Black Widow Aluminum Folding Arched Single Runner Motorcycle Ramp - 7'5" Long

Load motocross bikes, scooters, and mopeds onto almost any pickup truck or trailer using this 89" long arched dirt bike ramp. This lightweight aluminum motocross ramp can support up to 750 lbs, and its hinged design makes it easy to fold in half for compact storage. More

Load motocross bikes, scooters, and mopeds onto almost any pickup truck or trailer using this 89" long arched dirt bike ramp. This lightweight aluminum motocross ramp can support up to 750 lbs, and its hinged design makes it easy to fold in half for compact storage.

  • Made from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum
  • Arched design provides maximum ground clearance
  • Rubber-coated support fingers won't scratch tailgate
  • Serrated rungs for superior traction
  • Folds in half for compact storage
  • 750-lb weight capacity
  • Weighs only 14-1/2 lbs
  • Includes adjustable safety strap

Easily and efficiently transport dirt bikes, mopeds, and scooters up to 750 lbs with this folding bike ramp. Measuring 89" long and 11-1/8" wide, this single bike ramp is constructed from high-quality, rust-resistant aluminum.

Heavy-duty serrated cross bars provide increased stability and superior traction in any condition, and its arched design prevents bottoming out your ride. Lightweight and easy to operate, the motocross bike ramp folds in half to make storage and transportation a snap.

A set of three rubber-coated fingers support the ramp on the loading surface without scratching. For added security, this folding dirt bike ramp includes an adjustable safety strap to prevent kicking out during loading and a tapered bottom edge for stable contact with the ground.

Always load motocross bikes with at least two people when using single-runner ramps. These single ramps are not intended for riding your bike up because they are not wide enough to put your feet down when loading and unloading.

For a heavy-duty ramp that can support up to 1,500 lbs, check out this Single Runner Aluminum Folding Motorcycle Ramp from

750 lbs.
14-1/2 lbs.

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5 Stars I've Purchased THREE of These!

John from KY wrote (December 13, 2017):

I cannot think of anything negative to say about this product. It's strong, lightweight and easy to use. I bought one to get my scooter into the bed of my pickup, where my wife would be waiting to receive it. When I decided that I wanted to be able to do the entire thing by myself, I purchased a second ramp so that I could walk up alongside the scooter. Now that I have a much larger bike and a trailer for it, I've just bought a third ramp so I can put all three side-by-side, allowing me to ride up, and roll down, my bike completely on my own and in safety. I can toss all three ramps into the bed of the truck in a jiffy, or I might even rig up some locking mounting spot for storing them on the trailer next to my bike.

5 Stars Best Ramp Money Can Buy

Brent from CA wrote (February 09, 2017):

This ramp rules. It's the second one I've bought. I had the first one for almost 10 years and never had a problem. I use it for my dirtbike and harleys with no problems what so ever. The width is great so you don't have to worry about the bike rolling off the side and it also gives better stability, especially when I'm loading and unloading heavier harleys. Also, the fact that it folds makes it so much easier to transport and store. Would certainly recommend this ramp to anyone.

5 Stars Very nice!

MotoMC from CA wrote (November 05, 2016):

I received this ramp yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. It was fully assembled so nothing to do but use it. It is very light weight, which was important for me because of back issues. Length is perfect to get my dirt bike in to my truck. Great value for a ramp with all of these features!

5 Stars Folding Aluminum Ramp

Mike from WI wrote (October 12, 2016):

Love this ramp! Exactly what I was looking for; sturdy, light, folds up, & it's affordable! Ramp was delivered within one day of ordering & have already put it to use multiple times with no issues at all. Also appreciate the safety strap included so it cannot back out on you. Thanks!

5 Stars folding ramp

Robert from CA wrote (April 17, 2016):

excellent folding ramp. moved truck on level cement surface and tried loading with safety strap. only thing i have to figure out is how to over come the initial angle, which makes the front wheel stop dead, might need to get a 2nd person which defeats the reason of why I got the ramp in the first place. I'm alone most of the time.

5 Stars great load tolorance for ramp weight

Jerry from NY wrote (April 01, 2016):

Very light weight and no assembly needed! Contruction impressive, look to have a long history with this tool. Definitely would recommend this ramp. It came in just two days!

4 Stars Good Value

Joel from CA wrote (January 25, 2016):

The ramp is light, strong and sturdy. I like that it came pre-assembled and with a tie down to hold it in place. It even has locking pins so the hinge bolt will never loosen. Very good value and perfect for my light weight enduro. Shipped in less than a week. Cheers to

5 Stars Exactly what I needed!

Brian from NV wrote (November 13, 2015):

Lovin' this ramp. Lightweight but strong, and easily stored when folded up. Also this ramp was about 4 inches longer than any other ramp of this type that I could find. With a high bed height those extra few inches can make a difference. It was great to find a ramp at this price point that is above the quality you would expect for what you are paying. Would buy from DiscountRamps again and will definitely recommend you!

