Black Widow Aluminum Folding Arched 3-Piece Motorcycle Ramp

  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • 1,500 lb. weight capacity
  • Measures 89"L x 33-1/2"W
  • Arched design for maximum engine and tailpipe clearance
  • Heavy-duty serrated-rung center ramp can be used alone or with two aluminum plate-style side ramps to create a wider surface
  • Solid plate style attachment lip for center section and rubber-coated finger-style attchment points for side ramps
  • Includes five safety straps and bolts needed for assembly

Easily load your ride using this aluminum folding motorcycle ramp. Featuring three ramps for the price of one, this versatile folding ramp system is the perfect solution for transporting your motorbike. Use the heavy-duty, serrated-rung center ramp to load bikes safely onto your pickup truck, or simply attach the plate-style side ramps to load heavier motorcycles up to 1,500 lbs. Once assembled, the entire ramp system folds in half to fit in the bed of your pickup truck, or can be broken down further for more compact storage.

Featuring multiple setup options, this versatile aluminum folding ramp system is the perfect choice for loading your motorcycle onto nearly any pickup truck or trailer. With all three sections connected together using the bolts provided, this heavy-duty ramp allows one person to load up to 1,500 lbs. safely and easily. Drive your bike up or down the ramp with confidence, thanks to the serrated-rung center ramp which provide great traction in all weather conditions. The center ramp provides the proper amount of traction for your bike while the side ramps with their plate surface offer plenty of space to put your feet down. Side ramps have a capacity of 750 lbs. each when used separately.

With their heavy-duty hinges, these lightweight aluminum ramps fold to half their length making storage and transportation as simple as possible. Despite its 1,500-lb weight capacity, the entire system weighs just 56.5 lbs. when bolted together and folds down to an overall height of only 6".

7' 5"
56.5 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
3' 10"
56.5 lbs.
Note: Other companies are selling similar motorcycle bike ramps that are only using a 750 lb weight capacity ATV ramp for the center section and stating that it can hold 2,100 lbs. This is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury or death if you exceed the weight of the center ramp because the weight of the bike and its rider will be distributed on to the center section alone. Loading with those ramps is unsafe even when all of the ramps are bolted together in the middle. This is because by bolting them together you are not adding strength to the arch area which is the weakest area of this type of ramp. We have been in the ramp industry for over 10 years and are loading ramp experts. We have thoroughly tested this configuration in our facility and urge you to do your research before buying a motorcycle ramp because damage to your bike or serious injury is an expensive cost to pay if you have an accident with an inadequate ramp setup.

Review Summary (Based on 7 Reviews)


4 Stars AF 9034 ramp

Calvin Cran from CA wrote (January 16, 2018):

I bought this 2 piece ramp to load my v strom 650 into the back of my F150 and it works very well I just ride up the center and am able to place my feet down on the side ramps as they offer good footing. I can not touch when I first start up the ramp but will add a couple wood piece at the start to help me with foot placement. I am small but can now load myself.

5 Stars Versitle Ramp System

Jim from OR wrote (July 12, 2017):

Good value. Versatile ramp system. I needed a folding ramp system to use with my short bed pickup when hauling my Yamaha XT250 dual sport motorcycle. This one fills the bill just fine.

5 Stars Good Value

Technology Examiner from FL wrote (December 04, 2016):

(1) Flexible product, (2) good value and (3) worked well with my ZX6 and Tundra. (1) I appreciate having a wide ramp system as it allows me to load the bike solo (e.g. w/out someone else helping). It's also nice that it's effectively a three ramp system working as a single ramp. Theoretically giving you options to deploy only what you may need. With the narrow ramps, it's also easier to load them beside the bike during transport. The only down side is that it will take time to setup/break down. (2) This is a pretty good kit for the money. In an effort to pinch pennies but find balance of functionality and price - this gamble paid off. (3) I used the calculator provided to help ensure the length of the ramp was going to be OK. As mentioned earlier, this ramp allowed me to independently load and unload my sport bike on my truck. I don't have wait for someone else to help. That was very valuable to me.

5 Stars Good product

M from VA wrote (December 05, 2015):

Just got it today and tried it out. Worked just as advertised. Light, easy to move around, easy to hook up and handled the weight of my Softail easily.

5 Stars motorcycle ramps

Jeff Clark from OH wrote (July 22, 2015):

Great ramps, light weight, aluminum, an fold up

5 Stars Great for sportbikes!

Kyle from MI wrote (April 08, 2015):

I am happy with the ramps, but I wish I would have used their ramp length calculator tool before purchasing. These ramps are a touch short for loading my 2014 yamaha FZ-09 into my 2009 FX4 F150. I have to drive the front tires of the truck up onto boards so the bike doesn't bottom out at the peak of the ramp when loading. Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, quality material/construction, comes with hardware and ramp straps. Cons: The spacing of the bars on the center loading ramp could be closer together to inspire more confidence when driving up the ramp.

5 Stars Full width 3 ramp system

Jake from WA wrote (February 28, 2015):

These ramps are just what I needed. I am on the small side ( 5'6" 150 Lbs) and I can easily load my softail springer int back of my 4X4 by my self. When the front wheel is on the ramp and the rear is still on the ground it is a little bit of a reach to keep both feet on the ground but is still OK.

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