Caliber Snowmobile Trailer Ski Guides


Protect and align your snowmobile carbides during loading, unloading and hauling with Caliber high quality ski guides. Mounting flush to a trailer or truck bed, the 6-1/2" wide ski guide features a low-profile 1/4" thick grooved surface designed to reduce surface friction. Eliminate trailer decking and snowmobile damage with these snowmobile ski guides from Caliber. Available in lengths up to 96".

  • Sturdy preformed PVC construction
  • Will not crack, chip, break or wear out
  • Low profile design is only 1/4" thick
  • Recessed mounting holes
  • Available in 60" and 96" lengths
  • Mounting Hole Dimensions 1" x 3/8"
  • Stainless mounting screws and bushings included
BRAND: Caliber
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Item # Description Status Price Quantity
SKI-GUIDE-60-2 10' Caliber Ski Guide
2-Piece 60"L x 6.5"W
Originally $53.99
Sale $45.99
Save $8.00
SKI-GUIDE-60-4 20' Caliber Ski Guide
4-Piece 60"L x 6.5"W
Originally $73.99
Sale $62.99
Save $11.00
SKI-GUIDE-60-8 40' Caliber Ski Guide
8-Piece 60"L x 6.5"W
Originally $113.99
Sale $96.99
Save $17.00
SKI-GUIDE-96-2 16' Caliber Ski Guide
2-Piece 96"L x 6.5"W
Originally $63.99
Sale $54.99
Save $9.00
SKI-GUIDE-96-4 32' Caliber Ski Guide
4-Piece 96"L x 6.5"W
Originally $103.99
Sale $84.99
Save $19.00
SKI-GUIDE-96-8 64' Caliber Ski Guide
8-Piece 96"L x 6.5"W
Originally $178.99
Sale $152.99
Save $26.00

These Caliber ski guides fasten to a trailer to provide proper alignment and friction-reduced protection while loading, unloading and hauling snowmobiles. Designed to work with snowmobile trailers, pickup truck beds, and a variety of other trailer beds.

The low-profile grooved surface ensures snowmobile carbides are tracked and suspended in the right direction while a 6.5" wide design accommodates a large variety of snowmobile dual runner skis. Recessed mounting points ensure the snowmobile trailer ski glides sit flush on the trailer bed. Each Caliber trailer ski guide is guaranteed by the manufacturer not to chip, crack, break or wear out.

Pre-Formed PVC


Instruction Manual

Review Summary (Based on 16 Reviews)


5 Stars Good quality

Scott from NV wrote (December 19, 2015):

I bought the 32 ft, 6" ones. Great quality and price!

5 Stars Pretty Rugged

Mike from ME wrote (October 04, 2015):

Purchased the 96" long slides which made quick work of outfitting my 12' long trailer. This material cut to size very easily with a miter saw and the low profile design is really nice. Definitely saves wear and tear on the trailer deck. Have already purchased more for a buddy's trailer. Would highly recommend.

5 Stars A MUST Have!

Rose from ID wrote (February 19, 2015):

If you are thinking about getting these for your snowmobile trailer then stop thinking! They protect the trailer bed, protect the carbides, prevent sideways movement, guide the sled on and off the trailer and it makes loading and unloading a breeze! No screws provided, but that wasn't a problem. Get a box of #12 x 1 " stainless sheet metal dome heads. Install is easy!

5 Stars the way to go

jeremy from WI wrote (February 13, 2015):

Just installed them and they work awesome. Wish I would of done this years ago. It makes unloading a breeze now.

5 Stars great buy

doug from PA wrote (February 08, 2015):

just purchased a use for my trailer never had them before install was fast and easy just wish it came with malling screws makes unloading and loading a breeze and saves the plywood should have bought these years ago

5 Stars Good Quality, Allow for shrinkage and expansion

Steve B from CO wrote (February 07, 2015):

Fast shipment and quality was as good or better than expected. Description and reviews all mention there are no screws, so obviously you need those. Be aware, and there are no instructions to remind folks that plastic, especially a strip, with shrink and expand with temperature. The screw holes are slotted for a reason. I measured one 5ft strip when cold (freezing) and warm (left in direct sun for 20 minutes) and the length changed by 5/16 ". So, two pieces butted together will grow/shrink in length at least 5/8". Set your screws appropriately in the slot and don't tighten too tight to allow for movement. Let It Snow....

5 Stars slide guides

Mark from ME wrote (February 06, 2015):

just installed my new glides in my new enclosed 14' trailer. they work great and were easy to install.

5 Stars Quality Product

Robert Lucas from MO wrote (January 30, 2015):

Just purchased these ski guides for my snowmobile trailer. Easy to install and great quality and price. Would highly recommend

5 Stars Caliber Ski Guides for Balloon Basket

Martin Philpott from OK wrote (January 23, 2015):

We ordered the Caliber Ski Guides to use in our trailer for other purposes. We load and transport a hot air balloon system in our snowmobile trailer. The basket alone weighs over 600 lbs. We've laid the ski guides down on the floor where the basket resides. They make it much easier to slide the basket into and out of the trailer. We'll be recommending these to other balloonists that have to slide their heavy balloon equipment into and out of their trailers, trucks and vans.

5 Stars Great product

Jonathan from CT wrote (January 14, 2015):

These guides really save the trailer

5 Stars Exactly what I was after!

Mark S. from NY wrote (January 08, 2015):

My trailer had a different type of guide that worked great until I got new sleds, then the grooves played havoc when trying to ride into the trailer. These fit great with no messing around and solved my "misguided sled" problem.

5 Stars Excellent Product to break the Friction & Make Loading/Unloading Easier

Michael from TX wrote (December 19, 2014):

High quality snowmobile ski guides. Makes loading & unloading much easier. Guides are not cheap but definitely help protect your trailer & skags. Excellent shipping & delivery time. Would definitely buy from Discount Ramps again.

5 Stars Caliber low profile ski guides

Jonathan from CT wrote (December 19, 2014):

Great product to protect the new trailer floor. Very durable, but very expensive for just some plastic strips. No screws included

5 Stars Ski- Guide-96

Dale from WI wrote (December 06, 2014):

The longer ski guides work great for my trailer.Super fast delivery. But wish they would come with the screws like some other suppliers offered.

5 Stars caliber ski guides

Brent from MT wrote (November 13, 2014):

excellent quality. I bought them for the low profile so my ramp would still fit in its carrier

5 Stars Trailer Guides

Jason from WI wrote (November 07, 2014):

These trailer guides work great for loading snowmobiles and not scratching up the floor of my trailer. 2nd set I've bought.

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