Apex Aluminum Dual Runner Shed Ramps

These 1,500 lb. capacity ramps will make loading power equipment into your shed or garage a snap. Made from lightweight aluminum, these shed ramps weigh only 4 lbs. each. They are easily portable or can be permanently attached to the floor of a shed or garage using the pre-drilled holes on the full width 4" long aluminum attachment plate. These ramps are 8" wide x 36" long. These ramps come with a rung surface that has a 3-1/2" rung spacing for smaller tires and both have dimensions of 36" long x 8" wide x 1-1/2" thick. Together these garage shed ramps are 8 lbs and have a capacity up to 1500 lbs. Easily bolt them to the floor of your shed or hang them on a wall with a drilled 1/2" hole drilled in the 4" lip.

  • Manufactured from lightweight, high-strength aluminum
  • 1,500 lb. weight capacity (750 lbs. each)
  • Each ramp measures 36" L x 8" W
  • 3-1/2" rung spacing for smaller wheels
  • Features full width 4" long pre-drilled attachment plate
  • Sold in pairs
1 Year Warranty
These 1,500 lb. capacity ramps will make loading power equipment into your shed or garage a snap. Made from lightweight aluminum, these shed ramps weigh only 4 lbs. each. They are easily portable or can be permanently attached to the floor of a shed or garage using the pre-drilled holes on the full width 4" long aluminum attachment plate. These ramps are 8" wide x 36" long. These ramps come with a rung surface that has a 3-1/2" rung spacing for smaller tires and both have dimensions of 36" long x 8" wide x 1-1/2" thick. Together these garage shed ramps are 8 lbs and have a capacity up to 1500 lbs. Easily bolt them to the floor of your shed or hang them on a wall with a drilled 1/2" hole drilled in the 4" lip.

  • Manufactured from lightweight, high-strength aluminum
  • 1,500 lb. weight capacity (750 lbs. each)
  • Each ramp measures 36" L x 8" W
  • 3-1/2" rung spacing for smaller wheels
  • Features full width 4" long pre-drilled attachment plate
  • Sold in pairs
4 lbs. each
1,500 lbs.
750 lbs.


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Review Summary (Based on 51 Reviews)


5 Stars Great Ramps for Golf Cart

Jim from TX wrote (May 08, 2017):

Needed to get golf cart in/out of shed with about a six-inch drop. These ramps are perfect. Easily able to secure to doorway floor when in use and then remove to hang for storage. Space limited in shed so these are great!

5 Stars Good deal

Nate from LA wrote (March 24, 2017):

Great ramps for getting my Craftsman lawn tractor into my Gemco shed. Easy transaction with quick shipping.

5 Stars Perfect for our shed.

Joe from FL wrote (February 25, 2017):

These ramps are perfect for taking our troybuilt in and out of our 8x10 Stronghold shed. They are sturdy and fit perfectly to our four inch raised shed. The shipping was quick and efficient from amazon. Extremely happy with our whole experience.

5 Stars Great riding lawn mower ramps!

Bob from TX wrote (December 06, 2016):

Very sturdy, perfect for my Troy Built neighborhood rider. Have a 4" high concrete slab and needed something to drive on. These are well made except for some of the welding (heli-arc). Wouldn't be so critical except I'm a retired heli-arc welder.

5 Stars Perfect for golf cart

Ray from VA wrote (November 23, 2016):

These ramps are perfect for getting a golf cart in and out of a shed. They sit nicely on the edge of the shed and two 1/2 bolts (drill holes in your shed floor) hold the ramps secure while in use. Light weight and easy to move and hang on the shed wall. Great value for quality ramps.

5 Stars Perfect!

Henry from MD wrote (November 11, 2016):

Had my doubts when I ordered but this is perfect. Sits at just the right angle to get my snow blower in and out of the shed. Strong but light in weight. Easy to store when not being used. I'd be happy to never have to use the snow blower but I'm happy knowing that it will be able to get it if (when) it snows this year.

5 Stars Great Ramps

Shane Gillilan from FL wrote (October 05, 2016):

Great Ramps and Great price! Would definitely recommend!

5 Stars Fantastic Product works as advertised

Billy from NY wrote (September 02, 2016):

Easy ordering process, product was delivered fast. I needed a shed ramp for a recently purchased snow blower as the shed is just under a foot off the ground. Snow blower got delivered today. Setup ramps and got snow blower into shed without a problem. Product is as advertised and very durable looking for long lasting use.

