Deluxe Steel Roof Cargo Basket with Wind Fairing - 47-1/4"L x 36-1/2"W x 5"H

Expand a vehicle's capacity to carry cargo, camping gear, and luggage using a rooftop storage rack. This roof basket features a large storage space with plenty of tie down points to secure cargo weighing up to 150 lbs. with nets, bungees, and straps. The roof basket is easy to install with universal fitting brackets designed to clamp to existing roof crossbars. More
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1 Year Warranty

Expand a vehicle's capacity to carry cargo, camping gear, and luggage using a rooftop storage rack. This roof basket features a large storage space with plenty of tie down points to secure cargo weighing up to 150 lbs. with nets, bungees, and straps. The roof basket is easy to install with universal fitting brackets designed to clamp to existing roof crossbars.

  • A safe, reliable way to transport extra cargo with a vehicle
  • Mounts to factory and aftermarket roof crossbars with rubber-coated clamps
  • Semi-transparent wind fairing included to reduce travel noise
  • Durable steel construction with a black powder coat finish

Secure a lot of cargo on the top of your vehicle with a roof rack-mounted cargo basket. Includes a semi-transparent "smoke" fairing to help reduce wind noise. Features adjustable rubber-coated clamps secure to both factory and aftermarket roof racks.

Mount the high quality roof cargo basket onto already existing cargo bars to store more of your cargo. The large 30-1/4" wide x 45-1/4" long x 5" deep surface of the cargo basket comes in two pieces and allows you to transport a lot of cargo. A 5" deep frame structure gives you not only a place to attach cargo nets or bungees, but also a way to contain your luggage inside the cargo basket. The adjustable roof rack clamps are tightened using an included keyed Allen wrench for security. The rubber coating on the clamps prevent your vehicle from getting scratched and also keeps the roof cargo basket from sliding around. Includes a semi-transparent "smoke" fairing designed to help reduce wind noise while traveling. Every roof cargo basket comes with a one year warranty.

Quality Steel Roof Cargo Basket - Includes Semi-Transparent "Smoke" Wind Fairing
24 lbs.
150 lbs.

Product Features

  • Evenly distributed 150 lb. weight capacity
  • Universal fitting mounts to factory and aftermarket crossbars
  • Powder coated black
  • Steel construction and hardware
  • Rubber coated clamps won't scratch your vehicle
  • Free Semi-Transparent "Smoke" Wind Fairing Included
  • Minimum Spacing Required Between Crossbars and Roof is 1-1/4"
  • 1 year warranty
  • Tube Diameter is 1/2"
  • Tube Frame Diameter is 1"

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Please Note: the distance between bars the cargo carrier rests upon should not be less than 21" and greater than 30" apart.


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 17 Reviews)


5 Stars Amazing Customer Service and Price

Al from CO wrote (September 12, 2017):

Loved the cargo basket for our Subaru Outback. Shipping, Price and Customer Service was top notch since I was missing two washers for the fairing.


Mitchell from SC wrote (February 25, 2016):

Man, this roof basket is amazing. I put it together in a bout 20-30 minutes. All the hardware was there and was right. The shipping was done in 3 days! A++++++++ would recommend this basket and this company.

5 Stars Great cargo basket

Mike from HI wrote (December 06, 2015):

I agree with all the positive things the previous reviewers have stated. I too have left off the front wind deflector and cross bar in order to carry items longer than the basket. This way the cargo stays level to the top of the car. I wrapped some black electrical tape around the cross bar holes to keep the rain out of the tubing. So far so good. The only negative thing I have to report, and hopefully it was just my bad luck and not the norm, is that the security Allen wrench provided didn't have a big enough or deep enough hole to allow it to be inserted inside the socket head of the mounting bolts. After struggling with it I went and bought a better wrench and the rest of the install was a snap. The trick was locating a new wrench. Overall the product seems to be well make and durable.

5 Stars Quality

Jeremy from SC wrote (November 13, 2015):

Bought this for my '16 Forester as we frequent the mountains and the dog takes up the cargo space. Fairly quick and simple assembly. Start to finish time of installation was about an hour by myself. The end result was a very sharp, yet rugged looking product. The usable carrier space is a bit tight but does the job.

5 Stars Great basket

Dad from OR wrote (November 11, 2015):

Really like the look of the basket on top of the car. More of a sports type look with the lower profile and curves. A bit lower sides help make it easier to load items. Like any basket, once the gear is in and strapped down, it's very secure. Would recommend this to anyone.

5 Stars Love this roof basket!

Josh from AR wrote (September 17, 2015):

Purchased this for my Jeep Renegade and it is exactly what I was wanting. Very well built basket for a good price.

5 Stars Great, sturdy roof basket

J W. Hollingsworth, Jr. from NC wrote (August 31, 2015):

This is a great rack for your SUV. A tree fell on the first one I bought and the rack took the brunt of the force thus sparing my 4runner alot of damage. Other than some minor bending, I couldn't believe how sturdy this thing was. It looks great on your vehicle and should attach with the included brackets without any special installing. Customer service at Discount ramps is also a pleasure to deal with.

