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How to Choose a Motorcycle Ramp

Full Width Motorcycle Ramps

You're getting ready to load your bike into your truck or trailer, and you don't want to wrestle with it - you want to ride or walk it up a wide ramp with ample room on both sides for your feet. Discount Ramps offers a wide assortment of affordable full-width motorcycle ramps that are designed to make loading motorcycles and dirt bikes safe and easy by providing that extra foot room. The best part? We didn't have to compromise on the strength and durability of our ramps; they are still manufactured with top quality aluminum or steel and come with the weight capacities between 1,200 to 4,500 pounds.

Full-Width vs. Half-Width Ramps

Full-width ramps

  • Better for larger bikes and trikes because you can ride them up
  • Allow you to load bikes without additional help
  • Incredibly stable
  • Higher weight capacities

Half-width ramps

  • Better for smaller bikes because you can roll them up easily
  • Good for when you will have help
  • Require more focus to ensure tires stay on ramp

What Size Ramp Do I Need?

What a good question! To calculate your needed ramp length, you will need to take some measurements of your bike, research the style of ramp you want, and use our motorcycle ramp calculator to determine to length of ramp you'll need. For more detailed information, please read How to Determine Proper Motorcycle Ramp Length.