Aluminum Hook End Car Trailer Ramps - 5,000 lb per axle Capacity


Easily load and haul cars, trucks, and other equipment onto trailers with these tough, lightweight truck trailer ramps. Constructed from military-grade aluminum, these ramps feature a 5,000 lb per axle capacity and are light enough to be lifted and maneuvered by one person. They are available in multiple lengths and widths to accommodate most trailers, trucks, and vans. For the safest loading experience, our low-profile trailer ramps are specifically designed for low-clearance vehicles to reduce the incline and prevent bottoming out.

  • Multiple sizes available for a custom-fit solution
  • Hook attachment secures to trailer without the need for safety rope
  • 5,000 lbs per axle capacity (8,500 lb maximum vehicle)
  • Low- and high-profile models available
  • Extra-wide serrated rung surface for maximum traction
  • Sold in pairs
1 Year Warranty

Ships via UPS

Item # Length Width Height Weight Foot
Usable Height
Usable Height
Status Price Quantity
05-15-048-04 48" 15" 2" 20.5 lbs Knife 8" 12"
05-15-060-04-S 60" 15" 2" 26 lbs. Stub 4" 24"
05-15-072-04-HD 72" 15" 2" 35 lbs. Knife 12" 15"
05-15-094-04 94" 15" 3-1/4" 36 lbs. Knife 16" 24"
05-15-094-04-LP 94" 15" 2-3/4" 39 lbs. Knife 16" 24"
05-18-096-04-S 96" 18" 2-1/4" 52 lbs. Stub 4" 24"

Ships via Freight

Item # Length Width Height Weight Foot
Usable Height
Usable Height
Status Price Quantity
05-16-120-04 120" 16" 4-3/4" 47 lbs. Knife 20" 36"
05-15-120-04-LP-LOW 120" 15" 3-1/4" 56 lbs. Knife 12" 20"
05-16-144-04 144" 16" 4-1/4" 65 lbs. Knife 24" 36"
05-20-120-04-LP-LOW 120" 20" 3-1/4" 68 lbs. Knife 12" 20"
Originally $999.99
Sale $899.99
Save $100.00
05-18-192-04 192" 18" 5-1/4" 99 lbs. Knife 36" 42"

Our lightweight, durable truck trailer ramps are manufactured from military-grade rust-proof aluminum to hold up to 5,000 lbs per axle, and they're light enough to carry without hurting your back! Available in knife-style foot design for a smooth transition onto the ramp or stub-style foot design for maximum reinforcement, these trailer ramps have a serrated rung surface for additional strength and traction in wet or muddy conditions. Their hook-end design will hook over existing rub or round rails up to 1-5/16" in diameter to prevent the ramps from kicking out while in use. The truck ramps are available in multiple sizes to accommodate almost any trailer, truck, or box van, and come with a one-year manufacturer's warranty!

5,000 lbs.

Review Summary (Based on 9 Reviews)


5 Stars Car Ramps

Mary Walker from FL wrote (May 01, 2016):

Husband loves them right size, easy to handle, and store. Have large trailer with 2 side by sides fits the trailer and side by sides. Best Buy ever.

5 Stars Pair of aluminum ramps,5,000 lb

Michael from IN wrote (December 06, 2015):

Well built, light, just had back surgery need a lighter set of ramps for my trailer. Also less money than having some built!

5 Stars Super ramps!!

Gary from TX wrote (September 16, 2015):

Ease of ordering, fast delivery, loved the tracking notifications. Easy to handle, my wife has no problems moving them around. Super excited to have these sturdy light weight ramps. Thank you!!!

5 Stars 05-15-060-04-s 15w 60 long 5000# al ramp

Dale from IL wrote (February 20, 2015):

I purchased a set of these ramps in the past. I lost one and with no hesitation, ordered a replacement. The staff is so knowledgeable and interested in helping me order the proper replacement ramp. The ramp arrived in a very timely period. These are by far the lightest and strongest ramps I have ever purchased and will be the only ones in any future purchases!!!.

5 Stars Last Ramps I will need to buy

Tom from MI wrote (February 10, 2015):

For 27 years I got by with home made wood/steel ramps for my car trailer. Finally age (both me and the ramps) took its tole and something had to be done. I tried a set of "off the shelf" aluminum ramps that were rated at 3000 lbs. I could flex them just by bouncing on them. So I bit the bullet and bought a set of 5000 lb 94" ramps. While these are twice the cost (and half of what I paid for me trailer) they are of outstanding quality. The materials are top shelf, the welds are works of art. These will give a lifetime (or two?) of worry free service.

5 Stars Great Ramps!

Miles Roice from WY wrote (February 04, 2015):

These are quality ramps that are built to last! The shipping is reasonable and fast also. I borrowed a pair from my buddy last week and had to have my own. Don't injure yourself or someone else using cheap unreliable ramps, you can't go wrong buying these. Buy more ramp than you need for the job, you'll find these are going to be your "go-to" ramps.

5 Stars 05-15-094-04 Model Ramps

Steve from MI wrote (October 31, 2014):

Super fast delivery, great tracking information, awesome ramps! These are quality ramps that are built to last! Not the cheap box store models! I would buy again!

5 Stars Good Workmanship--Nice Robust Ramps

Dave from KS wrote (October 22, 2014):

Ramps came right away and the shipping was real reasonable. They are extremely light for 5,000 lb. ramps. They appear to be well-engineered and the quality of workmanship was excellent. There are no sharp edges, as everything is smoothed and buffed, so I don't have to worry about someone getting cut handling them. The welds are very well done. The hook ends are beefy, but I would still be slightly leery of pushing them to the weight limit, if the ramps were near level, but I don't plan on ever doing that, and I'm no engineer either. These are so much nicer than any steel ramps. I recommend getting one grade heavier than your requirements, not because I have doubts about the ramps holding up, but just because it gives you some extra margin, in case what you are loading has cargo or such.

5 Stars 5,000lbs loading ramps

Aaron Whitman from TX wrote (September 19, 2014):

I had a previous pair of the same ramps, and they just couldn't cut it for the type of work I do. The new ones I ordered from discount are awesome!! Very light weight and easy to handle. Thanks for the great customer service and fast shipping to my door within 3 days of purchase. Thanks Discount Ramps!!!

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