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Rampage Power Lift Powered Trike Ramp - 8' Long

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  • Includes Rampage Power Lift and Trike Adapter Kit for one-person loading of trikes
  • 1,000 lb. Weight capacity
  • Fits almost any truck, trailer, van, or RV; works on short bed trucks as short as 5' 4"
  • Strong, structural three-piece steel frame; fully powder coated to protect against rust or chipping
  • Loads long- and short-wheelbase trikes
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Riser blocks or planks may be needed to provide additional clearance for pipes or fairings

Load and unload trikes onto your pickup truck safely and effortlessly with this state-of-the-art Rampage Power Lift Trike Ramp, which includes the Rampage Power Lift Ramp and Trike Adapter Kit. The remote-controlled lift turns any short or long bed pickup into a top-of-the-line motorcycle hauling vehicle! It’s not complicated to set up and doesn’t require permanent vehicle modification.

With a simple push-button operation, this powered trike lift is ideal for one-person loading and unloading. The unique configuration fits any short or long bed pickup truck and can even be installed in very short bed trucks like an Avalanche or Crew Cab. In trucks with beds shorter than 8', the unit will extend past the end of the bed and carry the load safely without damaging the tailgate. Developed and tested extensively before its release, the Rampage Power Lift Trike Ramp features a heavy-duty structural steel frame capable of loading up to 1,000 lbs. Featuring a 5,000-lb capacity strap and integrated safety brake, the 2,500-lb capacity Ramsey winch operates on a 12-volt DC system.

The 58" wide Rampage Trike Platform Adapter bolts onto the Rampage Power Lift, and has a durable, black powder-coated steel construction. When loading trikes with low ground clearance due to pipes and fairings, riser blocks or planks may be required.

1,000 lbs.
Fits in 8' bed with tailgate closed
The Rampage Power Lift must be mounted to a flat support bed or frame at or below 39" H. Installation requires approximately 2 hours. The Adapter Kit requires the addition of one hole in each side of the Rampage Power Lift roll frame (ramp part of the Rampage Power Lift).
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  • This product is covered by the manufacturer’s 2 Year Warranty.