Apex Pickup Truck Bedrail Pop-Up Anchor Tie Down

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  • Manufactured from durable steel
  • 400 lbs. working load limit
  • 1,200 lbs. break strength
  • Fits into standard size (2-1/8" square) pickup truck stake pockets
  • Installs quickly using only a screwdriver
  • Bull Ring folds down into recessed area when not in use
Item # Number of Items Width Length Break Strength Work Load Limit Availability Price  
PU-Tie-Down 1 Pack 2-1/4" 3-3/8" 1,200 lbs. 400 lbs.
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PU-Tie-Down-2 2 Pack 2-1/4" 3-3/8" 1,200 lbs. 400 lbs.
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PU-Tie-Down-4 4 Pack 2-1/4" 3-3/8" 1,200 lbs. 400 lbs.
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These easy-to-access anchor points make using tie-down straps in your truck bed a snap. The pop-up anchors fit into standard size pickup truck stake pockets and only need a Philips screwdriver for installation. The Bull Ring style anchor is perfect for quickly attaching S-hook and snap-hook tie-downs and folds down and out of the way when not in use. Each stake pocket tie-down features a 1/8" thick rubber seal to help prevent moisture and debris from entering the pocket, and to protect the bed rail surface. Fits standard pickup truck stake pockets using a 2-1/8" square anchor plate that pinches on the stake pocket lip when tightened. Also available in multi-packs.

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