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RevArc Sled Riser

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  • Manufactured from high-strength, lightweight aluminum
  • Lifts the snowmobile track to keep it from resting on the ramp lip
  • Prevents having to lift the sled physically to remove or install the snowmobile ramp
  • Reduces tailgate stress by moving 40 to 60 percent of the snowmobile weight onto the truck bed
  • Keeps the snowmobile track from freezing to the truck bed during transport
  • Provides traction for unloading the sled
  • Strong aluminum alloy construction

Prevent having to physically lift a long snowmobile to remove the RevArc Snowmobile Ramp by using the RevArc Sled Riser. The Sled Riser lifts the sled off of the top of the ramp, making the ramp easy to remove once the sled is loaded. It also helps prevent damage to the pickup truck tailgate, as the Sled Riser shifts 40 to 60 percent of the snowmobile weight off of the tailgate and onto the truck bed. Installation is simple, just lower the truck tailgate, and place the Sled Riser where the center of the sled ramp will rest. Secure the RevArc Sled Riser with a ratchet strap (not included), and load up the sled. The ramp can then be easily removed, and the snowmobile will ride safely atop the riser.

Unloading becomes easier with the Sled Riser too, as it allows the RevArc Sled Ramp to be installed without needing to lift up the snowmobile. Using the RevArc Sled riser also prevents the snowmobile track from freezing to the bed, and provides traction for unloading even when the truck bed is full of snow and ice. The RevArc Sled Riser is made of the same strong aluminum alloy as the RevArc Sled Ramp.

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