PVI Aluminum Solid Threshold Ramp - 600 lb Capacity


Always make a smooth entrance with our Prairie View Industries aluminum threshold ramp for wheelchairs, scooters or powerchairs. Simple to install and highly portable, this plate-style threshold ramp is available in a variety of lengths and widths to fit most doorways indoors and out.

  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminum
  • 600 lb. weight capacity
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Anti-slip grip-tape surface for enhanced traction
  • Includes pre-punched holes and hardware for mounting permanently
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA
Item # Length Width Maximum Rise Weight Status Price Quantity
THR832 8" 32" 1-1/3" 3 lbs.
TH1032 10" 32" 1-2/3" 4 lbs.
TH1232 12" 32" 2" 5 lbs.
TH1632 16" 32" 2-2/3" 6 lbs.
TH1636 16" 36" 2-2/3" 6 lbs.
TH2432 24" 32" 4" 12 lbs.
TH2436 24" 36" 4" 15 lbs.

These small threshold ramps are designed for providing wheelchair and scooter access over doorway thresholds. The ramps are available in multiple lengths with two widths. The top corners of the threshold ramps feature punched holes for permanent mounting, and all necessary hardware is included. The rust-proof ramps are made of lightweight aluminum with an anti-slip, high traction safety tape surface. Each threshold ramp features a 600 lb. weight capacity and is covered by a lifetime warranty!

THR832 - TH1632, TH2432: 32" / TH1636 - TH2436: 36"
600 lbs.

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