial use my only thought was"Why didn't I get one of these earlier?".

5 Stars Saved my back!

Gene from TX wrote (March 27, 2015):

This is a well built, sturdy, albeit heavy, hitch mounted hoist. First time out used it to load a 250+ lb hog into my back never had it so good!

5 Stars Even I can do this!!!

Nan from NC wrote (March 05, 2015):

I am an avid hunter AND a wife of an avid hunter. My precious husband wanted to get an easy to handle hoist for me when HE is hunting in another state. We got this last week, attached it to the truck to see the difficulty, and was very pleasantly surprised to find how simple but extremely handy this will be next hunting season. I am after the BIG one that eluded me this year!!!!

5 Stars Great for an Old Man

Jim from TX wrote (February 26, 2015):

The hoist is well built and very sturdy. It is just what the doctor ordered. I mean that literally. I missed most of last season because of a hernia. Had to have surgery and was able to get back into the field in late December. Doc said : Be Careful Out There.. The hoist worked perfectly. I recommend it 100%

5 Stars Makes a great gift!

Kevin & Betsy from FL wrote (January 19, 2015):

We purchased this hoist for our great neighbors that took us hunting on their farm in Illinois. After a couple of successful hunts, we found out real soon that a good way to thank them would be to get something to help them in loading and processing those big deer. They put it to use real soon and sent us pictures to show us how helpful it was!

5 Stars Deer hoist

Marcus from GA wrote (January 17, 2015):

Arrived quickly and worked great. Appears to be well built.

5 Stars Deer Hoist

Ben Cottle from TX wrote (January 15, 2015):

Because of my age, I could no longer lift a non-field dressed deer into my pickup. I had a home made battery operated lift, but it was hard to use in all situations. I bought this deer hoist and used it for the first time this season. I shot my buck in heavy brush, drug him some 15 yards to where I could get my pickup close to him, set up my hoist and wrenched him to my truck, lifted and swiveled him on to my tailgate, and drove to a more suitable area for field dressing. The deer had not been disconnected from the hoist, so I swiveled him off the tailgate and raised him high enough to field dress.. I then swiveled him into the bed of my truck for transporting out of the pasture. Because of the hoist I was able to do all this by myself with a minimal amount of effort. I recommended it to my daughter-in-law for my Son and she gave it to him for Christmas. For convenience, I leave my hoist partially assembled. So I bought a heavy duty over-sized duffle-bag (30"x50") to store and transport it in. My deer hunting extended because of the hoist.

5 Stars Save your BACK!

Abe from TX wrote (January 14, 2015):

Love this hoist as it is necessary when you are hunting alone or just have a large animal to lift into the truck bed. I bought this one with the extended piece so that I could leave the tailgate down and lift AND swivel the deer into the bed. I keep it separated into 2 pieces for easy storage in the off season. I am 65 and hunt alone. This is a huge back saver! Had a friend help me assemble it and he ending up ordering one for his dad.

5 Stars Great Hoist

Dan from NJ wrote (January 14, 2015):

I was looking for something to help load deer into the back of my pickup after harvesting an extra heavy deer in November. I had to load it by myself and in doing so aggravated a previous shoulder and elbow injury. This hoist will be just the ticket for loading a deer into a pickup. It is in the back of my truck right now.

5 Stars Well built and works great

Eddie from OK wrote (January 14, 2015):

I have already skinned and processed two Doe. Drove to the deer and hooked them up swung them around into the bed of the truck and drove to an area to field dress, skin and process. This is a very functional product not just for deer but any heavy item you need to move.

5 Stars great product

kevin from MS wrote (January 06, 2015):

It was packed very good assembly only took 20 minutes . Love the 360 degree swivel. Cant wait to use it.

4 Stars Works great

Don from WY wrote (January 04, 2015):

I have used my hoist for 2 hunting seasons and it works great. I use it for hanging whole (no gutting) mule deer and antelope so I can skin and process the animal in the field which allows me to continue hunting. I live in Wyoming it is not uncommon to be hours from asphalt roads. It also works great for loading large bull elk. Just cut the elk in half so it will clear the truck bed, lift and swing the animal into the truck. No manual lifting on a elk is a real plus especially when you are lifting dead weight.

5 Stars Will work way better than what I had...

Daniel from WY wrote (January 01, 2015):

This product was easy to assemble. Though I haven't used it yet, and probably won't until next hunting season, it will be far more useful than the homemade contraption I had been using. The 360 degree swivel is a big plus.

