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How to Transport a Snowblower in a Truck or SUV

 Posted on: October 20th, 2023

Trailer Ramp Ends

Whether you’re launching a snow removal business or you just need to get your snowblower to your mother’s house to clear her driveway, transporting this bulky, heavy piece of equipment can be a challenge.

With the right gear, like ramps and cargo carriers, you can make loading and unloading a snowblower from your vehicle a breeze. Read on to learn about the three easiest ways to transport a snowblower—in a pickup truck bed, in the back of an SUV or on a hitch-mounted cargo carrier.

Before You Start

Safety Considerations for Transporting Your Equipment

Practice equipment safety at all times while transporting your snowblower:

  • Never place your hands or other body parts in the blade area to move the machine.
  • Gasoline-powered snowblowers should never be tipped or placed on their side/back for transport or storage, as the petrol could leak out or leak into other areas of the engine.
Snowblower snow thrower with measurement lines

Measure Your Snowblower

No matter how you intend on transporting your equipment, you'll need to know how large it is before.

  • If you're going to load it up using ramps, start by measuring the width of the snowblower from the outside of both wheels. You will need a ramp at least that wide; ideally wider to allow for wiggle room as you load. High-quality full-width loading ramps can accommodate snowblowers of any size. For larger models, we recommend models like the Black Widow Aluminum Extra-Wide Punch Plate Multifold Ramp. It’s easy to set up and use, helping you get your snowblower from ground to truck bed—or vice versa—in a matter of minutes.
  • If you're not sure it will fit in a carrier or the cabin, measure the overall length, width and height beforehand and confirm that your carrier, trailer or cabin will be able to accommodate your equipment.
Man Loading Snowblower Into Truck With Black Widow Dual Runner Ramps
Loading up a snowblower with the Black Widow Aluminum Punch Plate Dual Runners for extra grip and traction.

In the bed of a pickup truck

No matter how far you’re traveling with your snowblower, it’s easy to transport this piece of equipment if you have a pickup truck and the right gear. Follow these simple steps to get your snowblower into and out of the back of your pickup truck:

  1. Once you’ve purchased the right ramp, it's time to secure it to your truck. Drop the tailgate and set the ramp connector plate or connector fingers on the tailgate. Use tie-down straps (if included, otherwise make sure you have your own on hand) to secure the ramp to the truck to prevent it from kicking out.
  2. When the ramp is secure, maneuver the snowblower behind the ramp. Once in position, push the snowblower slowly up the ramp while keeping the wheels on course. Push the snowblower into the truck bed as far as possible.
  3. Secure the snowblower to your truck with ratchet straps. Always secure a ratchet strap around the motor, since that's the heaviest part of the snowblower. Be sure to strap down the highest point of the machine too: the handles. This prevents the snowblower from tipping over as you maneuver around corners. You can secure the straps to rings on the side of your truck bed. If your truck doesn’t have those, take the straps down through the wheel wells and secure them to the undercarriage of the vehicle.
  4. Once the snowblower is tightly strapped in and secure, you can remove the ramps and lock the tailgate back into position.

In the back of an SUV

Large SUVs can often accommodate equipment like a snowblower. Again, you’ll need a set of high-quality ramps to get this heavy piece of equipment off the ground and into the trunk of your SUV. You can follow the steps listed above to transport your snowblower by SUV, except you won’t need to tie down the snowblower with straps using this method.

Hitch-Mounted Cargo Carrier on a Toyota Tacoma
The Aluminum Hitch-Mounted Carrier has a built-in ramp and supports up to 500 lbs.
Snowblower strapped down to Elevate Outdoor Steel Basket Cargo Carrier with Ramp
The Elevate Outdoor Steel Basket Cargo Carrier with Ramp is a popular option for making snowblower transport easier

On a hitch-mounted cargo carrier

If you don’t own a pickup truck and need to transport a heavy, bulky snowblower—no problem! All it takes is a high-quality hitch-mounted cargo carrier with a ramp, and you can transport your snowblower with ease. Here’s how to use this equipment to get your snowblower from point A to point B:

  1. Find the right hitch-mounted cargo carrier with ramp for your purposes, such as the Elevate Outdoor Cargo Carrier with Ramp. With a 500-pound weight capacity and built-in tie-down points, it couldn’t be easier to transport heavy equipment, from snowblowers to lawn mowers, camping gear and anything in between.
  2. Attach the hitch-mounted cargo carrier to your vehicle according to manufacturer’s instructions, taking care to properly tighten the jam nuts and anti-tilt bracket (if included with your carrier model).
  3. Using the built-in ramp, maneuver your snowblower into place on the cargo carrier. Then, secure the snowblower with ratchet straps using the carrier’s built-in tie-down points. Once you’ve determined the snowblower is secure and stable, you can fold the ramp back up in place, and you’re ready to travel.

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Snowy weather is almost here—are you prepared? If you plan on transporting a snowblower or any other piece of heavy equipment this winter, you need a high-quality ramp or hitch-mounted cargo carrier with a built-in ramp. You’ll be able to safely and easily transport your snowblower wherever it needs to go. Need help finding the right equipment for your needs? Talk to the experts at Discount Ramps today!