5 Stars Fantastic

James from MN wrote (August 25, 2016):

Have struggled for several years after getting shed put in, even had a ramp installed but there was a lip on there that the riding lawn tractor just had to be pushed up and over and these ramps are a god send. They work fantastically.

5 Stars Worth every penny

Sean from NY wrote (August 20, 2016):

I needed shed ramps and purchased these as they were the faster option than building a set of ramps and the price was real good. (Just built the shed, I need a rest lol) To pick them up, you'd swear they won't work, but they're fantastic. I drove my garden tractor in and out of the shed with no problems at all. The ramps aren't as wide as the rear tires of your tractor, so take that into account when you mount them. They're fantastic and I highly recommend them.

4 Stars Works as advertised

Eric from MD wrote (August 12, 2016):

The ramps are 8" which is narrower than I expected and a lot narrower than the rear tires on my lawn tractor. They look wide in the pictures and I assumed since they are made for lawn tractors they would be sized appropriately. That was an oversight on my part since it is clearly described accurately. However, they work just fine as long as you go slow and make sure you are aligned correctly.

5 Stars Exactly the Right Item and extremely fast delivery!!!

Art N. from IN wrote (July 17, 2016):

I don't think I can explain how fast my new ramps were delivered except for saying... faster than a speeding bullet. I shopped all of the local stores and could not find anything that worked as a good shed ramp. These are just the right size to get my garden equipment in and out of the shed. Quality built. Wish I had found them years ago to replace my old dilapidated wooden home made ramps. This was my first purchase from Discount Ramps and I would not hesitate at all to make another purchase. I am truly amazed at the fast delivery time.

4 Stars Lawn Mower Ramps

Malinda from AL wrote (April 04, 2016):

I purchased the ramps in order to store my riding lawn mower in my utility shed located in my back yard. I like the ramps so far as they have proven to be very useful. The price was also very reasonable.

5 Stars Great Shed Ramps

Lou from FL wrote (March 26, 2016):

I needed ramps for getting a riding mower into my new storage shed. Saw these on Discount Ramps and looked like exactly waht I needed. THEY WERE. Fast delivery, quality product, and light weight so they can easily be put on and taken off. Very happy with my purchase, and Discount Ramps!

4 Stars Quality item

Myra from FL wrote (March 03, 2016):

Received ramps in timely fashion. Had investigated other options but these met all the requirements I was looking for in a lightweight, portable ramp. Needed them to get riding mower into new shed with 8 inch rise. Seem sturdy. Angle at top perfect with pre-drilled holes to insert pin to stabilize them while in use. Would have been even better if each ramp was about 4inches wider to accommodate the wider rear tires.

5 Stars Excellent Product

Kevin from IL wrote (January 27, 2016):

I purchased these ramps, they were shipped lighting fast. They look as though they are a quality product. I am very happt with my new Shed Ramps


MW from MA wrote (January 23, 2016):

Bought these to get my snow thrower in and out of my shed. Perfect size, great stability and great price!

5 Stars Super useful

Steve from FL wrote (December 29, 2015):

I bought this product 4 months ago to be able to put my riding mower tractor in my shed. I waited to review it until I'd used it for a while. They are super lightweight, so they are easy to put on and take off. They handle the weight of me on the tractor without a sweat. I can use them elsewhere if needed. Overall, I am thrilled with this reasonably priced purchase.

5 Stars Storage Shed Ramps

Brodie from MT wrote (December 18, 2015):

I use these ramps to get a snowblower and log splitter in and out of my shed. I used 2x6s sitting on a 4x4s for years and finally decided to get something better. These work great. Shipping was free and fast, quality is American Made, and the price is right. I wish I had done this years ago.


James from NY wrote (December 05, 2015):

Love the light weight, strength, and design

5 Stars Glad I found them!

Tom H from WI wrote (November 20, 2015):

Looked extensively for a ramp to get large snow blower in and out of shed with a 6 inch step. These are perfect! Light weight, sturdy, easy to store. Exactly what I was looking for!

5 Stars A great product; I wish I had bought them years ago.

Brian from MA wrote (November 02, 2015):

I recently received my shed ramps, and I wish I had bought them years earlier. I will no longer have to struggle with my lawnmower and snowblower. These ramps are sturdy though light weight and I have already put them to good use. I am entirely satisfied.

5 Stars Great Product!

Sheila G. from FL wrote (October 04, 2015):

They're perfect. Love them. Light weight and easy to use just like the description said. Needed something to get my recently purchase riding mower in & out of the shed and these fit the bill perfectly. And the price was in my budget.