5 Stars Great product

Marcus from GA wrote (December 28, 2014):

Only took a few days to get here on Christmas Eve. Easy to assemble and worked great for getting my 5th wheel hitch out of my truck.

5 Stars Well made

Richard Day from IN wrote (December 25, 2014):

This lift is one of the sturdiest lifts I found. We use it for more than loading deer, it comes in handy most of the heavy lifting we need it for.

5 Stars good Hoist

John from NE wrote (December 09, 2014):

Bought this hoist in early October. Great buy, Works better then I thought it would. I am disabled and cant load a deer in the back of my truck by my self anymore. I have loaded skinned and deboned two deer with this hoist. Wish I HAD THIS HOIST 20 years ago. My friends who hunt all want one. One is asking his wife if he could have one for Christmas. Also it was shipped to my house in 2 days

5 Stars Awsome product

Dwayne from LA wrote (December 08, 2014):

Made like a great piece of hunting equipment. Looks and works great all the way from the packaging to the truck.

5 Stars I'm very, very impressed!

Doug from TX wrote (December 07, 2014):

I read the reviews before ordering mine and was satisfied that it would do the job I needed. It is very well constructed and high quality workmanship. The finish is smooth and it was packed really well when I got it. Mine came with instructions that were easy to follow and I had it together in a few minutes. It is so well made i have to agree with the one who said it would be hard to build it yourself for the price paid. I have a bad back and this hoist will save me from some tough lifting and make things so much easier not to mention saving time not having to look for a tree to rig my rope hoist into for skinning and quarreling a deer or hog. I will certainly be telling everyone about this swiveling hoist! What an awesome Christmas gift for a hunter!

5 Stars Great Hoist for the $

Tyler from ID wrote (December 05, 2014):

This hoist is excellent. I chose this hoist above others or rebuilding my own becuase the price was right and it had the features I wanted. It's adjustable height makes it higher than many I've seen and the weight capacity is a huge bonus for the larger mulies. I haven't used this with elk or moose, but I plan on hanging halves or quarters on this at least. The bottom support is a huge bonus and I'm sure if you strapped the top and cranked it towards the front of the truck for additional support, it could be enough to support an elk. The swivle action on this is great and I was impressed by the bearing structure that allows this. It took me about 15 minutes to put together and the instructions were very clear and easy to follow! Thanks for a great product.

4 Stars Very well built hoist

Jeremy from MS wrote (December 02, 2014):

This hoist is very well built. Made from heavy tubing and everything lines up perfectly. Very easy to assemble. Only thing that could be improved would be the quality of the winch. But for the price its a very good product.

5 Stars Likes

Charles from TX wrote (November 26, 2014):

Hoist came on time and everything was packed in styrofoam inside of cardboard box. No damages and the instructions were clear and concise. I assembled the hoist in the living room floor before carrying it outside. I additionally purchased two bolt-on hitch receivers for my two utility trailers. Mounted them on the left rear area between the wheel and tailgate. Great for having trailer connected to vehicle and still able to use hoist to load items onto trailer. Each trailer hitch receiver assembly cost less than $20.

5 Stars Multipurpose

Richard from IN wrote (November 24, 2014):

Are primary reason for the purchase was for lifting deer to get in the truck bed. My husband and I are not able to lift as much anymore, we thought this would be useful for various application as well. Now that we have the hoist, which we received in 2 days of our order, we see that it is very capable of doing most of the lifting we will require of it.

5 Stars Fantastic

Brad Alexander from WA wrote (November 20, 2014):

The shipping for this product was exceptionally fast and when I took it out of the box it was very easy to assemble. I was impressed with the durability and simplicity of this product and I will definitely be recommending it to all of my friends. Aside from the product it's self the customer service that I received was exemplary. I am in canada and the customer service individual knew exactly how to handle my out of country order while at the same time maintaining a notably cheerful demeanor. This is a good company and it shows.

5 Stars AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Hal Reed from TX wrote (November 14, 2014):

let me explain first, I purchased this product for a TOTALLY different reason then hunting. I'm a disabled vet with knee, back, and other injuries that limit my mobility. I use a trail trailer, that requires a Generator that weighs 310 pounds (stupid over built honda). I use the game lift to raise the generator in and out of the bed to my truck so I can do this myself instead of waiting on three people to help lift the generator in and out. Purchased thru, this is the best thing I've found next to 4wheeler ramps to get the genny in and out of the truck! I'm sure I'll be using this for hunting but for now, its a generator Hoist.

