Aluminum Modular Truck Trailer Ramp System for Dry Van - 5,000 lb per axle Capacity

Load cars, pickup trucks, and wheeled equipment into a box trailer or dry van with confidence. The heavy duty dry van loading system includes (4) loading ramps and adjustable-height center support stands (available in a one or two piece) for loading vehicles up to 5,000 lbs per axle quickly and easily.

  • "Knife-Foot" ramp ends provide a smooth approach for low clearance vehicles
  • Rubber-bonded attaching plates grip the dry van deck
  • Two load-stabilizing cam buckle straps secure ramps to the ICC bumper
  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
1 Year Warranty
Made in the USA
Item # Description Width Status Price
05-20-240-02-06M-High Modular Ramp system with 1 piece support stand 20"
05-20-240-02-06M-High-REV1 Modular Ramp system with 2 piece support stands 20"
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Take on extra side jobs hauling vehicles in your semi trailer with a Dry Van Ramp System from Discount Ramps.Com. Lightweight aluminum construction and modular design is easy to set up / take down and can store away compact when not in use! Available in a 1 piece and 2 piece center support stand kit. Includes a 1 year manufacturers warranty!


Keep your truck and trailer earning you money by hauling vehicles with dry van ramps! This lightweight, easy to use aluminum ramp system allows you to load vehicles into dry vans or up onto loading docks quickly, spending more time on the road. The modular ramp system is available as a kit with either 1 center stand, adjustable up to 96" wide, or 2 independent center stands that can be adjusted infinitely. Both center stand designs can be raised and lowered allowing you to add a center arch to the ramps for greater clearance when loading lower vehicles. The dry van ramps are attached to the center stands via steel “pin-on-end” connectors to prevent the system from separating. To prevent ramp kick out, (2) heavy duty cam buckle tie downs are included and can be wrapped around the ramps and anchored to the ICC bumper. The surface of the semi trailer ramps feature heavy duty plate style cross rungs with a serrated surface for greater traction when loading in the elements. Full width attaching ramp end lips feature a hard rubber strapping underside to help keep the ramps in place. On the opposite end of the semi truck ramps, knife foot ends provide a smoother approach and better clearance for lower vehicles. These dry van ramps are designed for loading automobiles and other pneumatic wheeled light equipment. Load with confidence knowing these dry van ramps are engineered with over 30 years experience and are backed by a 1 year warranty!

Portable Dry Van Modular Ramp System
8,000 lbs.
5,000 lbs
20' (240")

Product Features

  • Lightweight aluminum design (steel ramp connecting pins)
  • Portable modular system - minimal setup and take down time for more time on the road
  • System connects together via “pin-on-end” brackets
  • Available in a 1 piece or 2 piece center stand kit
  • Center stands adjust vertically to provide optimal clearance for the vehicle you're loading
  • Includes heavy duty 2" x 6' cam buckle safety straps to prevent ramp kick-out
  • Solid full width plate ends with hard rubber underside rest on loading surface
  • Serrated cross rungs provide traction and strength
  • Knife foot ramp ends for smooth approach
  • Can be used on dry vans or loading docks
  • Safe for loading wheeled equipment and automobiles
  • Heavy Duty - Reliable - Over 30 Years Engineering Experience
  • No Side Curbs
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Manufactured by certified AWS welders
  • Support Stand:
    05-20-240-02-06M-High-REV1: 2 Piece
    24" - 30" adjustable height
    2 Piece
    24" - 30" adjustable height: 1 Piece
    96" max width
    22" - 28" adjustable height
  • Top Connecting End 6" Flat Plate

Warning and Usage Guidelines

Not recommended for forklifts, steel track vehicles, or skid loaders!

How Do I Determine Axle Capacity?

The best way to determine your vehicle's axle weight is to drive the heaviest axle on a scale. Normally the front of your car, SUV, or pick-up truck is the heaviest axle weight because of the engine.


05-20-240-02-06-M-High Technical Drawing
05-20-240-02-06-M-High-Rev1 Technical Drawing


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