5 Stars Best decision made

Steve from NJ wrote (September 13, 2015):

These ramps were the best decision I made. Light weight yet strong. I purchased these to put my Harley in my shed. There is a 5 1/2" height from ground to shed floor. Moving the motorcycle (at 600 lbs) is a breeze with these ramps. One for the bike to roll up on and the other to walk on. With bars every 3 1/2" apart it is like there is no space at all. Smooth roll up and down these ramps. When done, just pick them up and stand them out of the way. Simple and easy. Wish I bought them earlier.

5 Stars Perfect for my push mower!

Brian from GA wrote (September 07, 2015):

I got these to use for getting my push lawn mower in and out of my storage room. They are lightweight and easy to get out and put away. They work perfectly for my lawn mower.

5 Stars Perfect small shed ramps

Melanie from TX wrote (September 06, 2015):

These are great little ramps! Perfect for driving my lawn tractor into the shed for storage. They are also very lightweight so it is easy to pick them up and store them away when not in use. Would definitely recommend.

5 Stars These ramps are great!

Bob Lyons from NC wrote (August 25, 2015):

They are perfect for getting my lawn tractor in and out of the shed, I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

5 Stars Great shed ramps

Paul from NJ wrote (July 31, 2015):

Replaced 30 pound wood ramp with these, they are light and work great!

5 Stars Garden tractor Shed ramps

J Kent from NJ wrote (July 12, 2015):

Very nice almost what I needed for my tractor I really needed a little longer But they work I would recommend these

4 Stars Just What I needed

Cameron from IN wrote (July 11, 2015):

Very Light Weight worked Great. I used them on my raised shed. I will buy from Discountramps again

5 Stars Easy to use

Karen from WI wrote (July 05, 2015):

I recently got a new shed built and living in the Great White North, we get a lot of snow so the shed was built up to keep the snow from pushing on it. I was worried it was going to be difficult to get my snowblower in and out in the winter because of the height. My mom came across these ramps and we decided to take a shot as it would be much easier than trying to build one ourselves. I used the ramps for the first time today to load all the items into the new shed. Not only are the ramps light and easy to use, they adjust quickly as we had to load a snowblower, lawnmower, and gass grill which all had different wheel widths and did it in mo time flat. We attached a couple hooks on the shed and because they are so light, they hang perfect on the hooks and stay off the floor of the shed. I'm excited that these are as light and easy to use as the product description states.

5 Stars Pleased with Ramps

Connie from WV wrote (July 05, 2015):

My husband loved these ramps. He was using boards to get the riding lawnmower out of the shed and having a hard time keeping the boards from flipping and falling off of the step. He was so happy that these ramps made the job so easy. The ramps are well made and easily moved for storage. Worth every cent paid. GREAT RAMPS.

5 Stars Lawn Tractor Shed Ramps

Andrew from OH wrote (June 28, 2015):

These ramps work great! I needed a set of ramps to drive my lawn tractor in/out of my elevated storage shed. I shopped at some large retail stores, but couldn’t find what I needed. I thought about building some custom ramps, but then I saw these ramps online. They are lightweight and sturdy. The shipping was quick and I am very satisfied with DiscountRamps.com.

5 Stars Awesome shed ramp!

Joe from AR wrote (June 25, 2015):

This ramp is exactly what I was looking for to get my riding mower in and out of my shed. After visiting a hardware store and reviewing what they had, I was disappointed at the selection and cost, gave up and went back home. My old homemade wooden ramp had rotted so I couldn't give up. After looking on line at Walmart.com, I saw the 3 ft. long aluminum shed ramp from Discountramps. 1500 lb. wt. capacity and cheaper than what I thought I was going to have to pay. The quality is excellent. Thanks guys!

5 Stars My Deere Ramps

Dave from NY wrote (June 06, 2015):

Lightweight and portable. Fits in the shed at night so I can lock everything up safe. Stronger and maintenance free compared to wood construction.

5 Stars Shed Ramps

Cliff from MI wrote (May 26, 2015):

Just as ordered also quick delivery

5 Stars My Shed Ramps

David from VA wrote (May 25, 2015):

Well I was going to build my own wooden ramps or even construct some metal ones until I found Discount Ramps. So I decided to purchase these small , lightweight aluminum ramps. Wow - they are sweet !!! they are very light yet can handle a 750# load. I'm impressed to say the least. The best thing is just putting them out when I need to use and not having a giant service ramp which is really not needed. I have no dislikes so check them out if you need this type, you won't be disappointed. Also nice price & fast shipping too !!!!

