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How to Load & Tie a Dirt Bike into a Pickup Truck

 Updated on: September 20th, 2019

How to Load and Tie a dirt bike into a pickup truck

Whether you have help or will be loading your dirt bike up solo, this step-by-step guide will walk you through how to get your dirt bike into the bed of your pickup truck while minimizing potential risk. Having the right ramps on hand is crucial, so before you start please check out our guide on How to Choose a Motorcycle Ramp. If you’ve got your ramps and you’re ready to start, then stretch and prepare to move as you safely load and secure your dirt bike.

Loading the Dirt Bike

The loading process is highly manageable if you follow the proper steps to minimize the risks:

Loading the Dirt Bike: Step 1

Park your truck in a flat area – backing the tailgate up to an incline also reduces the angle of your ramp.

Tip: Clear the back of your truck to prevent tripping.

Loading the Dirt Bike: Step 2

Unfold the ramp and place its plate or finger ends onto the edge of the tailgate.

Loading the Dirt Bike: Step 3

Use a tie-down strap to secure the ramp to a metal attachment point on the truck underneath the tailgate.

Tip: Never attach the tie-down strap to a plastic piece!

Loading the Dirt Bike: Step 1

Put your dirt bike into neutral and line it up several feet out from the foot of the ramp.

Loading the Dirt Bike: Step 5

Standing on one side, hold the bike by the handlebars. Have someone on the other side toward the bike’s back end grab hold of a stable area that can take the pressure of being pushed.

Loading the Dirt Bike: Step 6

In a single, coordinated effort, push the dirt bike forward and up the ramp as high as possible.

Loading the Dirt Bike: Step 7

When you’ve reached a stand-still, apply the brake and sit tight while your friend climbs into the truck bed to pull the bike up into the truck (up high on the front forks is a good spot) as you continue to hold the dirt bike upright.

Tying Down the Dirt Bike

Tying Down the Dirt Bike: Step 1

Grab your tie-down straps and attach the first side somewhere above the suspension (usually the handlebars) to an anchor point on the truck. Repeat on the other side, taking care to keep the bike balanced between the two sides. Have your friend press down at the handlebars as you continue to tighten the tie-downs, but not so tight that you don’t have some play to take the bumps you’ll encounter on the road.

Tying Down the Dirt Bike: Step 2

Repeat the tie-down process at the rear of the dirt bike, securing between the frame on both sides and the truck. Again, press down on the suspension to get the straps a bit tighter but not overdoing it, and tuck in the tail ends of the straps.

Tip: When on the road, it is best to occasionally stop to check to make sure nothing has loosened.


  • Check the owner's manual for guidance on the weight rating of your truck's tailgate
  • Avoid totally compressing the suspension of your dirt bike when tying it down, as doing so could cause damage
  • Secure your bike upright without using the side stand – lowering it creates an imbalance when tightening the tie-downs