5 Stars Great Ramps!

Adam from UT wrote (September 10, 2015):

This ramp is great! Because it folds, it has a small footprint and can fit almost anywhere. The length and arched design are perfect for loading motorcycles into my F-350, which is quite tall, with ease. The width is perfect and doesn't make you feel like you're about to roll the bike off the side. Great Ramps! Thanks!

5 Stars Great light weight ramp

Trevor from CA wrote (September 02, 2015):

The ramp came in the mail promptly and is perfect for my truck. I can store it easily and set it up quickly.

5 Stars Lite & strong

Charles Osborne from OH wrote (July 17, 2015):

I'm not using this for dirt bikes , I'm loading my old KZ street strip bike and it works great . It's wider & lighter than what I had , easy to store . Couple of small hooks on the sidewall and a good bungie cord and there it stays . Also like the strap to secure it to the trailer while loading and unloading Very happy with it would purchase it again .

3 Stars To my expetations

lugardo from CA wrote (May 19, 2015):

was light weight,& can handle my raptor 700 & i. the 3 tabs did not line up with the contours of the tail gate. had tiddie-todderd, did not fit under my raptor 700. was a low price ramp to my expectations. but still not a bad ramp.

5 Stars No Assembly

Kim from TX wrote (May 09, 2015):

The box came and I starred at it. I just knew there would parts to assemble, but time had come to Cowboy Up and open the box as I needed to get my bike to the shop. Much to my surprise, the ramps I ordered were ready to go. Wow, no assembly required. They are light, easy to use and did the job. Bike fixed. Thanks.

5 Stars Affordable Quality

Richard from OH wrote (May 03, 2015):

Excellent product that completely saved my back and didn't break my wallet. As my girls have gotten older and the size of our bikes has grown larger lifting by hand was no longer a option. Discount Ramps were the perfect solution.

5 Stars Perfect

Dave from IL wrote (April 23, 2015):

This is exactly what I was looking for. Very strong yet lightweight and folds to save space. I searched high and low and couldn't find a better price. It arrived quickly and shipping cost was reasonable. Not only was the product top shelf but the service was as well. I will definitely order from Discount Ramps again in the future.

5 Stars Exactly what I was looking for

Tim from SC wrote (April 01, 2015):

This ramp is exactly what I was looking for. It is small enough folded up that easily fits in the back of my truck with my motorcycle back there. I know it says dirt bike ramp, but works just the same for my Honda sport bike. The price would be hard to beat and the shipping speed was excellent.

5 Stars QUICK!!!

Dave from MA wrote (March 06, 2015):

Unbelievably quick service. The product was what I expected and wanted. Thank you!!

5 Stars Great Ramp!!!

Eric from CA wrote (January 22, 2015):

Great ramp! I take it to the mojave desert and my local mountains when I ride. It folds up nicely and fits well in my pick-up. I used my buddies for a bit and had to have my own. Happy camper now.

5 Stars Great ramp, great price, count me as a repeat customer!

Donna from OH wrote (January 17, 2015):

I bought this ramp so it was easier to load my lawn equipment and snowblower. I am sure as time goes by I will find more loading uses for it. Now that I have the ramp I can buy more "stuff" since I have a way of loading it now, scooter, ATV, the options are now endless! I will be back to the site in the future for all my needs for ramps.

5 Stars Great Ramp

Melody from CA wrote (December 29, 2014):

Easy to use. Good grip to tailgate and easy to connect.

5 Stars Great product at an amazing price

Greg from CA wrote (October 18, 2014):

This is a great ramp. I use it to get motorscooters and small motorcycles into the bed of my F150. It is very light and easy to manage, and when folded it fits behind the seats in the truck cab. It is very sturdy and I am impressed with this product. Highly recommended for anyone moving small motorcycles.

5 Stars Awesome ramp

Kevin parazoo from OR wrote (October 14, 2014):

The afl-9012 ramp is a great ramp for our motorcycles it is light weight,well constructed and compact. Well worth the money. I will probably buy another one!

5 Stars Awesome!

Clayton from MA wrote (September 16, 2014):

This is a rugged, light, compact, easy to use ramp. I use it for a small (200cc) street bike. My Honda Ridgeline does not have alot of room in the bed area so this compact ramp is easy to store alongside the bike with plenty of room leftover.

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