5 Stars Shed ramps

Bob..living in THE GRANITE STATE. We gets lots of snow and large from NH wrote (May 21, 2015):

I have a shed where I keep equipment. I struggled getting things in and out with the 8inch height from the ground to the shed floor. Should I build a wood ramp or should I order these aluminum, light duty ramps?? I ordered the aluminum ramps and they work great without taking up the storage space that a wood ramp would require, I am happy with my decision.

5 Stars Shed Ramps

Chuck from PA wrote (May 17, 2015):

Shipping was great and the product was as advertised, even better. Very well built ramps. I have a seven inch lift going into my newly built shed and I needed something for the riding mower, snow blower and several other items on wheels. These two ramps really work well for the different wheel bases of my equipment. Very sturdy and easy to move. Great product.

5 Stars Great lightweight and affordable ramps

Rick from IL wrote (April 17, 2015):

I bought these ramps to load my lawn tractor into my shed. Very lightweight and sturdy and easy to use and move around. And shipment was received a day or two after I ordered. Plus compared to my other options, this was a very affordable solution. I would recommend these to anyone for shed use and would recommend this company as responsive and customer focused

5 Stars Great Ramps!

Carol from OR wrote (April 10, 2015):

We use them to get the riding mower out of the garden - they work perfectly! And they are lightweight so they can easily be moved for mowing under them as well. This is our second set - we bought the first set last spring and knew right where to go to get a second set for the other garden shed! You have a great product!

5 Stars Lightweight and Strong

Al from NJ wrote (January 14, 2015):

I bought these to drive my lawn mower into my raised shed. They are very light but hold the weight. I am able to easily store them under the mower when not in use. I set up an anchor mechanism using a bolt for each the they can slide over. This keeps them from moving around when you are driving over them

5 Stars If you need a lift, try these ramps !!

Frank C. Galvin from NY wrote (January 09, 2015):

I got these ramps for christmas and they are just perfect for getting my Husqvarna garden tractor , snow blower and just about anything into and out of my elevated shed. They are well built yet light weight enough so that my six year grandson can easily help his poppy put the tractor away. They come with pre-drilled holes that can fit over bolts to secure the ramps to the floor to prevent any movement. When you are finished, just pick them up and put then away. If you keep your tractor in the shed ,these are the ones for you!!! Excellent versatile quality product !!!

5 Stars Loved them

Joe from NJ wrote (December 24, 2014):

We bought these ramps for my dad for his tractor to get into the shed he has. They work great. The price is also excellent. When ordering they arrived quickly. I would def. recommend them.

5 Stars Great ramps!!!

John from IN wrote (November 15, 2014):

These are really great ramps! I have been looking in the stores for ramps that would help me get my zero turn into the shed. All I could find in the stores were VERY heavy and VERY expensive. My son-in-law suggested that I look on Amazon, and that is where I found them. They are very light yet plenty sturdy for my use. And at approximately $70, you can't beat the price. I am very pleased with these ramps.

5 Stars Great product very easy to install, handy buggers !

Hans from FL wrote (November 05, 2014):

This is really a great product, very sturdy, but still light. You can either install it and leave it there or use it and store it for the next time you need it. Does not take up much space at all. My mower fits very nice on there and it was back in my shed in no time. Do not look any further, this is your product and for a great price !

5 Stars shed ramps

louise keeler from MA wrote (October 29, 2014):

excellent product-just what we need to get snow blower out of shed we just put together. shipping was fast and efficient-rec'd product within one week from ordering.

5 Stars shed ramp

Allen from FL wrote (October 29, 2014):

Love the shed ramp! Perfect for my zero turn tractor into and out of handi-house. Perfect size and weight, so easy to store... A real bargain!

5 Stars Shed Ramps

Keith from OH wrote (October 18, 2014):

Very good ramps , don't over load them like I done , that's why I'm on my second pair . 2000# is a no no

5 Stars Love My Shed Ramps

Jan from MI wrote (September 25, 2014):

I am very pleased with the quality and strength. I have a bad back and these ramps will enable me to get my power mower in and out of my shed with ease. They are perfect. I should have thought of this years ago. I would also like to mention the quick shipping ,and tracking information sent to my email. This is a great company to do business with.

5 Stars Exactly what I was looking for!

Tim from IL wrote (September 18, 2014):

These ramps are perfect for getting my riding mower in and out of my shed. I looked at many chain stores, and I couldn't find anything like these. My shed is 5 inches higher than the ground in front, so the length is perfect! They are lightweight, portable, and priced better than any others I saw that may have worked. I would highly recommend these to anyone searching for removable shed ramps!

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