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PVI Modular XP Aluminum Ramps - Ramp Sections

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  • Modular ramp system creates custom configurations for home or commercial use
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction with handrails
  • Freestanding structure can be moved or modified if needed
  • 36" wide ramps
  • Can bring your business into ADA compliance
  • Made in the USA
Item # Description Weight Availability Price Action
Mod-XP-Ramp-3-HR 3' Ramp 35 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-4-HR 4' Ramp 56 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-5-HR 5' Ramp 66 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-6-HR 6' Ramp 76 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-7-HR 7' Ramp 86 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-8-HR 8' Ramp 96 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-9-HR 9' Ramp 122 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-10-HR 10' Ramp 132 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-11-HR 11' Ramp 142 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-12-HR 12' Ramp 152 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-13-HR 13' Ramp 162 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-14-HR 14' Ramp 172 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-15-HR 15' Ramp 182 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-16-HR 16' Ramp 192 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-17-HR 17' Ramp 218 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-18-HR 18' Ramp 228 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-19-HR 19' Ramp 238 lbs.
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Mod-XP-Ramp-20-HR 20' Ramp 248 lbs.
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Modular XP Ramps - Ramp Sections

These all aluminum modular wheelchair ramp systems are the perfect solution for both home access and commercial use and can bring your business into ADA compliance. Do not risk a lawsuit by not being up to federal ADA standards. This 36" wide modular ramp system has a load carrying capacity of 100 pounds per square foot. These modular ramps consist of standard components that can be assembled quickly and easily with common hand tools. The modular wheelchair ramp components make it easy to move the ramp to a new location or change the configuration. Straight ramps, 90 degree turns, 45 degree turns, and 180 degree switchbacks are designed to meet ADA recommendations. Standard handrails consist of two 1-1/2" diameter horizontal rails. (Optional ADA extensions and guard rails with vertical slats are available on request.) This system is able to accommodate architectural inserts to complement the surroundings. These modular wheelchair ramp systems are strong, durable, portable, and flexible, yet are affordable enough to make it the best alternative to provide quality functional access to many areas. These are great wheelchair ramps for the home or for a business to bring you up to ADA requirements. Custom sizes in one foot increments are available at the guaranteed lowest prices.

100 lbs.
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