5 Stars Great Functional Ramp

Bob G from VA wrote (May 15, 2015):

Purchased this for my 2005 CRV after researching several roof racks & was very happy with it. Customer service was helpful as I wasn't to sure it would fit since my rails on the roof since were about at the limit of what the rack could fit on. They assured me it would fit & it easily did. The quality was better than I expected. Well made with sturdy steel construction. The powder coating looks to be of high quality & should last too. Assembly was straight forward and easy to complete in 15 minutes. It only required 1 Security allen wrench (which was provided). That makes it harder for someone to steal it off your roof unless they have this type of wrench. I mounted it on the roof without the help of another person in about 20 minutes. I think the mounts are very sturdy and the ramp didn't move at all when I used it this weekend. It held enough stuff to give us the extra room we needed in the CRV. It does make a little noise when loaded and are moving down the highway but nothing that you can't live with & not as much as our clam shell makes when we use that. We were also carrying a bunch of boxy items that weren't to aerodynamic. Without being loaded, we couldn't hear anything from the rack. The construction of the ramp make it very easy to use tie downs, ratcheting straps & bungee cords to hold down our stuff. Lots of places to tie & hook to. Its also a good looking ramp when mounted on the car, not to obtrusive. I am very pleased with the purchase!

5 Stars Very happy@

Steve from OK wrote (April 28, 2015):

Awesome company, great service, fast shipment.

5 Stars The perfect rack

Seth from MA wrote (April 23, 2015):

Exceeds expectations. Easy to assemble, as rugged as it looks, quality construction. It's built on one innovative design after another that aren't even advertised. Great waterproofing measures. Clamps are very well put together, solid mounting, haven't thought twice about them after the install and they do not stick up in the cargo area at all. The bolts have little pins in the hex area so only an allen key like the one included can remove the clamps. The wind faring does not need to be used (I'm using it as a surf board rack and the way the cage is lower on the front and rear keeps surfboards, lumber and anything long like that from being able to fall off the sides) I installed it on my 2007 VW Rabbit Coupe. It's as big as one would be able to go on a smaller car like that. When I had ordered it, I was concerned that it would be too big and look silly on the car. It's a bit bold, but is not excessive on that car. I really like the way it looks and have received nothing but compliments. The rack itself would probably appear more native on a full size car, crossover, minivan or medium SUV. I have had no issues with the rack or tying anything down. It's a solid unit, I would not change a thing and if for some reason I needed to buy another roof rack tomorrow, this is one I would buy again. Wouldn't even need to think about it. Oh and the shipping from Discount Ramp is amazing. I submitted my order around 3pm and I got an email at 5pm that my order was completed, packaged and already on a truck heading in my direction. Nothing but good things to say about the product and the service.

5 Stars Happy customer

Steve from OK wrote (April 14, 2015):

I bought this cargo basket for a jeep I was working on. It arrived as promised, was good quality, and looks great.

5 Stars amazing roof rack!!!

Phillip Smith from WA wrote (April 09, 2015):

Very easy to put together. Very stron. Looks great. All welds looked good. Paint was perfect. I put it on my 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk and it looks outstanding!!!! I would suggest this rack to any of my friends and family. I am extremely happy with my purchase. Oh and shipping was fast. I live in Washington State and got here before it's expected arrival! 5 STARS!!!

5 Stars Easy To Assemble

Clive from CA wrote (March 10, 2015):

The product was easy to assemble. Looks great on our Subaru XV Crosstrek. The reason we went with this particle product was, after reviewing multiple cargo baskets out there (low price to high end prices). We just kept coming back to the Rage roof basket with spoiler made by Powersport Products via Discount We decided to order the product based on reviews and Discount competitive price. The results and service turned out just great. Upon arrival (UPS), it was very easy to assemble (30 minutes max.), after completing the basket we place the product on top of the cars cross bars using their impressive clamps (secure and strong. Other clamps looked flimsy, cheap and not very durable). The beginning to receiving was a breeze. We are very pleased with the quality, price and service given to us from Discount 5 Stars.

5 Stars Great rack!

Tracy from OR wrote (January 30, 2015):

It's a good solid rack and very well-built. Easy installation with sturdy hardware. Has some slight wind noise but nothing to be alarmed about.

5 Stars Awesome product, well built!

Dino from CA wrote (September 26, 2014):

Love it! Easy to assemble and install. Can't comment on rack if it paint flakes off or of the hardware rust, but the assembly and rigidness is awesome! The basket feels tough and rigid. It seems well built.

5 Stars Quality at low cost

Adam from CO wrote (September 21, 2014):

I purchased this cargo carrier for a 2014 subaru impreza wagon. The product is represented accurately on the website and it looks pretty much exactly how I expected. It is well made. Put it together easily and mounted on vehicle in about 40 minutes. I think it looks great and fit on my stock crossbars well. Very pleased.

3 Stars Only mount on flat roof rails

J from NC wrote (April 19, 2014):

The product quality is excellent. It was very easy to assemble. And it is the best looking roof basket out there. The only drawback: I didn't realize that it is not compatible with the factory installed cross-bar rails on my 2014 4Runner. The crossbar rails are not flat but humped in the middle. The basket can be attached but it doesn't fit properly and it rides very high due to the hump in the middle of the crossbars, which looks like a wind resistant nightmare. I recommend checking your crossbars to make sure they're flat before choosing any roof basket or finding a basket kit that compensates for curved crossbars.

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