Wheelchair Accessories

Simplify your life with high-quality wheelchair accessories from Discount Ramps. We offer an assortment of convenient products for power scooters and wheelchairs that will protect your chair from damage, while keeping you more comfortable.

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It's important to keep your mobility device in great shape so it lasts. So when you're strapping a power wheelchair onto a cargo carrier, wrap it in one of our wheelchair covers. A transport wheelchair cover from Discount Ramps keeps out debris, water, dirt, and UV rays when not in use. Manufactured from lightweight nylon fabric with a rubberized inner coating, these universal wheelchair and scooter covers will add life to your mobility aid. Tie down accessories such as hooks, ratchet straps, and L-track rails will hold your chair in place. We have products to make the user experience better as well. We sell wheelchair seat cushions in all sizes to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, and power wheelchair canopies to provide sun shade, or protection from pouring rain. Our wheelchair bags, baskets, and pouches can attach to a number of places for storing personal belongings, drink cups, oxygen tanks, crutches, and other items. Everything we carry, from safety flags to lift battery packs, is designed to improve on basic wheelchair and scooter offerings.