5 Stars Terrific Product

Scott from NC wrote (November 05, 2014):

Very nice product. I had plans of welding my own very similar to this design when I found it online with Discount Ramps after ordering another one of their products. This product is very substantial and strong. It could be used for lifting additional items other than just deer. Terrific service team and customer support. I will definitely buy from Discount Ramps again and they get my recommendation.

5 Stars WOW!!! Deluxe Is absolutly the operative word for this hoist.

Douglas W. from CA wrote (October 29, 2014):

This hoist has the looks, fit, finish and feel of a true deluxe item. I could see the conceptual forethought and planning that went in to the design and am very impressed. As a "do it your self" man, I thought about making one and I am so glad I didn't. With the high quality material they used in making this, along with the powder coating, It hurts me to say this, but " I don't see how I could have made it any better", not without exceeding the price of what it sells for, anyway... I am looking forward to using this for our up-coming Wyoming pronghorn antelope hunt, where a good tree to clean our game may be difficult to find. Furthermore, I have an F250 Superduty and the tailgate has plenty of clearance to be lowered and can be used as a table or raised for extra room while cleaning game. The Deluxe Hoist can be partly disassembled and stored in a truck bed tool box or you can lay it across the rear floor of a crew cab like I do. I will use this hoist mostly for deer and actionably for antelope, bear and pig. Stop your ho humming and buy with confidence, you and your hunting buddies will definitely be impressed with the quality and strength of this 360 hoist, I know I am...

5 Stars Oustanding service

John from GA wrote (October 26, 2014):

Hoist works as advertised and the service I received for Discount Ramps was great.

5 Stars Deer hoist

Eddie from OK wrote (October 20, 2014):

Great product. It would have been nice to have assembly directions as would have taken less time to assemble

4 Stars deer hoist

Dewy from ND wrote (October 19, 2014):

As others have pointed out...a little disappointed in no instructions details or parts list for future reference. There is a nice one on the web but why not finish the sale and include it in the shipment. Somewhat damaged and scraped up during shipping but will work fine. A little disappointed in the type of roller bearing and seat (larger one), used for the rotation. I will be changing it out with a sealed bearing like the upper one is, my cost I suppose. Shipping was prompt!

5 Stars Deer Hoist

Brannon from AL wrote (October 15, 2014):

Just received the deer hoist today and finished putting it together. It seems to be made well. Can't wait to use it this fall. It was pretty simple to put together, but it would have been nice to have instructions.


Rich I love to bow hunt and fish retired from NE wrote (October 14, 2014):

I was very satisfied with this item its heavy duty and will stand up for years I bought it because Im 68 years old and lifting deer into my pickup is to hard now

4 Stars Deluxe Deer Hoist

I am retired. I can't lift & maneuver heavy objects like I used from AR wrote (October 02, 2014):

The product appears to be well constructed & solid. The box was a bit battered up off the UPS truck. Upon opening, the product looked like it had been through an Oklahoma dust storm and after cleaning things up, I noticed quite a few minor scuff marks/scratches on the powder coated parts (not sure if this is the result of QC testing or what, but in any case it is cosmetic). There were no assembly instructions with the product, but a quick e-mail to "Contact Us" at Discount Ramps resulted in an electronic copy of the instructions within an hour. I am anxious to put it together and give it a try.

5 Stars Awesome product.

chris from LA wrote (September 24, 2014):

I like this product. It was very easy to assemble even though shipper destroyed the box losing the instructions. Picks up very easy so hunting by yourself is no longer a worry.

5 Stars deluxe deer hoist

Gil from CO wrote (September 20, 2014):

Great item for hunting in areas without a object to hoist an animal up. love the design and materials used to construct this hoist. Plan on using it for other items than animals. Ball bearing swivel is great too.

5 Stars great game hoist

george from GA wrote (September 18, 2014):

easy to assemble built very sturdy a great game hoist

5 Stars NOT just for deer

Tim from MN wrote (September 18, 2014):

I bought this for getting my honda generator in and out of the back of my truck. At 144lbs it was just to much weight for my back. It works awesome. I'm even able to lift my kayaks on to the ladder racks. I would like to thank Kent for personally helping me get my order placed.

5 Stars deer hoist swivel

Dan from MI wrote (September 17, 2014):

hoist is built better than I expected, heavy tube steel, angled supports, steel bearing assy for the swivel part, just what i wanted....only thing better would have been an instruction manual included..luckily its easy to assemble.

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